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Got my own PS3!

So I officially got my own PS3. What else to say there, I already, sent some friend request through to my GS friends, I haven't gotten it to everyone, but try to do my best.

PSN ID: Ken-E_360

Games Currently Playing: Resistance, Killzone 2, and Little Big Planet.

Killzone 2 Review Emerges - Probably to be edited soon

Killzone 2 Review (PS3) Difficulty: Just Right Time Spent: 10 to 20 Hours The Bottom Line: "Too short" Quick Review: Having a fairly rated predecessor, Killzone 2 may have redeem itself from PS3 gamers with this another chance of sequel. Although I haven't played the said predecessor so I would review this game the way I liked it. Killzone 2 introduces new sets of characters for a new entry point to the entire series while following the story from its predecessor Killzone 1 if ever anyone is familiar with it, the human race was to lead a counter offensive against the hostile planet of Helghan. You take control a soldier name Sev along with 3 men on your squad, to take on the Helghast army, the storyline is really flat like most everyday shooter game and the characters are awfully stale and uninteresting, while there are some sense of history and relationship between characters but this isn't enough to keep players interested on plot, missions are simple, kill Helghast, blow stuff and so on, more to demerit the singleplayer is that its too short, it could simply beaten within 5 hours and would be left out disappointed with an awful cliffhanger in the end. While KZ 2 is a solid shooting, the entire story couldn't get you interested but atleast the whole killing thing is great, and that matters alot! The entire shooting is compose of like any other modern FPS fomula, aiming down sights, shooting, and taking cover to regenerate. What makes KZ 2 extraordinary is that shooting has a lasting impact on enemies, seeing blood splashes from their bodies are just satisfying for your trigger fingers, each shots feels precise. The FPS cover system is very commendable, although, its rather a hassle having you to hold the triggers to keep you head down, while its available to toggle buttons in multiplayer but it isn't really useful on online firefights. The KZ's controls are rather near broken, sure they are pattern buttons sets to choose on but what's annoying is that even you set sensitivity on high, you can't prevent feeling that the scrolling and aiming is still so slow which leaves tough aiming on close quarters, the control patterns are also poor, it doesn't provide a simple choice like from other shooter games, instead it had to be complicated. Although, even with all the hassle on the controls, KZ 2 delivers a juicy and satisfying shooter. The SixAxis controls could been better though, having it only used on simple task like rolling a valve. KZ 2's graphics are phenomenal and breathtaking, seeing a great reflection from a sunshine feels so real an natural. Having killing helghast on a dark chaotic environment is just so great, the entire setting urban architecture in the game is just enthralling, the superior animation keeps things fresh from the entire game engine, shooting off Helghast helms are to reveal their bald heads are just something that anyone would just wanna see, shooting enemies on different body parts would result different flinches for animation. The animation also has great effect on the entire environment. The multiplayers is KZ 2's prized content, supporting up to 32 players competitive online play and the continuous diversing of playstyle and objective keeps the entire game interesting and fun. Having first round a Bodycount mode (Deathmatch) and the second round would be an Assassination, as one team defends their VIP while the other defends and the modes goes on and on until there would be a winner. The lag free connection makes it fun and has a gratifying way to rewards players with a customization class and weapons. To sum it up multiplayer has most of the credits. The Good: *Solid shooting mechanics *Superior animations from simple environment to different enemy flinches *Awesome, gratifying, and absolute blast multiplayer online play *Breathtaking graphics along with jawdrop visuals. *Fresh multiplayer objectives keeps everything fresh for FPS The Bad: *Flat storyline with uninteresting and stale characters *Short singleplayer *Tarnished controls with awfully slow sensitivity and poor control patterns, SixAxis controls could been better The Verdict: Killzone 2 would is a really a great game, I really had a great time on multiplayer, although, single player alone would not be able to satisfy your daily shooter expectations.

RAAM's Shadow Review and GS Broken Pages

"Great entry point to solve apart of the missing links in the Gears universe" Score: 8.0 Difficulty: Just Right Time Spent: 10 hours or Less The Bottom Line: "Rocks" Quick Review:
RAAM's Shadow seems to be the biggest story DLC for any Gears of War game, and I believe it is. Having introduced both new and old familiar characters, the entire setting quickly grasps the very attention of any Gears fan. You are given a chance to see a part of Sera that wasn't destroyed by the Locust horde, yet. The entire structural setting for Illima city quite impressive, to see how it was from the start and how will it get desecrated by the Locust horde. The overall combat mechanics are more like the same, although you'd encounter some gameplay twists along the way such the new Hammer of Dawn targeting mechanic were in you target bad guys with the use of direct satellite, and the most awaited and infamous twist in RAAM's Shadow is the title itself, you'd get to control the bad guy this time playing the Locust leader RAAM from Gears 1 has his own tricks on his sleeves, killing COGS with Kryll swarms or with his grim Dagger-blade is just satisfying. While it support up to 4 players, the other 3 could still play as Locust elites, they utilizes enhanced regeneration like other normal COGS, although don't expect you'd grasps the same powers of RAAM. This part of the DLC is somewhat seldom and feels rather easy, but this doesn't mean you need to hate it. Plenty of characters are remarkable, having seen familiar faces from Gears 1, 2, and 3 and goes along their own plot is just exciting. The plot really had that sense of history of Gears that quickly build some missing links on the entire franchise, such as Jace's history with Zeta team. The length of the entire game last only an Act in any Gears game, so you'd probably finish this within an hour or two, but there are always Achievements to collect right? To sum it up, this is really worth getting and peeking for any Gears fan, along with bonus skins like the characters from the plot itself (RAAM, Barrick, Minh, and etc.) would be a great addition for the Multiplayer, although the Young Jace skin is somewhat missing along with the package.
The Good:
*Great plot, giving players a sense of history within the Gears universe
*Favorable familiar and new characters plays an entirely new setting
*Admirable architectural setting
*Enough gameplay twists to divert gameplay
*You'll get to play most of the new and old skins on multiplayer
*RAAM's reappearance is a big 'WOW!' for any player who is very familiar with him

