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September 2013: Update


September! Usually my School have an event called Sports Fest. going all sporty an'all. meh, I joined. only a lil' just a simple race. after that nah, didn't got to it. anyway I'm only making a blog of this for an update. y'know, to see what's up an' up. anyway. It's a good practice to exercise and be Sporty at least for a short while. heh I guess I'm not totally a Nerd. :P


Getting really busy in gaming lately, Bought some DLCs for my games. Here's are the Following stuff that I bought:

1. MineCraft Mashup Pack


2. Rocksmith NickelBack Pack


3. Rocksmith 3 Doors Down Pack


4. Rocksmith Eye of the Tiger Song


5. Rocksmith I hate everything about you song


6.Rocksmith My Chemical Romance Pack


Well, So far been really loving the DLCs, heh since I mostly bought Rocksmith. I really feel like a rockstar. :lol:

The Mashup pack is also really good, The Mass Effect themed texture pack,skin HUD etc is really cool. I loved both Mass Effect and MineCraft. Spent countless hours for it. to think of it. What would be the next DLC of MineCraft will be? heh guess just gonna have to wait for it. :P But It's not all good. since I don't know what happened to my MineCraft. Playing the game is fine, but when I'm about to get a Screenshot, it won't work. maybe it's the TU12 update. or maybe my connection is bad. don't know which. I hope that'll be back to normal again some time.

I also Finished Final Fantasy XIII again. Started Final Fantasy XIII-2 a couple of weeks ago, I got stuck and quit, might get back to it again.

Then I went back to Mass Effect 3's Multiplayer: hoping to get a new class, I did. Geth Trooper Soldier. Giving it a BLAST! 

Arts and Stuff

Didn't got allot of time and ideas to get back on my drawings, So little things I've done. But I still see improvement. Here's what I got. just some Speedpainting of a scenery:


Most of the Drawings I did is in my Sketch book. I didn't took a photo of it since my Camera is a piece of junk. 

anyway It's still GOOD!

Summing it all up:

Nothing Special, just regular Crappy school days, Regular Drawing habit, Regular Game time.

Nothing special really. October will be a really really BIG! I might not do October Blog on 13. which I usually do. Might do it by the end of the Month, Still gonna do it though! 

August 2013: Planning for a Cemestral Break

School's a B!tch:

Allot of crazy and as well as good things happened to me. like School's really not how I remember it was, It's really annoying. I just wanted a regular student life, regular projects, regular homeworks, regular friends. but NO! I have to make this Project that covers 3 subjects at once, it's also a group work. I never really wanted a group work. I don't like relying on people, I also don't like people relying on me. plus they're so not good at it either. There's one time I said we should do this right now, since we only have a half day of class because it's Exam day. They said it was alright but by the time to do it, they said they didn't brought their materials, reall smart of them. Then sure I can consider that they forgotten about it. so I said We can do it tomorrow, we have no class. They said to meet in the Mall(seriously? Do you think I'm dumb? They just made the project a reason to meet in the mall) I didn't go to the mall, they're predictable, then turns out They really didn't finished the Job, If I were there nothing will change, my time is only wasted. and I was right. nothing changed so we were all screwed up. I hate those type of attitude, why can't they focus in one task? they only want is to relax and chill the f@ck out. Me, I'm quite focused, I can relax when it's done. Damn idiots.

Planning my Cemestral Break:

Well it's only a couple more months till my Cemestral Break comes, it's like Springbreak or something I don't know but my point is I got 1 or 2 weeks vacation. since I'm at it, I'll be really glad to go to Manila, where my gaming store is. I'm in Palawan, a different Island. When I get to Manila I'm gonna spend most of my savings and allowance for games. Problem is: I really got a hard time deciding what to buy. So far these are what I've been thinking of:

  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution
  • Dishonored
  • Skyrim legendary edition
  • Defiance
  • Dragon's Crown
  • Uncharted 3 & Little Big Planet 2 Dual pack (share with my Bro)
  • Diablo 3 (for PS3)
  • 40SGD PSN Wallet
  • $50 PSN Wallet (for my other account)
  • XBox live Gold 12 month membership code
  • 4000 MS points

Yes, the Last 4 items are there because I don't have a credit card to do the job, just some real cashes. Tell me what other games you can suggest for me or What can you say in my choices.

