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Battlefield 3 Ending- Wha...?



So... that was a pretty bad campaign. So bad that halfway through, about a month ago, I stopped playing it altogether (the online mode kept me hooked, though). However, yesterday, I continued the campaign, and, well, the ending was... rushed, confused, and made no sense.

I liked the car chase, but I wanted it to be a bit longer. Also, I expected a large scale firefight, but the last mission was, in fact, the easiest in the entire game. The game didn't follow up on what happened to Black (did he die? Did his name get cleared? Was the nuke diffused successfully?) and the last cutscene was a mess. Who knocked on the door, and why did Dima ready his gun when he heard the knock? I'm not sure I understand.

It might be just me, but I felt the ending was rushed and confusing. They needed to elaborate on a lot of stuff, something they did not do.

That said, a few missions of the campaign were really enjoyable, like Kaffarov and Operation Swordbreaker. It was a bit too linear, though, even more linear than Modern Warfare 3 (I loved MW3's campaign).

However, the online is the real star here for me, and BF3 is still one of the best games I've played all year, despite the lackluster campaign.

My Most Anticipated Games of 2011

Okay, expect no long write-ups this time around. I'll just be listing out all the games that will be coming out in 2011 and are on my wishlist. Be warned, this may be an incredibly long list.

Okay, here goes (in no order of priority or liking):

Mass Effect 3

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

Batman: Arkham City

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Portal 2

Mass Effect 2 PS3

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Gears of War 3

Resistance 3

LittleBigPlanet 2

Killzone 3

inFamous 2

Twisted Metal

Dead Space 2

Dragon Age II

Call of Duty 2011

Assassin's Creed 2011

Pokemon Black/White

BioShock: Infinite

The Last Guardian

Forza Motorsport 4

L.A Noire

Shadows of the Damned


Diablo 3


Tell me what you guys are looking forward to in your comments!

Wish List

A lot of games have been coming out recently, and unfortunately, I have been unable to buy most of them. Here's a list of the games I want in the near future, perhaps the next month.

Call of Duty: Black Ops (Wii)

GameSpot giving a Wii game a 9/10, on par with the HD versions of the game, is quite a miracle, and if Black Ops on the Wii is as good as GS say it is, I am definitely gonna buy it.

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

If any of you read my previous blog titled "Now Playing," you would remember that I am currently playing Assassin's Creed II (on my umpteenth playthrough) and am a HUGE fan of the series, save Bloodlines and Discover (well, of course). Brotherhood seems really, really good to me- it seems to have a really good single player campaign, a really refreshing multiplayer component, and with all the positive feedback it has been getting in the previews/reviews, I want it bad!

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

I WANT IT!!!!!!!! It looks just like Burnout with a lot of new gameplay variations, and me being an old time fan of the NFS series, and especially the Hot Pursuit brand, this will be a must-buy for me.

Donkey Kong Country Returns

I am not a very big Donkey Kong fan, and I don't like side-scrollers much either, but this game being developed by Retro, and the fact that it is receiving positive feedback in its previews, I will most probably buy this.

James Bond 007: Blood Stone

Okay, it has been getting mixed reviews, but I don't know, the game looks very Bond for me- the way it is presented, the car chase sequences, the firefights, the melee attacks. It all looks really interesting to me and I will definitely buy this game soon.

GoldenEye 007 (Wii)

Can you believe I still haven't bought this game? I mean, I played it at a friend's house, and oh my god, it was bloody awesome. Retaining everything I loved about the N64 original while feeling like an entirely new game, while still feeling as the Bond game it is- must-buy for me.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

I know Harry Potter games haven't been very good since a long time, but Deathly Hallows Part 1 looks promising, and maybe EA can finally develop a movie tie-in that is actually worth buying. Add to that the fact that I'm a huge Harry Potter fan, and I am definitely getting this game, for good or for bad.

Gran Turismo 5

If it ever releases, that is (yeah, that's all I want to say about this game).


That's it, people. What games are you looking forward to the most? Please tell me in your comments! :D

Now Playing...

