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The Creed

WARNING: This blog is kind of a spoiler for those who haven't played the first and second games, so unless you want to see the story in its full summarized glory, then stop reading and leave this blog post.

Strength, speed, agility, stealth, parkour and bad-@ssery.

These are the qualities assassins have. They have preserved it through many generations and still in the modern era, they walk among us.

Welcome everyone to my blog. This time we will talk about the Assassin's Creed Franchise and how it has turn some chapters of the world upside-down.

In 2007, Ubisoft gave us their new IP (intellectual Property), Assassin's Creed which actually became a huge hit, and has literally, turn world history upside-down, **** with our beliefs, an screwed our ideologies.

The game is set in a lot of timelines, but the main story is set in 2012, a few days before December 21, 2012, the prophesied Mayan Date for the End of the World. It is centered around Desmond Miles, an assassin who escape in his child years and became a bartender for rich people in big parties. He then again became an assassin to save the world and stop the Templars, sworn enemies of the assassins who are currently portraited by Abstergo Industries, the modern day templars. Technology was already vast in the game and the proof was the Animus, a machine that helps you relieve the memories of your ancestor because in this game, people are banks of their ancestors, so we also have the genes and memories of our ancestors and if we have the way to unlock it (via the Animus) then we can relieve it.

To summarize the events of Assassin's Creed I, Desmond was abducted by Abstergo Industries tio undergo the Animus project, under the codename Subject 17. During this time, he was let say forced to relieve the memory of his ancestor,Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahada Syrian Assassinduring the Middle Ages and, mentor of the Levantine Assassins. With Altair, Desmond relieve the life of an Assassin in the Middle Ages, where Crusades are usually around. Abstergo And Desmond also got a glimpse of an artifact called the Apple of Eden, a very advanced object capable of bending the minds of people and other powerful stuff.

To be hoenst, AC I was pretty much deja vu for all of us since it was all the same routine. Tail this guy, beat him in a secluded area, steal something from this guy, go and get permission to kill, kill, leave, then go to another city or district. Seriously, the only thing different in this game was the Introductory Session (aka the tutorial), the part where Altair breaks all of the tenets, and when he battles Al Mualim.

Next is Assassin's Creed II, and the next 2 expansions of the storyline, Brotherhood and Revelations. To summarize this, Desmond escaped Abstergo Industries with the help of modern day Assassins. He now relieved the life of Ezio Auditore da Firenze, an Italian nobleman who had a happy life turn grim. In the whole storyline of Ezio, we see him mature from a little bit spoiled nobleman, to the mentor of the Italian Assassins. In II, we see his early life as an assassin where he fought with Rodrigo Borgia, better known in history as Pope Alexander VI (this is no joke, a Pope was actually a templar in the game) for the vault, which stores an artifact, an Apple of Eden. In Brotherhood, it follows up to where ACII left and continued from there. Ezio goes to Rome, and free it from Borgia influence, while in the process, become the Mentor of the Italian Assassins in all of Rome. Lastly in Revelations, its now finishes the Ezio story, where he helps the assassin's guild in Constantinople to fight against the Byzantine Templars and also try to get all of Altair's Masyaf keys in oredr to get access to the Library underneath the Assassin headquarters in Masyaf.

What did ACII gave us? Well ACII gave us a breather from that deja vu and gave us a living world. That's right. A living world. It is because we don't see a civilian ask help from a guy in a hood and ain;t even afraid from that guy. AC Brotherhood and Revelations gave us the multiplayer option, where we hunt and kill fellow players. Although ACII had barely any noticeable flaws, Brotherhood and Revelation although successful, just became to familiar. It's as if you know what will happen next. But the biggest let down in Revelation that I think only a few people would understand nwas that cliff hanger ending. I mean there was barely any revelations there. Sure it unfolded how the "Those who came Before" died, but still, since the first game, we already knew they almost became extinct with mankind due to a major catastrophe. More of us got even more confused. But even with these downsides, ACII series has pulled it off and made the franchise even more popular than ever.

