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Taking a break

I wasn't able to download the beta this week :( since I made a deal with my brother which I promised him to download music albums this week in exchange for star wars the old republic collector's edition :D But I guess I wan't missing that much since nothing changed form brotherhood.

The collector's edition is so awesome, can't wait to get my hands on that game.

sw tor


Starting school this thursday, so I'm gonna take a break from GS and gaming since I have an official exam this year. As for the games that are coming out I guess I'll have to play them next summer like AC R, MW3, Batman AC, SW TOR.... I know it sucks but I really have to concentrate this year since it's my last year.

I still might drop by from time to time, but I can't promise anything :(


Thanks for reading and commenting :D

AC revelations beta !

Since I'm a uplay member, I received an email containg a redeem code for the beta :D Sad thing is that it's 2.2 GB :( but I guess I can download it before the 11th of september. I didn't even know there was a beta coming out :P

Can't wait to try it out, and tell you guys what I think.

AC R multiplayer


In other news I've been thinking of getting an assassin's creed logo tattoo or something else in a couple of months, if any of you have an idea, please share :D

Also a couple of weeks ago, my mom came back from visiting family in NYC and got me 2 games MLB the show11 and madden 11 and some other goodies :D

nfl 11the show 11


Thanks for reading and commenting :D

New Platinum :D

This was one of the hardest platinums I've ever tried getting, but at the end I managed to get it :lol:

Black opsplatinum


Hardest trophy of them all was the sacrificial Lamb

I was feeling bored two days ago, so I decided to try again after giving up on this trophy. After 11 rounds and pack a punching the crossbow, I finally got it :D


Today I got a great deal, two new games for 39 $

Brutal legendbioshock 2

Brutal Legend & Bioshock 2.


I Finished the final season of Heroes :cry: Awesome Series btw.

Hiro Nakamura is the funniest TV Character I have ever seen (other than Homer Simpson :lol: )

Hiro Nakamura



Thanks for reading and commenting :D

New platinum :D Batman.

Right after writing my last blog got a chance to finish Batman AA on hard :D Easy one don't know why I didn't bother getting it before :P

batman aaplatinum

Batman Arkham Asylum Platinumed


Can't wait to play arkham city !!! Like seeing two face, catwomen .....

arkham city


Thanks for reading and commenting :D

Another Assassin's Creed Drawing !

I was meaning to post this blog a week ago but I was kinda depressed :( Don't know what's been going on with me, I've gotten sick of playing video games:o I know weird :P

But everything seems to be better started playing a little bit online last night:D

After watching HP 7, I went to see Transformers dark of the moon :D I was actually surprised that megan fox wasn't in it, but the new girl is hotter :P


I bought Vanquish for 25$ cheapest game I bought in my country :P Then bought a "games masters" magazine just for 2 thumb pads that were included with it

vanquish thumb pads

Anyways here's the drawing, hope you guys like it :D

Assassins creed drawing 3

What do you think my next drawing should be about Star Wars, Mirror's edge, Killzone 3, Mass effect ?


Thanks for reading and commenting :D

Been waiting for 10 years :D

Today went out for lunch, ate a chicken quesadilla. That's not what I was waiting for 10 years :P wait for it.

chicken quesadilla

Then we left and headed to the mall where I got socom special forces, still not the most important moment of the last 10 years :P

socom 4


Okay, here's what it is, went and saw Harry Potter and the deathly hollows part 2 in 3D !!!! I got chills the whole time, it was the best harry potter film of them all. Best scene was the magic :P Seriously the best part was the scene at hogwarts, I just don't want to post spoilers :) This is what I was waiting for 10 years, it sure brings back a lot of good memories :cry:



Thanks for reading and commenting :D

New PS3 !! :D So long old one

My old PS3 has been with me for almost three years and it was on the brink of death. Luckily I got a 320 Gb slim PS3 that came with a copy of fifa 11 :D Started playing it last night and couldn't stop even though I'm not into soccer.

New PS3

I started playing career mode and my virtual pro had an injury in the first match :P

Synced my trophies then remembered that I still haven't synced the new ones, so I'm going to have to sync them from my old PS3.

Also I'm going to have to redownloadsome DLCs and games like zombie maps L.A Noire DLCs and the free games from sony ,which kinda sucks because of my internet connection:(

Also got some games for the PC, brink, dragon age II, dirt 3...


In other news, Ifinished my second season of heroes and just started with the third. I have no clue why everyone hated the other seasons. I think it's getting better and better each season.


Thanks for reading and commenting :D

My 11th Platinum

I bought inFamous in 2009 and Igot the platinum in 2011 :P


inFamous Platinumed

I'm trying to get the sacrificial lamb trophy to get the platinum, and like I said I'm trying :P


In other news I watched the first season of Heroes. I couldn't stop watching it :D



Thanks for reading and commenting :D

10th Platinum

Last night at 3:48 AM I got my 10th plat :D

L.A NoirePlatinum


My hardest trophy was the hollywoodland trophy. Lost one film reel, and had to search all the areas again :P


Thanks for reading and commenting :D

My 9th platinum :D

Last night I got my 9th platinum :D It was pretty easy. And a thanks to a friend of mine on PSN for helping me with the team player trophy :D

Killzone 3Killzone 3 platinum



In other news I went up to the mountains, brought 5 games with me (Killzone3, L.A Noire, COD Black ops, Modern warfare,Midnight Club LA) Wish I brought more :P I'm sure my next platinum will be....................... Wait for it................... wait for my next blog ;)


Thanks for reading and Commenting :D