Hello people. this is a blog by me to update you guys on what I'm playing these days and to tell you what are my impressions about the games:

Assassin's Creed II:

I've already pre-ordered Brotherhood, and seeing that it's not even two weeks away from release, I got excited, and just to refresh my memory of what the series is all about, I began my fourth playthrough of Assassin's Creed II. I am having as much fun as I have ever had with this game- it just never stops getting exciting and thrilling. ACII has a lot of replay value, I must say, Anyway, I wanted to say that ACII is already a very expanded version of the original very ambitious Assassin's Creed, and if Brotherhood is going to be every more complex and deep than II, then man, it will be one heck of a game.

Fable III:

Not quite as good as I had expected it to be, possibly the most disappointing entry in this really good franchise. I loved the original Fable and Fable II even more so, so I expected a lot from Fable III, but somehow, it just feels very hollow, not alive like the first two games did. But I have to say, the world of Albion is very thoroughly buit. I'm about 15 hours into the game, and I'm only just halfway through, whereas the story should take no more than 10 hours to complete. This is because I am busy exploring the world of Albion and all that it has to offer. But still, Fable III feels very uninspiring, maybe the later parts of the game might redeem it. Let's see.

FIFA 11:

I'm into my fourth season with Manchester United, and I am loving this game like hell. I thought no good could match up to what FIFA 10 did, and I must say, FIFA 11 has outdone its predecessors in every possible way, very thoroughly. The realism, the presentation, the graphics, the deep and complex game are simply heaven for any football fan, like me.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta:

This has to be the most varied God of War game. I am one and a half hours into the game, and it has more gameplay variations than all the God of War games in the past, and I must say, this is a thousand times better than Chains of Olympus, which was just a very, very compressed form of the console God of Wars. Ghost of Sparta does not feel compressed at all, it just feels as awesome and thrilling as the console versions of the series. The graphics of the game are the best you will find on any, the presentation is marvelous, with spectacularly directed cutscenes and extremely intelligent camera angles. The gameplay, especially the combat, is awesome, and Combat Rush has to be the best thing that has ever happened to the God of War series. Expect my review of the game to be up in some hours exclusively on

EDIT: My official editors review for the game is up on Check it out here and find out what I think of the game.

Halo: Reach:

I finished the single player campaign a long time ago, it is the multiplayer component that has kept me hooked for so long. It is simply so addictive, I can never seem to put it down. While it does recycle a lot of elements from Halo 3, its own new elements and the fact that Halo 3's online was already so awesome make this the best online I have ever played.

Mass Effet 2:

This is only my third playthrough of the game, and it is feeling a completely different game when compared to my second playthrough, which, in turn, was very different from my first playthrough. A testament to the incredible BioWare for making this experience so deep and varied that it feels like a different game every time you play through it. The gameplay is awesome and addictive, and characters are really good, and you feel attached to them, the story is typical space opera, which means a win-win situation for me, and the presentation is nothing short of a movie-like marvel. Not only is this the best game to have hit the Xbox 360 this year, but also one of the best games to have hit any platform in recent memory.


So yeah, that's it, only six games in my Now Playing section, but even this amount of games has managed to take up a hell lot of my time, and gaming is the only thing I do these days. All of these games are awesome.

What games are you playing right now and what are your thoughts on them? And what do you think of the games I am playing? Please comment! :D

Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi

This is the end of the 2010 XIX Commonwealth Games. And honestly, they have been awesome! The opening ceremony, the closing ceremony, the stadiums, the beautification of the city Delhi... everything fell into place by the end! Truly. they were magnificent.

I wish Glasgow, Scotland the best of luck for the Commonwealth Games 2014! :D

Need Help

This is for those who have played FIFA 11.

I am facing a problem, guys. See, already have 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa, and I have had loads of fun with it. Now, my question is, should I go ahead and purchase FIFA 11? Are there enough changes in the game? Is it worth buying if I already have one of the two 2010 versions of FIFA?

