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I am a solely PC gamer myself but it has become some sort of fanatism. I have missed some real good games which were either available for consoles only or my PC was too weak to play them on times.

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Sure thing. You can be renegade in Mass Effect and no,(spoiler allert! ).............. nobody wins this game anyway:p

And there is Fallout 3 and Fallout NV. There are also older games like Kotor1&2 in which you can be dark and win the game. I am sure there more around but I can't recall right now.

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Used to buy game guides before Internet times but now you can get illustrated guides and video guides via Internet. I haven't got any in ages but I still read gaming mags so I reckon printed gaming guides may still be fun too.

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PES and FIFA 13 are among most popular sport games around though I guess you should be a football(soccer) fan to enjoy them.

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Well Kotor is very much like Mass Effect series (or vice-versa) IMO. If you liked ME you will like Kotor too. The thing is that the graphic was not all that good even for it's time, so if you are not into old school games, it would look kind of ridiculous to you.

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Man! Yeah but it kind of seems like 1000 years ago.

We have come a long way...

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"Remember Me" is one of the best games I ever played and I have been gaming since 20 years. It was more and less ignored by both gamers and critics which is a pity.

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I remember seeing the cover of White Chicks DVD and it was clear that the content won't be very promising.

One of the worst films I have recently seen is a movie called " Breakup At Wedding". I don't recall seeing such a worthless junk for a very long time.

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Yeah this a bit tricky affair. You have to choose and highlight certain items but this has to be done in the correct order. If you highlight something wrong the doctor won't be able to kill the patient. (good doctor, lol)