Art Time!

lately been digging these thoughts of mine, I really wanted to paint/draw realistic or semi-realistic people and Landscapes I'm really inspired to the people in Deviantart, one is Raymond Tacadena and Sanjin Halimic.

So Far this is what I got, all practices yeah:





Been really so happy that I've this so far, really digging those guys, I really wanted to be a good Artist! Also I posted my work in Deviantart, my latest is These and here:


cassadee_and_rainbow_dash_by_kierwiny-d6 A Request from my friend, so yeah, the Name meant the Singer


Most of my work is about My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, since they are the one that got me interested in Art. Since I became a Brony my life really changed. I hope people can change their lives with a single thing they've loved.

so anyway, Tell me guys what you think about my attempts at realism and semi-realism. I'll really appreciate it.

Also, this is just Music but Music is art too. Been digging Evanescence, Three days Grace and Daft Punk lately. Branching out with Dubsteps is all what I did with Daft Punk. so Far they're just Ok. :P

To Sum it all up:

School's been a b!tch to me, still can't decide what games I should buy, and allot of art been into lately. progress is slow since there's no other people would teach other than people in the internet. can't go to Art school either because we don't have one. So Far this year is still good. lots of both laughter and menace in School. I get to Focus on my Priority and that is painting and drawing, Gaming is just a way to relax too. :D

So again, Tell me guys What you think what I should buy, Suggest more games. and I also wanted to ask for your opinion about my attempts at Realism and Semi-Realism drawing/paintings!

July 2013: Status

So lately I've been drawing allot, sketching sketching. so Don't have anything to show for now. I've been practicing to draw the movie Equestria Girls Style:


So far I still need those reference from other guys in the internet. but i'm getting better.

So anyway, I've not been much into gaming lately, lots and lots of things to do. But If I ever got spare time I tend to play some games:

for now, I'm replaying Mass Effect 3, Final Fantasy XIII. and I didn't got the chance to continue my MGS: Peace Walker. I'll get into it later, or tomorrow, most likely tomorrow or something. but I'm still getting news about gaming and planning to buy some next year.

My list of anticipated game 2013-2014:

1. Destiny

2. Final Fantasy: Lightning Returns

3. Halo 5 ( but i'll buy Xbox one many years later, like 2015 or 2016)

4. Final Fantasy XV ( the same like Xbox one, gonna get PS4 in that time)

5. Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag

6. Diablo 3 for PS3 :P

so for now that's what I'm waiting for.

but I'm planning to buy Skyrim: Legendary edition. been waiting for this for quite sometime. 

I'll buy it when I got the chance, living in an Archipelago does has it's downside, I live in an Island where there's no good gaming store, so I'll have to fly by plane to go to another Island just for that. sucks. why don't my favorite gaming store put a branch in my place? I'd be happy if they do. 

I'm also thinking about buying another Halo 3 and Halo 3 ODST. since that crappy copy I bought ditched me. ain't gonna recognized as Halo fan without those two.

speaking about Halo, I've bought allot of Halo Comics lately: (too lazy to post pic)

1. Halo Bloodline

2. Halo Uprising

3. Halo: The Fall of Reach; Boot Camp

4. Halo: Helljumper Hard Cover Collection.

My local Bookstore ran out of it. I can't find Halo: The Fall of Reach; Covenant and Invasion. and Halo: The Graphic Novel. Those are my missing pieces to my Collection.

I got time to do this Blog because of my so called, "1 week Vacation" :lol: not officially announced by my school. it's just that: it was a funny story.

My School has this yearly Encampment somewhere in the muddy wilderness of my place. I admire the love of nature, it's just not my way. I love nature in a peaceful and quiet way, well their way is quite the opposite. They go to the wilderness and go playing games and having fun Roadie style. anyway, they just returned yesterday. now. for so long. they always pry me to join, I always said No. then this year, they didn't even bother asking me. I'm surprised that it took 7 years for them to realize that I don't do stuff like that. just thinking out loud here. haha, don't mind this part of the blog. but I welcome it if you do.

I also wanted to say this: my b!tching PS3 is back to normal.

the past few weeks, my PS3 started b!tching me, like not syncing with the Controller, not detecting WIFI. then Yesterday it's back to normal. don't what the hell happened but I'm just glad it's back the way it was.

