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Reader's choice awards

my favourite games have won the reader's choice awards!

best fighting game.

best action adventure game

best gamecube game

best wii game

best shooter

game of the year

best original music

best sound effects

best graphics technical

best new characters

best multiplayer

best original game mechanic

best X360 game

best RPG

best voice acting

best story

best pc game

It's not hard to see what game is reader's choice Game of the year. 9 awards for GOW. editor's choice not included because we have no influence on those awards.

Latest addition


I picked up this game last Saturday and had the chance to play it some time. I really like this one. It's a good perspective of what games yet to come this year and since we had nothing like a winter last year, I'll try to catch up some winter feelings with this game.

now it's time to kick some Akrid ass!!


I start with reviewing the games in my collection. First I review the games with the highest personal score. For those few people who visit my profile enjoy the read and you're welcome to leave your opinion.

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