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I'm sure everyone has favorites of this genre considering how they all appeal to the general public. Easy platforming games like Crash Bandicoot and Mario, to complicated games like Tomb Raider and Prince of Persia. So, if you could make a list of your favorite adventure games by series' of all time; what would it be and why? Mine is easy, I usually follow games through more than 1 sequel to the very end.

1)Tomb Raider

games: 1)Tomb Raider 2

2)Tomb Raider 3

3)Tomb Raider Underworld

4)Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness

5)Tomb Raider Anniversary

2)Sonic the Hedgehog

games: 1)Sonic Adventure

2)Sonic Generations

3)Sonic Adventure 2

4)Sonic the Hedgehog 2

5)Sonic and Knuckles

3)God of War
games: 1)God of War 3

2)God of War 2

3)God of War

4)God of War Ghost of Sparta

5)God of War Chains of Olympus


games: 1) Super Metroid

2)Metroid Fusion

3)Metroid Zero Mission

4)Metroid Prime

5)Metroid Prime 2 Echos


games: 1)Uncharted 2

2)Uncharted 3


6)Prince of Persia

games: 1)Prince of Persia Two Thrones

2)Prince of Persia Warrior Within

3)Prince of Persia Sands of Time

7)Shadow of the Colossus

1)It took up until I turned 16 when I finally started getting into Tomb Raider and Ironically when the series began to go down the drain. The first real TR I played all the way through was TR Angel of Darkness. Most of the PS1 type of gameplay remained present but it was in a faster pace and had an interesting story to boot. Then TR Legend came out and it grabbed my attention right away. It was really fun but the pace of the story resembled too much of the movies which was a big turn off. Underworld was the only sequel to TR Legend but it took Lara back to her silent, isolated roots so that alone made the game easy to love. When I got a PS3, I took advantage of the PS Network and started buying the old titles except TR 1. Anniversary was enough for me and playing a crappier version was out of the question. TR2 through Last Revelation were played through using my PSP. TR2 stood out the most to me, TR3 was too hard and Last Revelation was too boring.

2)Sonic was a series I always liked since the Genesis but none felt greater than his first modern 3D adventure in Sonic Adventure. The gameplay is outdated now when compared to today's standards but it's a nice window to Sonic in his glory days. The other games I liked only because of how they reminded me of Sonic Adventure on the exception of Sonic and Knuckles. Sonic Generations was the first Sonic game I fell in love with so easily even though it was just a fan letter. Many argue about the gameplay surrounding 3D Sonic and 2D Sonic but the game really speaks for itself. If you truly love Sonic and all the history you share with him; Generations is an amazing title but it's as good as your memory can serve you.

3)God of War at first glance felt like Devil May Cry and at times I always felt like Kratos was missing cool combos to make the game more fun. But the story kept me clinging onto it like a Koala bear hugging a tree. As the years went on; the games grew more epic and it only took until the 3rd game when I realized that Kratos is out of Dante's league. The platforming and the puzzles were fun too and if weren't for my Tomb Raider experience; I wouldn't have breezed through the games so easily.

4)Metroid is undeniably one of the best side scrolling adventures in gaming history. Samus to me felt like she reached her peak in Super Metroid, a game that stayed true to the series and envited newer and better ideas. Those ideas followed suite in Fusion but then died when Prime came to the picture. M Prime was a downer in the aspect of being in 1st person but after a while; you get used to it and start to fall in love with her armor. Echos changed everything they did in Prime but it was still a fun adventure.

5)Uncharted is another game series that truly speaks for itself. I joined the craze late with Uncharted 2 but that was only because I was afraid of it playing too much like Tomb Raider. When I finally got the courage try Uncharted 2; I was stunned at how amazing the game was and I have a 720p HD so that made the game even BETTER in terms of graphics. It's beautiful, the animations are fluid in every way and any similarities to Tomb Raider are very discrete. The games felt a little too easy when it came to puzzles and sometimes it felt like Naughty Dog was spoon feeding the answers, platforming was a cinche too but those would be the only complaints. The rest of the game relies on none stop action and thrilling scenes of special effects you would see in Die Hard movies. As a series; I can say that Drake stands on his own feet with some inspiration from Lara but to any Tomb Raider fan, nothing beats taking your time to explore the levels at your own pace.