So that's it for now, might do this Status block next Month or something.

My Star will Shine one Day.

What's up?

So uh lately my PS3 is b!tchy  to me, like the Controller don't sync with the console and doesn't detect WIFI and takes a bit of a moment to start. Downloading 4.46 update in PC, hoping to fix the thing up.

What I've been into lately?

Lately it's been a good school year, getting into seniors is beginning to relief me. since this is my last year, I'll be out of here in no time. I transferred myself into another section, since those douche bags are really bad influence to me. I was up an'all in the class getting the feeling being smart means having no friends, getting more friends in the internet than in School. 

also, this is the best time to get on with my plans, I've been picked by the school to be an Illustrator (Not that It's not my plans or anything) I'm honored by the offer. I wanted to become an artist anyway. So this is my chance to improve to learn and to influence others to come in arts. well Honestly I didn't go to an art school or anything (I didn't go because We don't have one) anyway, all thanks to the internet and the people I've met to give tutorials about arts, it's been like learning from art School only cooler since I don't have homework, annoying schoolmates and grades. 

This will be my chance to shine my STAR!

Back in gaming.

So before I got screwed up by my own PS3, I got a good gift from PSN. A 14 days trial of PS plus, so Making the most of it. I downloaded a Free Sonic Adventures. really getting into the old stuff. I also wanted to play Pokemon again, bringing back what I've lost 8 years ago (since I sold my GBA). too bad I got screwed all too quickly. :lol: 


My common rants. (nothing serious)

So earlier in school my Classmate borrowed my earphones with the song I was listening into. (one phone hers and one for me)

I was like Listening to Reflection by Lea Salonga, Beauty and the Beast by Celine Dion and some other Disney OST goodies. I also listen to AC/DC, Brian Adams, Kiss, Bon Jovi and other Old Goodies. listened also to Game OSTs referring to them as Orchestras and instrumentals an'all. Dragon's Dogma, Halo 4, Gears of War, Bioshock Infinite, and Metal Gear Rising OST. 

Anyway moments later My classmate just asked, When I lived(sarcastically meaning, how did I love such songs)? I then told her, "I live the time when the Music was real"

Why's the song today sucks? Really sucks that it is as bad as my rotten fish. I loved the music when it was like 90's.

What's the music today that they listen to it until a new one comes? PSY, Justin Bieber? What the hell?

Back in the Frying Pan and back in Deviantart. and other Bloggables

The Frying Pan:

Well, Summer's over. At least for me anyway. I believe that most of Gamespotters that lives in the US just getting theirs started. Have fun in sun! Being back to school is nightmare, being a Senior in High-School didn't change much things around. same annoying Classmates, same ignorant teachers of mine, same trouble will be caused(or maybe even bigger) just being there feels I'm out of place, At least I'm away from my Copycat idiot friend and my Girlfriend wannabe that's one good thing. oh well just one last year to finish and I'll be free of their Shackling rules, Rules that didn't really matter, what's wrong with having long hair? What's wrong of a student making the wrongs of others right? Teacher or Student alike. another good thing about this year is, I won't have to get that damn Civilian Army Training of theirs, well at least not while they're not decided to bring it back, gotta make the most of it.

Back in Deviantart:

Well, That just won't stop me from being a Deviant Artist in DA. been too much sketching lately. I wouldn't post them because it's too many, and for me I think I'm getting better. I'm just gonna post my latest My Little Pony Friendship is Magic art. This is also my Brother's Birthday gift back in June 3. I was a lil' bit late but fortunately he likes it.


My OC(original character) StarFall

Still sh!tting myself when I draw Humans though, but I'm getting progress.

So Check me out in Deviantart. if you have an account any good comment, +faves or Watch is really making me happy.

Well, guys. I guess my summer's at it's end. yours' are just Starting, Senior Years. back in the goddamn frying pan. next year will be in the fire. 


The Bloggables(lol not even a real word)

So May was my Vacation got allot of Shopping that time, Shopping Gamer Style! Bought Final Fantasy XIII-2, Rage, Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen, MGR: DL-Stories 1 & 2. also bought a Play Arts KAI Master Chief.


planning to buy more of those, My next Figure might be Sarah Palmer. then the rest of the Spartan Soldiers.

