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I was looking forward to play this game and it turned out waaaay better than what I have ever expected. I LOVE this game and it is one of the most brilliant, goodlooking, full of variety, fun I ever played. Kind of like Batman games but with more interesting levels and details. Pity it got a rather low rating here in GS.

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I thought the game was too heavy for my computer/graphic card.

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Lol, this game is already too easy, I would have liked to find a way to make the yellow hint guides disappear! This way I have to figure out where to go next by myself and this will make the game a longer experience as well. Any tips?

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Besides, she has such a skinny flat Buttocks anyway. Not all that attractive. lol.


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Well let them highlight asses, breast... whatever but let them make more games with female protagonists.

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But I found out something more interesting. Anyone remembers (lol) a game called Tabula Rasa?


Sure. Though I never had the chance to play that game.

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There are similarities indeed. Nevertheless there are severalparallels in almost all sci-fi games for example the stealing memory act is repeatedinother games as well, thoug it is not the memory but the energy, mana, life etc..

Despitethis, " Remember Me" is a unique exclusive gaming experience per se.

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You should find the structural weekness and destroy it with the junk bolt.

Though I guess you have figured it out by now;)

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Wow! Pure awesomeness! I am overwhelmed. "Remember Me" turned out even better than what I had expected. I have finished the first episode and I loved the game so far. It reminds me of Batman games especially the fights but there is more to do. The only thing which is bothering me is the yellow hint guides which is really disturbing and reduces the challange and adventure in the game. 

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Man! It seems that my message dissappeared again:o anyway I just wrote that I loved British punk rock and also new wave especially German new wave music which was called Neue Deutsche Welle.