6)The Prince of Persia games were all great in every way and the platforming was simple but had a learning curve to boot. The ability to turn back time felt like a novelty to me but it did help alot in boss fights. Sometimes up to the point where the sand felt like a cheat code. All in all, it was a great experience but the Sands of Time idea died too fast for the games to earn a rightful place in the spotlight and instead had an hour of fame.

7)Shadow of the Collossus caught many by surprise with it's unique world shrouded in mystery. Most of the time I was just riding the horse for hours looking for the next fight and all I could think of was the history the world had to tell. The boss fights were plentiful and every fight was unique enough for you to excuse the fact that there weren't any smaller enemies roaming around the world. It felt very close to Legend of Zelda but the extreme focus on isolation made the game suffer from being an incredible title. Still it's a game worth mentioning at least deserves a sequel.

-You can make a list like this too but it would probably be faster if you make it just by series alone. But if you wanna name every specific game you liked out of each series; I'd still want to hear it.

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Nowadays, no game out there will make me pay 60 bucks for. Not for Tomb Raider, Halo, Uncharted, GTA, Resident Evil, Silent Hill or Sonic the Hedgehog. Ever since game prices have soared to 60 for anything new; I have lost interest in buying them opening week. It's just too much money for what any game is worth! I always wait for a price drop. 40, maybe 50 is most I'd be willing to pay. Knowing the value of a dollar does that to you.

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I'm not gonna bother to respond to that ignorant comment about Uncharted, he obviously needs a history lesson that I don't have the patience for. Who knows? Maybe the new TR is meant to be like TR Legend. Legend forced alot of action into it so that it could appeal to new fans and get back the interest from old fans. Maybe the Tomb Raider that follows this alternate dimension will feature the same amount of exploration that the old games did and they're just trying to get their groove back. I didn't think about that till now.

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Rape is still considered an offense and very disturbing.

I know that videogame is supposed to be art and entertainment and all that jazz, but I don't approve the idea of raping someone. It's just all-around disgusting to do.

It's just a game! Not real life! Sega's been raping the crap out Sonic and nobody said anything about that!
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The combat system was fine. Honestly nobody really cares about the story, everyone just played it to fight against and with their favorite Final Fantasy characters. The map was a nice addition though. I'd be fine if they did it in more of an RPG style where you go on a journey with a team that stems from either one character or a Final Fantasy, for example, Tidus and Yuna have their own play-through, or individual play-through where they go do whatever and at the end it maybe leads up to a final act or something like the first one. That however seems pretty far-fetched for me because the roster is only growing, and some Final Fantasy's would have too many or not enough characters. Like FFXIII for example. Speaking of Dissidia though, has there been any word on a third installation? ChibiXRiku
Supposedly, there's a rumor that there will be for the PS VITA.
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I bought the hell out of DISSIDIA when it first came out and thought it was great. Well that was mainly for the fact that it had a good cast, not for the gameplay. Hell, I even bought DISSIDIA 012 just for the fact that it had even more characters and stuff. After playing it again, I realize how shallow I was and how disappointing the game really is. A terrible story, awful battles system and annoying use of the voice actors. This is what I was HOPING for when I first heard about it:

BATTLE SYSTEM: It should've had the exact same principles as any Final Fantasy, HP and MP but with the free movement of Kingdom Hearts. That was the only thing good about KH series to me and it only seemed practical to use on the DISSIDIA games. Summon cards should've been ACTUAL summonings of the real monsters instead of that cheap, "QUASH!!!"....+1000 BRAVERY. What the hell is up with that BRAVERY thing? Also, the KH battle system would have still had strategy in the game and would've forced a small menu to display the obvious options: ATTACK, MAGIC, ITEMS and SUMMON and if the parameters met the occasion; EX MODE. Each Limit Break attack would be earned according to the current level and could only be used in EX MODE once. Meaning you'd have to assign these specials to the EX MODE list. Standard attacks would be unique combos assigned to each character and would also be applicable according to your level. EX MODE would be earned by taking a certain amount of damage During battle. Summon would be used as a conjuring of a beast and the opponent can fight back from the attack if he wants but can't deflect the entire attack.