So I'm running out of time(again) This wraps up my Blog for June. might not be a monthly blog but I'm sure i'm try to make it more frequent.

Meanwhile, More Games. MGR: DL-Stories.

So bought the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance DL-Story 1 and 2. didn't count the VR Missions, since they're just VR and not related to the story. Plus I got it Free due to the Free bonus in the early release. now.....

Blade wolf and Sam


DL-Story 1: Jetstream Sam's Story.

So downloading this was a pain in the @SS, took like 1 and a half day to complete it, it's more or less 2.5 GB. okay Jetstream Sam in MGR, Raiden's story is very mystrious he's the only Guy in the Desperado to fight you while not having the same reasons for War Economy, He instead said something about Ideals. Then having this Downloadable Content might give some insight, at least a little bit. (I'll say no more)

Gameplay: So Sam is different from Raiden, other than alignment of course, Sam has a skill he used in some parts of the battle with Raiden, like the Quick Draw technique, He pulls the trigger of his sheathe to quickly launches his HF Murasama Blade, really dangerous, in this DLC you can use it for your Personal experience, so Far it's really tricky to pull it, you gonna let it charge then if it's ready it'll automatically pull off, Well this is a great add on for a unique gameplay. plus they brought back the Klassic evade, although it kinda resembles Raiden's Offensive Defensive technique. nonetheless it's a great comeback.

I won't say anything about the Sounds it's Generic, even the OST, you fought LQ-84i playing the "I'm my own Master" song. Then Metal Gear Ray playing "Rules of Nature". and then Steven Armstrong with "The Lightning Strikes" and "Collective Consciousness".

The Story is really great. Prequel to the actual Story line, Raiden's Story line. but a lot of stuff is still a mystery for me.

DL-Story 2: Blade Wolf's Story.

Blade Wolf is also an interesting Character in the game, although he tried to chop off your head when you fought him, Raiden is not a guy who destroys AIs who talk to him. anyway. Blade Wolf is the K-9000 who fought along side Raiden from Mission 2-7 almost the whole, I know. but you won't see him attacking beside you, but he did assist you somehow. This DLC shows Blade Wolf's experience under Desperado control. really great.

Gameplay: This Robot dog makes a lot of difference between the two Samurais. (okay Blade wolf is long to type so I'll address him as Wolfy) okay playing Wolfy in this DLC is very different, like in the times you fought him.... them. Including those LQ-84 Fenris mech, is the same moves, Wolfy uses his Chainsaw tail as a blade like Sam and Raiden. the difference is Wolfy has a Throwing knives, although you can't throw it all at the same time like the AIs do.(or I don't know how.) but still a good sub weapon, I'm kinda wishing Raiden gets throwing knives too, y'know like the Play Arts Kai Raiden Figurine.

Sounds: well this is something new, although allot of it are the same like the "I'm my own Master" song is played most of the time, BUT! there's this new Song to hear out, when you battle the Final boss Khamsin....Khalsin whatever his was.

anyway, The game will be playing the Song "The Hot Wind Blowing" you can hear it somewhere in the internet like Youtube or getting the Official MGR:Revengeance Vocal OSTs. really bad@ss.

So, Blade Wolf is really an interesting AI, almost like Legion in Mass Effect or Cortana in Halo. anyway, I don't which of it but I think Wolfy will be kept as pet/bodyguard by Sunny or will remain as a sidekick of Raiden's


Well this wraps this up, after playing MGR:Revengeance DL-Stories. it has hours of @ss kicking times, but if you see it as a game, it's kinda short.But as a DLC well executed.

Metal Gear Rising:Revengeance, My Review

Jack is Back!So let 'er RIP!

