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Hello my friend...

Hey everyone!

I haven't checked up on my good friends from GS in a while, i've been very busy lately :?. Sorry guys! Just seeing if everyone is still here.

I ain't going down without a fight....

Sup guys.. I haven't posted in my jornal in months.... It's just a I miss the old GS. My board used to be sooooo bad ass with members like Davideric1, j-freak, solidruss, artman(he's startin to post again) and many others but it's still alive and rockin'. I wish it would come back to life like it was before. Hey at least I still have Braden, destroyer, FFX, soulja, Kobe, Chazn, demonic Jin, Bulldozer
there which are members that have been in KBL for a year :D. I got rid of complete and I've been thinking hard about getting it back. How will KBL be the same. I like it now but I just want the same activity as before. I complain too damn much and still cry about the damn board and I admit that :lol:

What do you fellas suggest

Been Very Busy...

I have been busy working, i just got back from a family Reunion today,and my cousin is staying with me.I'm getting ready to move soon and stuff and to busy to get on the Internet. Sorry:?


I was going to my grandmother's house today for a Family Reunion but she called and it appears that the date has been changed:?

Speaking of changes,i changed my Journal name to "The Voice That Was Never Heard"

It keeps going..

I have been very bored lately.I don't know why.It's like something is missing. >_< I am tired of doing the same stuff everyday.I need to do something new.I need a vacation:(.I was thinking Florida.