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Hit a pretty damn nice deal today...

So, a few hours before, I saw a pretty damn nice deal. The game was deus ex: human revolution(limited edition) and I got it for about 15 euros, a pretty unexpected price for a game of that quality I gotta say...

Garden of words anime movie review!

This'll be the first anime review I'm gonna be posting so please don't go harsh on me :D. For my first attempt, I'm gonna be reviewing the anime movie "Garden of words" by Makoto Shinkai.

So... LET'S DO THIS!!!


Makoto Shinkai, the up-and-coming movie director known for his stunning visuals and bittersweet stories makes his appearance for the 4th time in his career with Garden of Words, a bittersweet love story of a teenager who falls for an older woman, and I gotta say he delivers it pretty nicely :).

The story follows Takao Akazuki, a 15 year old teenager wishing to become a shoemaker. One day, while skipping school he meets an older woman named Yukino, with which he later falls in love. The whole concept is NOT original, as I have seen it many times on the TV, the theater and by reading books, but it is delivered pretty good with solid character development and solid storytelling, combined with emotional moments which makes this movie worth watching.
Story: 9/10

Now let's move on to the other important factor with anime making, the ART!!! If you have seen Makoto's previous movies you will have surely noticed that the graphics are outstanding. This happens again in this movie with the graphics being beautiful and the animation wonderful, making it hard for other movies to compare to it. The shading is amazing, the colors are outstanding and in this sector it can be considered a work of art.
Art: 10/10 (I would give it more if I could...)

In terms of character development the movie is solid! The emotions are portrayed beautifully and the whole development is realistic.
Char. Development: 8/10

Let's get on with the bad part... Ladies and gentlemen, the OST! In terms of OST I can say I've heard better... REALLY better... The music doesn't stick out in any part of the movie, making it easily forgettable after you've watched it, however it is good in the emotionally intense scenes.
Soundtrack: 7/10

In conclusion, the movie IS worth watching as it combines amazing visuals with solid storytelling and will leave you with an emotion of melancholy when it's finally over. Story-wise, it CANNOT be compared to it's older brother: 5 centimeters per second but it is good at it's own way. I do recommend it if you're looking for a great love story and I also recommend it due to its animation being one of the best I've seen in quite some time.

Please leave any comments on the review and I'll see you next time :D.

My UCB is finally up!

After about 3 years of being a member in GS, I finally created a UCB, which can be found here. In there I shall be posting reviews on some animes I watched along with equipment reviews(headphones, cameras, motherboards etc...). More blogs will follow up so stay tuned :D.

EDIT: My first review is already posted. You can check it out here.

(Finally) getting some new games...

So I'll be getting 2 new games this week... I'll be getting FF XIII and ACIII for the PS3. I know it's a little late, (especially for the first one) but better late than never I suppose :P.

Have a great week guys.

E3 2013: Probably the biggest event of the last 4 years...

Ladies and gents, it's once again this time of the year, where (almost) all gamers worldwide unite to watch the legendary Electronics Entertainment Expo, else called E3. I gotta admit, this one will be full of new things and maybe some suprises. 2 brand new consoles, a load of games from major publishers that follow sequels and much more great things are about to be shown this year, but let's get into the details, shall we?

Before we start, let's have a rewind... Last year's E3 had me pretty excited in some points (Dishonored, TES Online), at which point later that year, when the games released, disappointed me pretty damn hard (NFS: MW, Crysis 3)... but that's all in the past. Time moves on, and so does technology and gaming...

This year's E3 will be probably one of the biggest gaming events of the last 4 years. As I pointed before, 2 brand new consoles are going to be released: The Xbox one (which I'm not a big fan of :P ) and the PS4, which had me on my toes when it was announced... Both consoles will be featuring many great new games and many exclusives. Sony has already announced some of them (Killzone: SF, Infamous: SS etc...). What remains is for MS to show us some of them so we can compare.

But with the new consoles come new fanboys. A new console war is about to rage, and it's gonna get pretty damn bloody. Console wars won't cease to exist as long as there are consoles obviously, but that's another talk... :P.

Let's get on with the games then, shall we?

The most waited games of this year's E3 are Watch Dogs, where the whole country is apparently controlled by computers :P, Assassin's Creed IV following the popular sequel by Ubisoft, TES Online which brings the single player experience to the multiplayer (:P), Destiny, a brand new game by Bungie, the legendary ex-developer of Halo and of course FF XII: Lightning returns, where 13 days are given to the player to finish the game.

Note: Click on the links for more details on any game.

The remaining question is whether the games will be as good as they seem to be in the trailes and the info provided for now. The question will be answered as soon as the games release.

That's it for another pre-E3 blog :P. We will all get more info from the press conferences and the stage shows. Till then: kerk12 logging off ;).

I is becoming a YT partner!!!

Yes ladies and gents ;) you heard right. I'm becoming a fully fledged YT partner.

I'll be getting partnered with TGN, second largest network on YT (after machinima).

So wish me luck on the start of my brand new (well not quite) YT life ;D. I'm becoming a partner next month.

PS: you might wish to check mah latest vidzzzz:

Be seein ya guyz ;)

Going on vacation !!!!

Helloz everyone :D.

Guess what... Drumroll plz! ... I'm going on VACATION:twisted::twisted:.

With the latest news, I finished all the Dark Brotherhood quests in Skyrim, along with the main thieves guild ones, got 8 out of the 15 daedric artifacts, and finished the war (well, at least as much as I could), siding with the Stormcloaks.

I also finished the college of winterhold quests along with the companions' quests.

Now it's time to take a little break from mah regular routine, while still continuing to play games ;).

So, I'm leaving with a hillarious pic and a video:


Finished Skyrim!!!

Hey guys. I just finished Skyrim. It took me about 5 hours to do it, being easy enough. I have to say the story is really well made, with nearly 250 quests, the graphics are really good and the overall gameplay is excellent.

Now it's time for some trophy hunting:twisted:.

See you next time guys :D.

Stuff I got in the last few weeks + what I'm going to get

Hey guys. It's been a week (or two, I can't seem to remember) since I last blogged. How are you all doing? I've been pretty well. The exams are finally over in 2 days from now, and guess what... after that... it's SUMMERTIME!!!

So in the weeks I got my hands on some pretty good stuff. And here's what I got:

- Got a new cell phone, after my SE W715 died, after about 4 years. I got a SE Xperia Neo V:


- Got some more RAM memory for my PC: 2 GB Kingstone DDR2 (yes, I know... it's pretty old)

- Got a pair of new headphones: Sony MDR 210 (and I can say they're pretty good)


- Got a new flash disc (8 GB for about 7 Euros from my local retailer)

And here comes the good stuff:

What I'll be getting:

- The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (PS3 Edition)

- Ratchet & Clank: A crack in time

E3 in T-Minus 20 hours

Hello everyone.

Here I am, once again, right in time for the popular... the one and only *drumroll*... E3!

So, it's summer time once again and the biggest gaming conference is here. Who knows what's in line for the rest of 2012 and 2013 :roll: .

My greatest anticipated moment of the whole E3 is when/if microsoft or sony announces a new console. Would be great if we have a newcomer to the console family :P.

In latest news I've been making some videos lately and here they are: one's at least 2 months old xD. person killfeed in MW3 to survive your first night in MC. how to create a (you guessed it) TOILET in minecraft.

So from now on it's T-Minus 20 hours till the MS press conference. I'll be seeing you all in the chatroom ;).