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...I got 10000 posts. I don't know why, but this doesn't feel like something huge...

>9000 made me happier for some reason:P


But anyway, I got some new games.

Mirrors edge
CoD: World at War
Gears of War 2

I enjoy all of them.

LBP is making me feel warm inside in these cold dark days. The levels in the Single player are so much fun and look absolutely stunning. Very original game and among my favourites this year. Sucks that they removed some usermade levels from the servers but there are still many levels to enjoy. Couldn't be happier with it:)

Mirrors Edge is a real fun game and nothing like the typical games I usually buy. It feels fresh and original. Really love the setting and gameplay. It looks so clean and beautifull. The only downside of this game is it's lenght. The game is rather short. Still have the timetrials to do which are kinda hard to complete. Again, I'm a happy gamer:)

COD is, well....COD lol. But it's good and I enjoy the game as much as I enjoyed COD4. MP is a blast once again but the tanks kinda ruin the experience for me. SP is slightly longer than the 4th. A very cool game and really fun in co-op and MP.

Gears is exactly what Cliff B. prommised. Bigger, better and more badass. The SP is miles better than the first. The SP in the 1st bored me halfway through and I'm glad that they changed that in the 2nd. The SP in gears 2 feels more exciting and has a nice mix of action and storytelling (the story is still nothing special though). The MP feels better as well, though the long waits in matchmaking can get annoying. Horde mode is probably the best feauture of the game. So much fun with a couple of friends.

So..4 down, 3 more to go. (yes I'm going to buy more) :P

that means: Prince of Persia, Tomb Raider and Resistance 2 are still on the list.

That's all for now. Happy Thanks giving to everyone that celebrates it:)



"OMG! I've never seen anything like it!!"

yup I finally did it. Took me 3 long years of gamespotting:cry: >9000 posts!! yay:P


In other news:

Fable 2 FLOPPED!!:P

Farcry 2 FLOPPED!!:P

I called both! lol

still no LBP..:cry::cry:

one of my best friends is getting a Ps3...finally!

I got moderated again :cry: (trolling in the Fable2 SW sticky) I was probably annoying as hell:P back to level 28...='(

that is all for now.

(Note: Fable 2 and Farcry2 both recieved good reviews and scores, They're definitely NOT flops in the real world. only on System wars)

So yeah..I'm getting another game this year:P


That's right, LittleBigPlanet!

I wasn't too sure about this game at first but my opinion changed quite a bit.

I got into the Beta thanks to angelkimne and sam280992 and I had a blast playing it. This game is so much fun and addicting, I just have to get it right away:)

there are so many awesome usermade levels that I doubt I will make my own levels anytime soon. I do have some ideas though;)

There are quite a few bugs in the beta, but I'm confident that they will be fixed in the full game.

So yeah, thanks again angelkimne and sam280992 for the beta key!:D The end of October can't come soon enough!


In other news: I'm back to level 28..another moderation, another point loss:( I'm not allowed to reach level 30 on this site:cry:

It was for valid reasons (calling a troll a troll = trolling..who knew?:P).

What are your purchases for the rest of the year? 2008 edition

Me? I decided to put many games on hold. I came to my senses a few weeks ago beacuse I wasted way too much money on gaming alone this year. Around 3000euros worth and that's alot! (new TV and Ps3 included)

My list used to be:

LittleBigPlanet, Prince of Persia, Call of Duty: W@W, Mirrors Edge, Gears of War 2, Resistance 2, Fable 2, Tomb Raider Underworld, Banjo & Kazooie: Nuts & bolts, Brothers in Arms: HH, Naruto: ultimate ninja storm

Basically every must have out now or comming out in the near future and a handfull promissing titles. I'm forgetting some though.

As I said before, I came to my senses and decided to narrow it down.:P new list is:


Mirrors Edge [Platform: undecided]


Tomb Raider: Underworld [Platform: Undecided]


Resistance 2 [Platform: Ps3]


Gears of War 2 [Platform: X360]

I might get LBP and Banjo too but that depends on how much spare change I have:P The last Quarter of the year is usualy very expensive for me. lots of birthdays comming up.