STORY: The story is one thing I was surprised to see SQUARE ENIX fail so much at considering their record. If it were me in charge- I would've made the story mode seperated in different worlds. World 1 through 13 but named the worlds according to their names in Final Fantasy. This would've allowed the game to have more memorable levels to cycle through and would've given you an even richer experience. Stories in fighting games hardly ever matter and most in games like TEKKEN and MORTAL KOMBAT are just dreadful but when it's a fighting game about RPG characters; you'd want the story to be as epic as the idea. The center of the story would've remained the same where CHAOS and COSMOS are battling it out and all that and have summoned pawns from different worlds to continue the conflict. However, the worlds would be absorbed into a black hole and be aligned together in one solar system. Adventuring the worlds would have met a more RPG aspect where you travel to interactive towns from different games (obviously each world would only have one town and the one most memorable from each game.) Those locations would be the battle grounds and be full of interactive NPC's when you're out of battle and disappear when you enter battle. And the story would conclude in CHAOS violently merging every world together into one and spread destruction everywhere. The last fight would have you as your favorite character battling CHAOS alongside the other warriors in one epic battle to the death.

USE OF VOICE ACTORS: Voice actors were constantly blurting out the same phrases whenever you threw an attack or moved in DISSIDIA. Almost like as if you were playing with action figures, CLOUD vs. TITUS;

-Cloud does his Climhazzard attack, CLOUD: There, ha! Over here! -Titus counters it with a blitzball, TITUS: GOAL!

This repeats since the characters have very limited moves.

I would have limited everthing to grunts and shouts of pain. Characters would yell out their special finisher whenever you used it in EX MODE and then EX MODE dissappears.

This is what I was hoping for and if they do make a DISSIDIA for PS VITA; hopefully it'll be more true to the RPG style of gaming. If it's not and it's more of the same- then I'm not going to bother. Anyone else have an idea for a perfect DISSIDIA for PS VITA?

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It isn't but the game has been going downhill after part 2. Lionhead just listens too much to the audience. That's proof that sometimes you shouldn't listen to what everyone says. Now we this casual crap that's a shadow of its former self.

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Let us take this time to remember the late Lady Croft.

I will always remember the way she shot all those defenseless animals to death while she raided tombs. The way she made crawling through small tunnels look sexy. The time she killed Natla in the Lost Island in TR1. The time she was exploring the ruins of the Maria Doria resting 40 fathoms below in TR II. Lara getting shoved in a small cell and wreaking havoc on the desert base in TRIII. Her journey to stop her mentor Werner Voncroy from unleashing utter bedlam upon the world in TR Last Revelation. Her perilous series of random adventures in TR Chronicles. Her adventure to uncover the mystery behind the murder of Voncroy. Her expeditition to find out what happened to her mother. The conclusion of her search, ending in an odd team up with Amanda in order to kill Natla one final time.

All in all, it was a hell of ride and no matter what they say- I'm never throwing the old games out! If you were to look at what she has done up to this point; would you say it was a good adventure?

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I love Tomb Raider and have played through ALL of them. TR1 through Underworld and I was pissed off to see them cancel Lara's adventure. Lara is the strongest female hero in modern gaming and set the path for people like Nathane Drake to follow. Uncharted traveled to some really cool sites too, it wasn't really hard for me to get into that series but none of that could compare to the mountains Lara scaled. I will give Crystal Dynamics the benefit of the doubt with this game but I'm honestly not going to hold my breath. To me, this is an alternate universe of Lara Croft and I'm always going to consider this as the 2nd version. The real Lara Croft died in 2008, she was gunned down by the same fanbase that made an icon. So does anyone else share the same sentiments? Or answer the poll to tell me why you feel the way you do.

Did you like Lara for her sex appeal? Her adventures? Nostalgia?