The Bad:
*RAAM and Locust section is easy, slightly inconsistent, and AI COGs doesn't put much of a challenge
*Young Jace skin is unavailable for Multiplayer

The Verdict:
This is an impressive DLC and will quickly appeal any Gears fan, this is truly a great entry point to solve apart of the missing links in the Gears universe. I suggest you grab the Season Pass. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- While I have already written a review about the game, I can't post it directly to the user reviews because of broken pages, probably GS is going to fix this or I'll just gonna find a way to fix this error.

Ho, ho, ho To Everyone!

I finally got that christmas pug fsjal uploaded to GS. It was made by my friend. So, I guess there isn't more to say than Merry Christmas to my friends and GS. This will always be the best gaming website!

Gears of War 3 Review and BOOOM SNIPE Halloween Special

I know I was late on making a reaction about the recent Special event for Gears 3 and I already made a quick review about Gears 3.


While I was surprised that they did something like that, but I do appreciate for their special event that they offered this Halloween, I did play it for a while but otherwise got bored so I change game modes after 2 hours. It was a great experience to do some sniping practice and sniper duels across the field but never the less it gets old pretty fast.

Also Checkout my latest Review of Gears 3:

Best elements from its predecessors are all in one game! This is truly a GOTY contender!

Difficulty: Just Right

Time Spent: 20 to 40 Hours

The Bottom Line: "Best in series"

Quick Review:
After two years of anticipation for Gears 3. Its finally out and it doesn't disappoint as we all expected. It delivers plenty of innovative additions to the entire game making it the best in the entire Gears of War franchise. Tons of new guns with all new executions to use against new Locust enemies, and a fantastic conclusion to the entire series. Not only it delivers a satisfying end, the story is at its finest, with plenty of crazy and touching moments that you wouldn't want to miss. The gameplay is fun as always but they did plenty of tweaking to keep the game fresh for old Gears players, the refined cover system feels more right on track, also the fast paced, hectic combat returns from Gears 1 to keep your adrenaline flowing and your heart beating for the entire match. The overall combat gameplay is perfect, and all the best elements from its two predecessors are meld into one.

Not only the campaign has an enthralling plot, it also supports up to 4 player offline/online co-op through the campaign mission making it the most intense co-op experience that you wouldn't forget for this coming decades. The co-op play relatively coincides with the story, so you won't be just someone on the background. You, your character share the same spot light as your friends. In addition to make this game such a wonderful co-op experience, it has that new multiplayer type called Beast mode; which is a complete reverse of the Horde mode, gang up with 4 friends to take on the COG army with different Locust breeds. Although this mode feels fresh out from the oven, Beast mode feels that there was something missing, most Locust variants from the campaign cannot be played in Beast mode, lack of tutorials to teach new comers to the sophisticated mode. But once you got the hang of it, its a thrilling fun experience. Horde mode also returns with even more buff up formula that would spice up the survival. Horde 2.0 has plenty stuffs to offer, building barricade, turrets, and decoys are just few of the phenomenal additions, the developers really did intensify Horde by adding boss waves for each 10 waves you and friends complete. If your in for some competitive multiplayer, Gears 3 has it all well done for you. The new Team Deathmatch mode creates a new multiplayer platform favorite for Gears players, making newcomers and veterans to quickly jump in to an easy, fast, fun mechanic gameplay. So newbies won't be afraid to die during this mode as if it has respawns unlike the previous Warzone modes. Some other modes also makes their reappearance such as Elimination and Warzone. There are also creative gameplay modes known as Capture the Leader which goes like CTF with a twist, too bad however, players can't play Submission mode and ****c King of the Hill for Gears 3, its unnecessary for them to scrap out these game types. Though, even without them, competitive multiplayer is still addicting and fast paced.

