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Tom hanks, and then just finishing second would be Leonardo DiCaprio

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Korean, Japanese then chinese... but then again, ask me to tell the difference of mexican, cuban, and puerto rican... ill lose to that aswell... so AHAHAH i guess its not jsut asians

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Yup, if you haven't chosen yet, ill say fire emblem.. im still playing it! thats how good it is!

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What did it use to be like? I just joined like a few weeks ago..

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@The-Apostle: and that right there is where inequality is shown.. Where women demand to be treated as equal with men but usually has lesser sentences when it comes to this.

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Wow, the results are shocking.... Comparing this to the adolescents in the 1980-90s we have quite a difference..

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America doesn't spend the majority of its federal budget on defence for nothing... They are preparing for stuff like this, unlike some of our enemies who are too busy trying to build their economy.. Plus the wars now a days would be economic rather than the old fashion soldiers

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For me personally I get just under 8 hours maybe even 7 hours...

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A safe first game would be pokemon x or y because those games are timeless. But if you're not into pokemon you would want to get a game with good replay value like Mario cart, super Mario or fire emblem.. Either a repeatable game or a Long game to beat such as bravely default, monster hunter or again fire emblem...

You can also get those family games which never get old, all the Mario ones and spin offs are good