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Aha! It seems that I can post here again :D well I really loved British punk rock and new wave especially German New Wave which was called Neue Deutsche Welle.

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Okay, I don't know if I am in the right thread but at least I can finally post something here in GS. My problem is not being able to comment anywhere. My GS page loads with a white background, no picture, a comment box which doesn't work, the pages don't have any layout just lettering. I thought there is something wrong with my Internet connection but then a GS friend of mine suggested this thread so please give tips. I feel like being banned:P

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They don't want to bother to think deep and look beyond matters.

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I don't believe this. Similar stuff have been said some 50 years ago...

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i spit on your grave


This and also Salo, 120 of Sodom.

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This is a good one. Well, does online texing count? When yes, then everyday. Otherwise only with people who don't understand my mother tongue or when I want to  talk about something people I don't want others to understand. Though there are few around me who don't understand English:p

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NO I HATE BEING BAREFOOT. Must have socks on 90%of the time. Shoes when I go out etc. Only exception is you know like showering. beaches stuff like that etc. It just really bothers me to be barefoot. Like I am walking around naked or something. funkadelichika

Yeah I kind of feel the same. Walking barefoot can be a pleasant feeling, but only for a short time and the right places like seaside or similar.

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This has absolutely nothing to do with Islam. It is a tradition being practised in some north African countries.