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Karma does work I suppose

"Your save file is corrupted and cannot be loaded" something along those lines

Fix the damn game Obsidian I did buy Alpha Protocol I think i'm entitled to some compensation.:cry:

Also had to note I was looting a hotel in the strip and right after the game crashed leading to the error. :?


Level 40! Only took close to 5 years but hey .....level 40!!!

It's almost here

Being able to spend a whole week rushing out of work to sit home in front of my computer for hoursto see all the E3 awesomeness. Oh that and chatting in the original room 0!

And no I regret none of it.

It's that time of year again

The other day I received an email from GameSpot informing me that my annual Total Access membership is due for a renewal. Now I've been a paid subscriber here since 06 (The E3 coverage since was well worth it) but after everything that has happened to the so called "perks" of being a paid member I have to wonder if it's even worth it anymore.

I ask you past and current paid users...What is your take ?

And yes I found one of these yet again