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Alright, I have signed up with Fuse, now I need to know how to add games to my PC list. Am I missing something, because I just cannot figure it out. Please help me out.

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Internet waS DoWn!

Hey, I'm just letting you know that I am NOT dead. :oops: My internet was down and a lot of other things that would take tooOo long toOoo ExplAin. DeAd! :P

Killer978452 oR {H2K}Killer


Merry Christmas everyone!!

Hope you all have a great Christmas and a Happy NEW YEAR!! WHOO! :D

Killer978452 or {H2K}Killer

Life is BoRiNg!

It's true! Life is getting boring. Everything is the same. Get up. Work for most of the day. Come home. Eat. Hopefully get on computer. Possibly update Gamespot :(. And sleep. Isn't that boring?????? I wish something would happen. SoMeThInG really InTeReStInG. Yaa. InTeReStInG.

Hope it happens soon...really soon.

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Do you have $200 you could spare me?

I really would like $200 dollars. I don't actually NEED it but, you know. Why not? SoO if you think you have too much money just call me, I won't mind if it is 3 in the morning as long as i get $200. Right?

Killer978452 or {H2K}Killer

Don't Lose The Game!!

Don't lose the game, I just lost the game. SoooOo don't ask me that question.(I was not stoned when I wrote this xD) O.K, now that I've covered that topic, let's move on to something...Oh NO! I JUST LOST THE GAME!! hehe Killer978452 or {H2K}Killer

They Took Down My Picture!!

Oh No!! They finally caught on to my picture I had up for my blog.xD

It was a picture of two safes hum*ing eachother. Hehe. It was titled Safe S*x. (I'm not sure if I can write that word:?)

That sucks. I liked it. I thought it was pretty strange and funny. lol.:)

Well I GUESS I'll live.

Killer978452 or {H2K}Killer Hehe :P