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Moderated for calling someone.. wait for it.. an idiot.

Yes, it's true gamespot mods you for grade 3 insults. I lost like ****ing 75% from level 26 too, and I was about to level to 27.

So bravo mods, thanks for taking the appropriate actions, as you like to say.

PS - I called a guy an idiot who said GTA4 looked ugly. Fooor shame.

More on that later! GTA I mean. So godly.

well, it's official..

Marvel is getting good at casting people in their movies!

First we get Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man, which is basically a perfect match and I'm so PUMPED for the movie. Then we get Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, a badass call. And Terrence Howard as Jim Rhodes.. Iron Man's main man War Machine! But now we get the best casting decision yet! In the up coming Wolverine solo movie, back in December they leaked that DEADPOOL would be in the movie. I immediately thought.. favorite superhero of all time, cocky, loud, annoying, and skilled as all hell. So I knew right away who I wanted to play him, Ryan Reynolds, my favorite actor after Blade Trinity, Waiting, and Smokin' Aces.

His performence in Blade trinity is what sparked my interest in him playing Deadpool in any movie if it ever were to happen. And now with the casting call for Deadpool actually out, and now done and over with, my main man came out on top. Yes, Ryan Reynolds has gotten the part that I've wanted him to play since I saw him break threw the glass to save Blade in the third movie, Blade Trinity.

I needed to vent that, because I now know this movie will be well worth it. Pumped!


Chris needs a new video game.. as in.. now..

Perferably with easy achievements and good action gameplay.

Guess I should start scouting new releases!

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I recently went back into photoshop while really bored. Of course it is Naruto, since it's my obsession. haha

It's good **** for real. I watch it a little too often though. But who cares, I need SOMETHING to do at college. Anyways here's the sig (if it even works.. cause it won't go into my signature.. I'll link it from here and maybe it will work since Photobucket still suuuucks):

It's good. Well I think it's good anyways. haha

World of Borecraft, CoD4, and other games made of cocaine

Recently thanks to my roommate, I've started up WoW again. Now, I do like this game, it's a blasty blast to play. When you can find f*cking people!! Said roommate has a 70 warrior that he raids with 5 nights a week, a 68 mage he spends leveling all the time, and a 28 druid that he helps me out with when he can. This is good for me, when he isn't busy. But he's a wanted man and it's hard for him to find the time. So I find myself sitting in the major cities twiddling my thumbs instead of leveling. I managed an impressive level 27 in my first week of starting up again, but then I just hit a wall. I'll continue playing him everynight until I bring myself to tape my eyes open and play him to 70.

Call Of Duty 4. OMG. Greatest game I have ever played. Been playing it since day 1 of the beta (still only level 53.. what up with that..), and let me tell you.. Halo 3, for shame. By the end of the night odds are I'll be level 55 and can finally stop caring about exp and stick with the weapons I actually like. Instead of you know.. basically being forced to using the worst guns ever to gain large amounts of exp fast. But then again this forces you to find guns you may otherwise over look, and find them quite useful. For me, that happened with the mini-uzi. Basically the worst gun concieved (whoops, sorry skorpion that's you.. MAA BAD), I finally got the 25 kills needed to get the red dot scope.. from then on it took me 2 games to get the next 125 kills to get marksman III for the gun. lawls. Point is, this game is phenomenal. Buy it. And play with me. Mainly you Hiltsy.

Then there are the others, kane and Lynch, Guitar Hero II and III, Assassin's Creed, and my recent re-addiction to Smash Bros Melee, I now play as Cap Falcon and destroy everything I touch. Falcon Punching a level 9 Jigglypuff into space makes even the most depressed person crack a smile. K&L, so much negative feedback.. I love it, so whatever, great co-op, great multiplayer and a screwed up plot.. good times. G-Hero.. don't even get me starting.. can't go a day without picking up the plastic awesomeness of this game. I think I'll be picking up a real guitar once I get back from college for the summer. Give me something to do.

Assassin's Creed.. stabbing people in the neck. 'nuff said.

can't wait for x-mas either! Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Unreal III, Ratchet and Clank Future ANNNND The Die Hard Collection on Blu-ray all on one day? My PS3 will see more love than ever before. Which brings me to the next biggest statement ever. I officially like the PS3 more than 360. I own them and love them both, but PS3 is starting to tip the scales. So here's hoping!!

That was the longest sh*t ever. If you read any of that comment on it. And props if you got through it all!

-Chris "HorrorMoose" Kerr

Dumb Microsoft..

So I'm buying a PS3 because Microsoft failed to keep me coming back with their piece of crap system.

That is all.

Level 20!

Finally hit level 20, and god damn did it take awhile. But of course 21 will be even worse. Can't wait..

The first roll in of 360 games.

And let me be one to say, finally! If I had to play one more veteran level of Call Of Duty 2 I would have thrown my 360 out. GRAW and Burnout: Takedown rock my socks.