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Ground Zeroes

Not that anyone reads this but I've been thoroughly playing the new Metal Gear Solid game. I have to say Kojima did a really good job on the 'glorified demo.' It's really given me a lot of hope for the final product. I was initially scared of how the new MGS would handle an open world. I know open worlds are not really new to MGS, however the extent it is in MGS5 is outside of the formula.

In summary, play it. It's worth the money. Just be prepared to replay it in the side missions.

MGS4 finally getting trophies?

I got MGS4 when I was around 16-17, I'm now 20 and played MGS4 so many times that I refuse to go through it again to get achievements that should have been in the game a year after they annouced their addition years ago. It's far too late to add them, MGO was closed, MGS4 is 4 years old, and I think everyone got their fill of it.

I loved MGS4, I think it's the best game I've played. It gives me chills thinking about MGO, but I've moved on and I don't think this was the ample time to do this.

Either way Konami and Kojima get props for listening to their fans, even though it's too late.

Anyone want to say hi?

I'm not into the big "Hi do you remember me?" Kinda thing, so I'm just posting a blog to my friends who still use this site, or still remember me. I would be more active in your online social doings, but ever since I moved back into the States, I've had a pretty hectic 5 years. But now everything is good.

Anyone who has a PS3 please read this, important if on my PSN list.

To start this off Kevin Butler IS NOT REAL, he's an actor Sony pays to advertise the PS3, he isn't part of Sony, and I doubt he even owns a Ps3. Also PSN WILL NEVER BE P2P, it will be free, the only thing they're adding is prestige version of PSN, which will have more options to do. PSN will remain free.

Also you all need to grow up, I have a Ps3 and an Xbox and I never get any spam messages like I do for the Ps3. Are you so afriad of rumors you're going to spam me, my friends, and the whole community? You apparently are, and you should be ashamed. In my eyes the PS3 is the best, I have no doubt in my mind, so when I hear the "Non-free PSN" I ignore the trollers. I don't freak out like you all do.

I'm going to make this clear I will not stand by this spamming and I will report you for spamming next time I get a message like this and I will delete you (A given). I won't mind invitations to websites, pics, ect. But not chainletters. Stop before I have to get ugly.

If you want to play a game on PSN just hit me up and I'll make room to play.

Everyone that owns a Xbox I would like your opinion on this....

We all know people have to rebuy an Xbox once it breaks, a lot of people don't have warrenties anymore on it. Well I heard something very intresting but I would like your opinion about it.

How many sales do you think the Xbox gets for rebuys alone? I wonder how many people actually buy the Xbox over people having to rebuy the Xbox...Makes me wonder if the sales are actually as they seem. I mean even without this the Xbox will sell more than the Ps3 but I wonder if they took out the rebuys, how much more would it be? I

Everyone please read.....

Hey everyone well I have vid I posted on DOA well this guys buddies aren't too happy about it. Well I don't care, I only posted it to make him angry as it is. So can you all be dears and send it to all your friends on PSN/XBL/YT? It would make me happy if you did, I'm not the one who is annoyed, just the one who's getting vengence.

They say I'm lying when all I have proof behind it (Exept his disses after the battle)

Please spread this around for me.

Cold has shot themselves in the foot.

They came out dening the charge of Plagerism, by saying "Satches song is uninspired, and underserving of a copyright."

First off it's uninspiring to steal songs as yours retards, and secondly this means that if Satch wins(which he will) Coldplay loses all financial gain from the song, their grammy and their Image. I'm glad Coldplay came out with that statement, it's not helping them, it's hurting them.

Funny thing to think about....

People say that the 360 has the overheating problem because they decided to release it too early (even though new ones still have the problem) but they come back and say that "MS knows how to make a console, they know exactly how to make quality stuff/programs", even if we look past the 1 in 5 good exclusives we hit a wall it's called Vista. If MS is such a great maker of "Quality stuff" then why has its 2 prized items failed in some sort of huge flaw, that can be fixed? It's because MS isn't making quality stuff anymore. They are focusing too much on wasting their money on other than Investments on their item. Which is why Sony doesn't have problems like that. Sony might got bashed for the patient problem, but at least they aren't being sued over Live ignored problem, Disc scratching problem that was ignored, and the RRoD which is still being ignored.

Keep the good games coming Sony, MS come out with some game that will be good or announce one already, I'm starting to wonder if I bought my 360 too late now.

ATTN All Ps3 owners.....

For some it's been ages since I've played with you. Of course this is due to playing on XBL with my reallife buddies. Well I think I need to play something online with my Psn buddies. So what do you think? Any games you want to play with me? I personally would say Resistance 2 since I haven't played online with it yet ironically since I beat the game a long time ago lol.