So feel free to post your list and a rough estimate on how much you think you will spend this year.

Post anything you like as long as it's related to gaming (new system, upgrading system, New TV, whatever)

Gamespot forums dying? =(

What happened? I remember there used to be much more traffic on Gamespot. 7000-8000 people online depending on time of the day. Now the last 6 months or so it's down to 2000 users max.:?

In fact, as I write this there's only 716 people online. That's an all-time low from what I've seen.

is everyone jumping ship? Is everyone gone to other sites like Giantbomb?

Does it have anything to do with the recent reviews? (K&L, Too human, Spore, Infinite Undiscovery, etc). If so, why do the forums have to suffer for that?

Dare I say it? Is gamespot dying? :(

Moderations, Moderations (and other stuff)


I had to steal this gif from Kez1984 because it perfectly describes my feelings about the Mods here on GS. It's getting rediculous. I recieved 2 moderations with point losses today for posting a funny image in joke threads. I made those posts a week ago and both threads died that same day. Both were moderated as SPAM/Advertising. Come on, are they really that desperate? Why would they go back to 1 week old threads (that died) to moderate someone??

There were many others that did the same thing after me and their posts are still up. I was trying to have some fun on System Wars because, let's face it, most threads on SW are for fun or just plain stupid and deserve a reply like that from me.

I have a feeling that some mods are trying too hard to be "mod of the month" (lol) and just moderate people because (like in the gif) they feel like it.

I feel a ban comming...for STUPID, in their eyes "legitimate":roll: reasons

so yeah, thanks for reading my little rant. And if you feel like it, share me your stories/thoughts (I know we all have one):P


other news:

My 360 is on it's way back:D

got some Trophies!! (Uncharted)

picked up Soulcalibur 4 on Ps3 (I suck in that game:P)

Picked up Heavenly Sword for 10euros ($15), pretty cool game for that price

Picked up Blue Dragon, Crackdown and Hitman: Blood money used for 7euros ($10)each, awesome deal and I can't wait to play some more once my 360 is back.

I'm playing MGS1 again and I can't believe how awesome that game still is:D




yup, it happened....again.

and I thought my 360 was fixed..:cry:

well atleast I still got my ps3 (you better not die on me :evil: )

1st klass NuB..

Ghost recon

so I just started playing GRAW2 since I bought on it's release. I dont know why, but I never played it online. I can tell you guys right now, Im a first klass Noob in this game. I need some tips lol what are the do's and dont's? I need help:P

what do you guys think of the game anyway? I like it alot and I dont know why I stopped playing it after I beat the campaign.

About Jeff...

I really dont know what happened here the last few days. where are the people gone with atleast a little bit of brains. I mean I do drink and I do smoke sigarettes so my brains should be 65 years old right now.

But what am I reading here..some quotes from the forum:

[mr. X wrote:]

''10-year Gamespot employee Jeff Gerstmann was fired, allegedly for the scathing video review of Kane and Lynch when at the same time the whole site was littered with K&L adds."

[Mr. Y wrote:]

''The only reason Jeff got fired was because Edios (K&L game developer)wanted more money, and they would have got it to if Jeff lied about the game and went around telling everyone it was good. But since he made an honest review,(saying that it was a bad game)he gets fired! Isn't that what Gamespot's site all about, reviewing games so they can tell us if they're good or bad?!?!?! But you guys probably already knew that... Just because he made a completely honest review, HE GETS FIRED!!!''

This is not a joke, those are real quotes from the forums on GS. just a few by the way.

Is it really that strange what Im thinking here? Neither GS,CNET or Jeff himself commented in this matter, but everyone thinks he got fired without knowing facts. I know I must be sounding like Mandela or something, but Im just using my head that my vather and mother gave me by doing what they did in the bedroom some years ago (yeah whats left of them:P).

I replied on some messages saying what Im saying now but without success.

so what do you think? am I wrong or am I right? (honest coment please:P) joke, just tell me what you think.

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