I should tell you, I'm a big Football (soccer) fan, and I want a game that can last me another month.

If I buy FIFA, I won't be able to buy other games I want to buy, but I want FIFA 11 very much, but I don't know if it's worth the purchase.

Halo: Reach Impressions So Far And Other Matters

Hi people. There are two reasons I'm writing this blog. The first is that I wanna tell you people just how... beautiful and breathtaking Halo: Reach is. I don't wanna reveal much about the game, since a lot of the awesomeness of the game has to do with the story and the cinematic movie-like presentation, but there was this particular mission called Long Night of Solace, which is probably the best mission I have played in any shooter. First, we have to fight our way through a beach, which is immediately followed by a space combat sequence. After that, there is this pretty long low gravity sequence in a space station, which is followed by anawesomecutscene.

Halo: Reach is epic. Yes, epic. The production values of the game are top notch, and the graphics, the sound, the presentation, the environments, everything is simply sohugeand and of such huge magnitude... the scope of the game is truly unimaginable. I'm yet to finish the game, and already this has become one of the best games I have ever played.

Here are some of the pics from Halo: Reach that show just how epic the game is:

Reach 1

Reach 2

Reach 3

Reach 4

See? Epic...

Anyway, enough about Reach. The second thing I wanna talk about is this dumb friend of mine from my **** He just bought an Xbox 360 Arcade, and got Halo 3 and Forza 2 free with it. He says he is going to buy another game right now, and the games that are appealing the most to him right now are Bioshock and Assassin's Creed II, because he saw me playing them the other day. I'm asking him to forget about them and get Halo: Reach, but of course, the idiot isn't listening to me. Noob.

He wants to buy either Bioshock, or ACII, nothing else. Now I am really confused what to tell him- both are awesome games, and both have different positive aspects of their own, but he want's a few definitive ansers so he can pick either of them. So, on his behalf, I ask this question to you: which should he buy- Bioshock or Assassin's Creed II?

Thanks a lot for reading my blog, guys! Leave behind your comments! :D

A Few Updates...

As one would expect from Glitchspot, I am unable to edit my Now Playing list. So, I guess it is thanks to this bug ridden site that I am writing this blog. Well, not entirely, but oh well.

Anyway, here's the games I've been playing these days and what I think of them.

Halo: Reach- Obviously. Obviously, I'm playing Reach? Who isn't? Almost every single being that draws breath on this good Earth has bought the game- and for good reasons. It's freaking awesome. It has everything one would want from Bungie's last hurrah to Halo- it has the best multiplayer ever, an awesome, moving storyline, brilliant, movie like presentation, memorable characters, addictive gameplay, and a soundtrack that cannot be rivaled by any other on the marker. As everyone is saying, this truly is the perfect and the ultimate Halo experience.

Gears of War 2- It isn't as if I've not played this one before, but after having a look at GameTrailers' video review of the game made me wanna go back, and when I did, I felt ashamed- ashamed of ever having said that this game did not live up to the original Gears of War. Gears of War 2 is truly bigger, better and more badass than Gears of War in every possible way.

Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack In Time- Ah, Ratchet, you give me the hots. No seriously, this guy is cool. And so is Clank. And Nefarious. Not to mention Qwark. I love you, Insomniac. Enough said. Ratchet and Clank FTW.

Twisted Metal: Head On- Playing Head On makes me feel bad for those who can play only the PSP version of Twisted Metal. I remember how much I loved Black on the PS2. Head On feels horribly stripped of all the things that made Black so good. It just feels... I don't know, bad is the only word for it.


1. Call of Duty: Black Ops

2. Medal of Honor

3. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

4. Metal Gear Solid: Rising

5. Vanquish

6. Donkey Kong Country Returns

7. GoldenEye 007

8. God of War: Ghost of Sparta

I'm also thinking of buying the Japanese version of Pokemon Black/White.... I wouldn't understand it, of course, but HECK, IT'S POKEMON, and Black and White look awesome.

That's all. What's up with you guys these days?