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Christmas was Good :)

Hey guys hope you enjoyed your Christmas or whatever it is that you celebrate. This pretty much an update on my gaming word and telling you guys what gifts I got. So to start it off I got the Official Game Guide for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. That's the only gift I got as far as gaming goes. I got a few shirts and socks. But my main present this year was a Lever Action 30-30. I got to shoot it a little today which was nice. As far as gaming goes I started playing Batman Arkham City. Its a really really great game. I can't stop playing it. And as soon as I'm done with it, I'm going straight back to Skyrim, which is extremely addictive. There's so much left for me to do! And also I started play Tribal Wars again, which if any of you guys play let me know, we can join up in a tribe together. That about sums it up for me. If you guys want you can comment below telling me what you got.

Winter is here!!!

Ok Winter is here and I'm hella happy. My team made it to Sections for Cross Country, happy and not happy. I'm excited that we made it to Sections but not looking forward to another week of practice. But in my world of gaming I've been playing Just Cause 2, GoW 3, Fallout NV. And thats about it.


So instead of buying some games, I barrowed a couple from my friends. Mass Effect 2 and Fallout New Vegas. I'm really liking them. My only free time is when I get home and the weekends, :( so I play7 when I can. I've also been reading Assassin's Creed Secret Crusaude, which is about Altair. I'm a little over half way through it, and its pretty good. That about sums it up for me right now. If you got any tips, cheats, etc abouth the games, give me a good comment.

I've been busy

Ya school started almost 3 weeks ago for me, so obviously there went the Most Active Users List. Between my classes, homework and Cross Country(yes I do other stuff besides video games) I've been busy. So now I try and see what's going on when I get home. But as far as my gaming life goes: I STILL dont have XBOX LIVE :(, I just started replay AC:2. And that it. And also in a week from Monday I'm getting my Learners Permit(Im only 15)

[(Me)] :)

Hey guys, first blog. My name is Kennedy, I'm a guy, and I know you can change this in the setting but my won't let me for some reason. But anyways I'm an offline gamer, I ride dirtbike and snowboard and occasionally golf. I'm in my Sophmore year of high school, which started Monday and I'm 15 years-old. And that pretty much sums me up.