Good God!

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Anouk's new single from her new album Who's your Momma. check it out.Good God its good:P buy her new Album!!

Other things:

Got tierd of Halo3

Pre-ordered Assassins Creed LE.

My nephew had his 2nd birthday.

Finaly I got the time to make a home network for sharing with the 360.

WC football championship 2014 is gonna be held in Brasil.

thats about it for now. Later;)

becomming a photographer =) (halo3 related)

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Ok Ive been fooling around a little bit with the photo/film making in Halo3 and Im proud to present some pics I took in Halo3. Check em out here on GS, or here on and give me feedback if you like. There are 2 films I made and they can be downloaded from my fileshare in Halo3 and/or profile. check them out also if you like, they are quite funny=)

Live Earth

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ok tomorrow are the Live Eath concerts all over the world to wake us up and think more about the climate changes and the things we can do to prevent that the northpole will melt and the water will rise.

so what do you think about the whole climate hype nowadays. do you think its true what Al Gore says? and if so what will you do to prevent that from happening?

Im going tomorrow to the Amsterdam edition of Live earth. Not really a concert like the others elsewhere but I just want to see what its all about.

so comment me about this. do you believe that we should do something now? and what would you do?

this is what the netherlands would look like if the water rises that much as AL Gore says.


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We are european champion football champion for teams under 21yrs.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ok thats enough lol

some pics

[young oranje european champion AGAIN!]

Ryan Babel (again one of the best players on the field)

Ryan Babel and Ryan Donk

Marceo Rigters (topscorer of the EC under 21tournament)

some new games

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I saved me some money and am happy with my latest game purchases:

KAMEO: elements of power

An easy but really cool game. I beat the game already but it was fun while it lasted. This game is nothing like the games I normally play and I hope there will be more of this in the future.

Ninety-nine Nights

cool beat em up. not the best game in my collection but its fun not thinking about anything and slash your way through hundreds of enemy's in one single fight and get the highest combo possible (my record so far 2483 combo!!)

Saint's Row

looks and feels a lot like the GTA series but has some cool features of it's own. first the feature to create your own character. to go online and compete against others and to store more than 50 cars in one single garage!!lol

Forza Motorsport 2

the second! I needed a game like this on the 360. Ok it is still nothing like the Grand Turismo series but this one comes real close! I like the feature to take a photo of your designed car and show it on the net.So expect some photos in future blog posts:) It took way to many hours to complete the first Forza on xbox so this one wont let me down Im sure.

So thats all for now. Later!

Happy Birthday Cruijff!

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yes one of hollands legends in football, Cruijff, turns 60 today. Cruijff is the one that can be named together with the biggest names in football history like Maradonna and Pele. Cruijf made his official debute back in 1964 in Ajax. After that he played for FC Barcelona, Los Angeles Aztecs, Washington Diplomats, Levante and Feyenoord Rotterdam. he also had a career as coach. He coached Ajax and Barcelona.

In his career he won several prices.


Dutch Champion: 9x with Ajax 1x with Feuenoord.

Dutch Cup winner: 5x with Ajax 1x with Feyenoord

Spanish Supercup Winner with FC Barcelona

Champions league winner: 3x with Ajax

UEFA cup winner: 1x with Ajax

Worldcup for Clubteams winner: 1x with Ajax

2nd place for national team in Worldcup 1974 Germany

3rd place for national team in Europe Cup 1976


Spanish Champion: 3x with FC Barcelona

National Cupwinner: 2x with Ajax 1x with FC Barcelona

Supercup winner: 3x With FC Barcelona

Champions League winner: 1x with FC Barcelona

UEFA cup winner: 1x with Ajax 1x with FC Barcelona

Europe Supercup winner: 1x with FC Barcelona

Ajax gave him a very special gift for his birthday. They gave him the number 14. That means no one else can play in the team with number 14 on their jersey ever again.

some Pics of Cruijff nicknamed number 14 in Holland and US, EL Salvador in Spain.


Klik op de foto om terug te gaan naar het album.

LA Aztecs

Klik op de foto om terug te gaan naar het album.

FC Barcelona

Klik op de foto om terug te gaan naar het album.


Klik op de foto om terug te gaan naar het album.

Worldcup 1974 Finals Against Germany.

little Football blog

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I decided to make a little football blog today.

There is much excitement going on in dutch football competition (eredivisie).

My favourite club ajax (amsterdam) still has a chance to become the dutch champion and win the KNVB cup as well. Their last match against RKC which was yesterday turned into a draw 2-2  so my 2nd favourite club AZ (alkmaar) came closer because they've won yesterday against NAC . Both Ajax and AZ have 66 points now though AZ has less goals against (AZ: 27 Ajax: 33) and more goals in favour (AZ: 77 Ajax: 75). with only 3 matches to go till the end of the season both of them still make a chance against rival PSV (68 pts.).

I noticed PSV is playing very bad since their defender Alex is injured and he will be out for the rest of the season.

In the KNVBcup Ajax is also going strong. their now in the semi-finals with AZ, RKC Waalwijk and NAC Breda.

I know much of you will not be interested in this blog but I decided to write it down anyway. lol

Let it snow!

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First snow this winter in the netherlands. I thought I would never see snow again because of the strange things that happen with the weather nowadays. The 5-10cm snow doesn't last very long though..It will be gone by tomorrow allready.:(

:shock:more than 1000 viewers.. my profile is getting popular!8):P

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