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I'd like to congratulate:

All the people that won an award in the anual SWA!

User awards

User Who Should Post More: 1) Hahadouken and LegendofNerd

Best Username: Ninja-Hippo 2nd) SaltyMeatBalls

Best Avatar: tagyhag 2nd) siLVURcross and psn8214 tied

Best Sig: silVURcross 2nd) TREAL_since

Best Designer/Artist: AdobeArtist 2nd) TIE: TREAL_since / LegendOfNerd

Best Blog: jg4xchamp 2nd) mitu123

Best Mod: Teufelhuhn

User to be a mod: Episode_Eve 2nd) Fabz_95

Most Intelligent: Teufelhuhn and Subrosian 2nd) Shinrabanshou

Outgoing/Crazy User: tagyhag 2nd) TIE: Rikusaki / icygangsta

Most Respected User: SolidTY 2nd) TIE: LegendOfNerd / Wasdie

THE System wars AWARDS:

System Wars King/Queen: jg4xchamp 2nd) SolidTy

The Grizzled Ancient: CaseyWegner 2nd) Wasdie

Best Hype Thread:Halo Reach by TREAL_since

Most legendary thread: Halo Reach Hype Thread

The Grunt Award: Sky-

Overlord of Gifs: HarlockJC 2nd) Couth_ and Sky-

Lord Spamalot: Jandurin 2nd) ProjectNatalFan

Best Writer: The_Game21x 2nd) Solidty

Best Debater: Sonicmj1 2nd) Subrosian

The Connoisseur (best taste): jg4xchamp

Grand Master Lulz: Skittles_McGee

PC aficionado: Stevo_the_gamer

Nintendo aficionado: Thunderdrone

Xbox aficionado: WilliamRLBaker

Playstation 3 aficionado: finalstar2007

The Hippy award- award for a genuine manticore: SolidTY

2010 Round-up:

GOTY prediction: Super Mario Galaxy 2

Biggest flop: Final Fantasy 14

Biggest surprise hit: Bayonetta

Most overdone thread topic:Graphics Threads

Best new exclusive game:Halo Reach

Best new multiplatform game: Red Dead Redemption

A message from Ninja-Hippo, the man who made all of this happen "Finally, I'd like to give a big thank you to the following users for being a great help this year.

tagyhag, lafiguera, Fabz_95, PBSnipes, sonicmj1, Sky-, psn8214, Skittles_McGee, Stevo_the_gamer and Slashkice. "

Special congrats to Jg4xchamp, who has won the title "SW King" for an entire year!



5 year anniversary + some other stuff

Holy crap, I've been on this site for 5 years now.:o


Time flies eh?

Moderation free

In related news, my past year was moderation free! I've been a good boy last year:D..Damn, I still remember not too long ago that I was getting moderations left and right. I'm glad that I've finally seen the light (and the rules:P) because I want to stay atleast another few years.:)

I've been spazzed (not really)


Got a new emblem too, for participating in OT's April fools joke where they staged Spazzx625 and solidruss ban from the site. I didn't believe it for a second tho, I thought this whole thing was staged from the get go. It caused quite the stirr in OT, which was very funny to watch.

Violence Fight

And last but not least..I just noticed that I have a new level on GS. Level 44: Violence Fight. Not bad for 5 years, right?:P

DJ Boy

I don't think I ever made a blog about my GS level. So here it is:

I'm level 38, DJ Boy.

I'm super awesome. Or "super toll" as the germans would say. :P


O yeah, I went to the Czech Republic for a nice little vacation. One week that I really needed.

Here some pics:

Here's me in Prague in the city park at the memorial to the victims of communism.


do I like like a tourist? Yeah, I kinda do..meh, whatever.


Beautifull city (right-click open it to get a better view).


Yeah, I'm not fooling anyone, I actually took a pic of that blond girl in the front with the green shirt.

Prague 4

Last one, more site-seeing.


So what else is new?

I've been working my butt off again..Today is my first free day in weeks.. 60 hour workweeks am a pain...:(

Well, I have more monies to spend, that's a plus.

Yeah, that's it for now. Nothing else needs to be said.

New sig and avy!

After many years (only a year), it finally happened...I have a new sig! And avatar too!

No more meaty babyfist, no sir, not thanks to HAZE-Unit. Many, many thanks for it HAZE.:D



What do you think? Does it look hot, or does it look hot? 8)

I think it looks hot.


The day has finally come. I bought a new 3 year warranty from MS and it came with this not-so-shiny black console.



Pretty cool huh? Yes, yes, I managed to sell my old Core model (with harddrive, 2 controllers and two games) for 150Euros. Lucky me.

I didn't get a chance to play Re5 yet, maybe more on that later. I've been re-downloading all the DLC/Arcade games I've purchased over the years. That took a while.



Everything is black!:o (excuse the cables, need to hide them somehow)

And excuse the dust too, sorry.:(

So yeah, that's it for now. I'm happy, the guy with my Core is happy...Everyone's happy:)

4 year anniversary.

I'm 4 years old on Gamespot.:o


I've seen many things in my time here, saw lots of people go *sadface*, redesign of the site (twice), made lots of new friends and enemies(:P), I joined and left many Unions and had a great time on this site overall even though I probably said hundreds of times that I was leaving.


My very first post below:

count me in! killerfist
I wrote that in the Legend of Zelda Union board when someone recruited for another Zelda union :lol:.


Anyway, I hope to stay here atleast another few years (if that's alright with the mods:P)..

See you guys on the boards! Beer for everyone!Beer



^Not my favourite, but since it's so popular in the states and just because I'm a patriot...:P

Back from a 7 day vacation! (pics inside)

Yeah right, Suspension that is..:|

For what you ask? Clear insults to other users or flaming, whatever.

Read below.

It all happened here a week ago.

now before you ask I was moderated for this message:

You don't belong here. Take your lame theories elsewhere:evil: :Pkillerfist

Was that worthy of a 7 day suspension? really? and why is tOtalPWNaAe's message still up there. The one where he questioned my sanity? He wasn't moderated as far as I know. And even then we were only joking around. I wasn't offended by his post and I'm sure he wasn't offended by mine.

I allready asked customer support if they could reverse my suspension that same day.

..Still waiting for a reply...

anyway I promised pics...




See you guys around I guess. I think I'll take a long brake from GS.


yeah, I'm still here.:P

They reversed my moderation! w00t! one step closer from becomming a mod myself! ..hehe, wont happen:P