The new ranking system creates XP system that could be useful for matchmaking but mainly it allows you to unlock weapon and character skins for multiplayer and some fancy titles for your own. This creates more personalization for players and making it a favored addition. Not only that it has XP system, ribbons are awarded to the players who play Gears of War 3 in a different way, the more ribbons you got, the more XP you earn, the more XP you, the gratifying the multiplayer comes. The entire graphic visuals for Gears 3 also improved from its predecessors, facial expressions are much noticeable now and overall environment visual improved, but entirely, nothing much change to its former. This however, could slight disappoint those who are expecting high graphics but overall it doesn't hurt the entire game. There are also plenty of things to unlock in Gears 3 aside from skins and medals, the collectibles from the campaign allows players to go even deeper to the world of Sera, its basically was already featured in Gears 2 but I thought it was just worth mentioning. The soundtrack was a little bit familiar from Gears 2 but it was tweaked with more epic tone or such.

The Good:
*Fast paced and hectic combat returns
*Team Deathmatch is a very favorable addition to the entire multiplayer
*Awesome conclusion for the entire Gears of War series, with plenty of wild and touching moments that you wouldn't want to miss
*Beast mode offers a fresh co-op play
*Horde 2.0 is in its very ultimate
*Overall, multiplayer is addicting
*XP system is a gratifying and great addition
*More guns to fondle with
*And more Locust to use it on
*Capture the Leader is a promising addition
*Brutal creative executions
*Some minor but necessary tweaking to combat
*Epic soundtrack as ever
*The best elements from its two predecessors comes in one game!

The Bad:
*Beast mode lacks certain tutorials and plenty of Locust are unavailable for playing
*May slightly disappoint for those who are asking better graphics
*Multiplayer such as Submission and Annex are scrapped out

The Verdict:
Gears of War 3 combines all the best elements of its predecessor to come up with the most epic final conclusion to the entire game. Its multiplayer cooperative or competitive will remember for a decade, this is truly a formidable contender for GOTY (Game of the Year)

Changing the way of reviewing

Eventually, I found a better ways to review games. From now on, I will be reviewing games in a manner like I reviewed Alice: Madness Returns and F.E.A.R., as for the past games. I might change them though I can't promise anything.

Halo 4 ---- Finish the Fight, Again?!

E3 2011 preview plenty of games, Sony and Nintendo really shines through its very best during the event. As for Microsoft, it didn't go too well, sure Gears of War 3 was really intense and exciting but with so many unlikeable moments such as the Kinect demonstration again and Halo 4! I mean, wtf man, really? I think its too much, the Halo series has been too alive since its first release and I really think it should end, but instead Halo 4 came out from nowhere and about to branch out a new story that supposedly end since Halo 3! Anyways my good and bad impressions about the game is below:

Impressions about Halo 4

The Good Impressions:

*I really think that 343 Industries (Not Bungie) is trying for something innovative and new, we could really hope for new enemies to branch out with interesting abilities.

*Honestly, I can't wait to see some new weapons in Halo 4, seriosly, this looks something different.

*At least we know that Halo won't be dead for a while.

*Still too tempting to see what will really happen to Master Chief and Cortana.

*Still looking forward for some new graphics and visuals.

The Bad Impressions:

*It made Halo 3 look like a freaking joke! No really, the best slogan for Halo 4 is Finish the Fight, Again!

*Since that war was "over" in Halo 3, I can't really hope for any UNSC characters on the uncharted planet, it will seemingly divert the theme of war to a stand-alone FPS.

*Hopefully, they are not only extending the series just for the sake of out money.

*I might be getting a little tired seeing to much Halo these coming years.

*Damn Kinect! Stay away from hard hitting games like this one!

*Some renown innovations doesn't work much, instead of improving, it could turn out to a crappy downgrade.

*There will be definitely another cliffhanger to the story, if not, then thank god it ends satisfyingly.

My First Impression: As bad I was hoping for Halo 4, hopefully it won't be. Despite of its very very bad move for the franchise, its still too curious to see what will come up next.

Uncharted 3 Beta Multiplayer

Just played UC 3 multiplayer yesterday (Saturday), spent 4-5 hours of non-stop action packed gameplay and got very addicted to the game very fast, I just wish weekend has 3 more days! I also felt very lucky that I had to play the 1.04 version, my older brother told me that 1.02 version took nearly an hour to find a game in matchmaking. Anyway, UC 3 is a great and very compelling PS3 exclusive, I can't wait for the release of the full game on Nov. 1 2011.

What's up FPS game?

Why does everytime I play FPS games campaign modes, I realized that the protagonist that you're controlling usually a silent type rather than a talker. I mean, c'mon, since Half Life 1 made a great story with a memorable protagonist (which is Gordon Freeman) it doesn't mean the gaming industries need to follow that element. These days, we have tons of shooter games with a muted characters like the protagonists in Farcry 2, Alcatraz in Crysis 2, Rookie from Halo 3: ODST, and many more. Sometimes I really feel that a great story is oftentimes gets distracted by these silent characters. Even some TPS game adapted to these type of characters, formely silent Isaac Clarke from Dead Space 1. Luckily they made him a talker in Dead Space 2. I really liked what the Call of Duty series did in Black Ops, the protagonist are talking and the story goes well oriented unlike some other games. Hopefully, there are more speaking characters in FPS games to come through this passing years.

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