Difficulty:Just Right

Time Spent:20 to 40 Hours

The Bottom Line:"Rocks"
MGR: Revengeance

After spending allot of time to finish them games and unlockables.
MGR is one helluva spin-off for Metal Gear franchise. I know allot of people likes Snake better than Raiden, aside from Snake gets more game than Raiden. Raiden only has one game, MGS2:Sons of Liberty. from that game, MGS is really step up from MGS1.
So MGR is really great for Raiden. He get's his own game.
To the game!
The Graphics were really great, especially slicing those enemies. but I just don't get it, the Codec looks like it's obvious that they're lip singing. anyway the gameplay graphics is top notch. the slow mo effect adds the ass kicking awesomeness.
As for the Sounds well the sword swings are cool, really big fan of Cyborg Samurai. What I really got addicted to, is the Battle songs. when enemies attack you and the soundtrack comes off. you know it's ass kicking time.
For Gameplay: The Klassic beat 'em up never made me bored, but MGR has that unique stuff that even Dante don't have, it's the Zandatsu the Skill that Raiden pulls out that really satisfies your killing desire. although some part of it is annoying when you pull the trick off near a wall, you'll see nothing but wall. but pull it off in multiple enemies and in open grounds..... yeah, it's Raiden's Lightning bolt powers.
The boss battle is also really bad ass, I mean those quick times and cut scenes, mixed with awesome Boss Theme. all the boss has a never dull moment.

Finished the Fight!

Finished the Fight:

So as of today, I finished my Finals for this school year. Now it's time to sit back, play, draw, and have fun! been excited since 2013 started, now I know I'll pass my junior year and next year man. I got a feeling of a Halo thing.

y'know Halo 3 is said to be the conclusion, but then there was Halo 4. like now, i'm in 3rd year then there's a 4th installment of my life, known as 4th year senior years, I'll give it my best to pass, then going to college, Now it's the real deal. anyway I'm done about this school year.

My Halo Curse:

Also I wanted to mention this, a few days ago my Halo 3 went bad, don't know why. then, I'm calling this kind of thing Halo curse, since most of my games that went like that are mostly Halo, first Halo 3 ODST and now it's Halo 3. I always wonder why does it happen to me? maybe it's just bad luck or maybe MS is b!tching at it's products I don't know which is worse.

Sketch Dumping & My future Ideas:

So I was just y'know fooling around with my ideas, then I got the irresistable urge to dump my sketches, again, for non-bronies, I apolgize for the Pony art.


So I was thinking if I could harness my ability and round every idea in my head, I'm thinking about making an MLP Fanfiction, using my OC(original character) Vega, I got allot of set backs and changes about it. it'll take me a long time to improve and even longer for me to make the final thing. still better start now to get on the move.

I need suggestions. (for my Brony friends here)

I might need some suggestion, anything you can think if non well, nobody's perfect, still I'm just hoping to hear anything from my fellow Bronies here gamespot.

My plans this Vacation of mine:

So as y'all can expect y'know lots of gaming, hanging out with my family especially brothers since we're all gamers and do spend allot of time playing with each other.

I'm planning to be more involved in my drawing habits, but it could be a slim chance, since I'll be flooded with lots of new games came from my brother. 

This will be a big vacation!

Cold, Cough and Sore throat, Terrific.

I forgot to say it that I just found myself in deep luck.

triple strike at once, Got cold, got cough and Sore throat, what a great way to spend Weekend.

anyway, ain't no virus gonna stop me from gaming and relaxing. I should've put more effort in staying healthy, I didn't go to the Gym today, since I'm sick anyway, I might got a hard time breathing and it might trigger a big cough and contagious air in the gym. I won't be responsible.

hahahaha, pretty stupid for a sick guy, laughing at it!

obviously, the reason why I got Sore throat is singing.

That's what I get for singing Celine Dion's "My Heart will go on" in the bathroom.

as for the cold and cough, I think it came from the ver cold air in the morning, everytime I wake up, I can see Fogs and my Eye Glasses has morning dew.

just saying what my current status for the moment.

Getting Closer and better.

Thanks to great inspiring journals of a great artist in DeviantArt, I think I'm getting better at Digital arts, though now I'll get my hands on books now. my first plan is getting on a art school, but I saw the map of the place, it's really far from my house. So I'll get my hands on books and allot of motivation to improve myself.

My Art:


For Non-Brony guys, Sorry for the pony art, but it's one of the things I'm good at, but don't worry you get to see Humans one day.

Thanks for the motivation from my previous blogs guys, couldn't done this without you!


One more thing: I'm getting closer to the end of my School year, Next week is Exam, time to burn off some midnight oil, though I don't really study, I just have a quick scan here and there, anyway I'll be more active to Arts and Gaming once I'm done with my School year and Thank goodness next year I'll be senior now, and only one more year and an End in the High School Nightmare (really it sucks to be in my place)


I'm really Happy this week! :)