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30 Day's, What Reality TV Should Be.

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I have the distinct pleasure in actually owning a TiVO. For all those who are on the fence on whether or not they want to buy one or not, remove yourself from that fence and purchase one of the single greatest inventions of our time. It was thanks to this great invention that I was able to catch an episode of 30 days. 30 Days is a show from Morgan Spurlock, (Super Size Me) where he takes the concept of his movie by placing everyday people in everyday situations. The catch is that those everyday situations are completely foreign to the participants in the experiment. For instance, In one episode Morgan and his girlfriend decide to see if it's possible to live off of minimum wage. Not to shock all of you but ya' can't really make it off minimum wage. Spurlock takes these episodes on the same way he took on his Academy Award nominated motion picture. He not only takes on the literal answer to the question but the political, and moral answer to the question. The subjects of his experiments don't experience the events they are put through but why? Why are some people forced to live off of minimum wage. Why are certain people living "off the grid". Why do college freshman define their existence through drinking (Binge Drinking Mom). Those are the questions that he posses to subject as well as the viewer. The beauty of it is that it is REAL Reality TV. There are no fairy tale results. No cataclysmic epiphany that changes all involved. It just shows you something you might not have known or seen before an allows you to come to your own conclusions after that. This is how reality TV should be. not the constant depiction of America at it's most deplorable. But a depiction of America as it on any given day. We are no longer subject to the "Roommates Got Drunk And Striped" reality episode. We now have a reality TV show that is exactly that. Realty. It's what tv needed.