Lastly, let us talk about the next and probably the last game in the series. Hopefully it isn't the last game in the series, but if it is, then I hope this would be the grandest of all the grand Assassin's Creed games. ACIII coming out this October 31, 2012 will feature a new hero by the name of Connor, a Native American (and eys I call them Native Americans because calling them Indians kinda seem stereotypical) who lived in the time of the American Revolution. Thanks to Gamespot Trailer Rundown, I got a good sense of what the plot is all about and what could possbily happen, but since I don't want to spoil anything (except the first entries in the series) then I won't spoil anything.

Well that is it and this has been a very lengthy blog, I hope you guys enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed making it.

Next time, I make a Diablo blog.

I'm Back XD

Hey there guys what's up?!

I am back after being gone for a very very long time.

I think some of you guys are curious, on what happened during the time I was gone. Obviously I was gone for months, and the last thing I put on FUSE was about this game I was making that is still not done, and is barely making progress. Anyways I'm making this blog to answer those questions, although I'm sure only a a few with pay attention to this.

Let's start with whatever happened to me...
Well, with me being gone for months, all I did was survived 3rd Year High School by passing all those schoolwork and make sure I don't fail miserably in **** Add the fact that some of my teachers have high standards and viola, its one big pain in the neck.
Between those months, I also had reunions with some of my elementary ****ates, had my girl bestfriend became my girlfriend, and also came the "I can't take it anymore" phase in my life which lasted a week or 2.
Currently, its April 1st here in the Philippines, and its already half way of my summer vacation. I'm gonna turn 16 this year and I'm gonna finish high school (finally!).

Let's now talk about my gaming life.
Well between those months:
1) A group of friends and I finished terraria (and literally finished it, all bosses killed, all of the minerals mined and such and it took 3 months of non-stop 24/7 gaming)
2) I got a legit copy of Borderlands (preparing for Borderlands 2 m/) and a legit copy of AC:Revelations (I'm still thinking if it was worth it... I mean I got the game for nthe Multiplay availability but the story and the gameplay, it was... it sucked a bit okay, hopefull ACIII wiill fix it)
3) Got Dota2 on Steam, but I was not happy to see it because it is still the same, only now it has better graphics
4) Played Super MNC and I have to admit it was really different from the other MOBA games I played
5) Repeated Super Meat Boy (I finished it on my laptop but since I got this enw computer of mine, I need to replay it but its no problem) one of the ebst platforming games that got me pissed and happy at the same time XD
6) Currently awaiting for those F2P games and for ACIII, D3, & Borderlands 2 and currently saving some money for Shogun 2: FotS (the only downside is that the retail copies that I buuy here has no Steam Compatability :l)

Lastly, let's talk about my project
To be honest, there are still no changes from where I left it. It was still the same except, now I have to redo all of thme again since I forgot to back up all of the saved models I had. Looks like more work XD. My idea still remains but I might change it due to the ever growing number of new IPs and hopefully I don't run out of ideas or else this might just be a repetitive thing.
I thought of my indie dev name, and while I ask around on FUSE the last time I was here, somebody gave me the word infinite and conundrum, hence I call myself Infinite Conundrum. You don't like it? Say why on the comments below, constructive criticism is very much obliged but unless you are just gonna bash me and try to get me pissed off then I won't take account of your comment, so please, leave well mannered comments alright?
I got a friend of mine (the same guy I played terraria and Minecraft with) whon is good in making banners, and logos from scratch, and I am cooperating with him to make the "Inifinite Conundrum" Logo. I hope we can make it.

Anyways that is all for now. When I have the time I will post an Assassin's Creed blog, and a Diablo blog.

Leave some comments below if you want to as long as they are well-mannered, non derping comments

Game Development!

Its been like what? 20 days after 2011? (I got an avatar change but it would take time to process)

Anywas to spice up my life (since the past 20 days after New Years was boring as hell) I decided to develop a game or maybe just 3d models, either way works.

Last year I had a dream of making a game or at least trying to develop one. But UDK failed on me. When all hope seemed lost, Unity 3d was shown to me. It was a basic yet powerful game engine. Basic since it doesn't require that much of a system requirement. Powerful since it shows in a little video how great a game developed in the said engine looks like.

To see the game engine, go to (FUN FACT: It is a famous game engine for the iOS and Android so those who would like to enter the industry of mobile gaming go ahead)

I also learned that you can't just simply depend on the game engine models since well, how will you learn to make your own custom designs. So I took that liberty of fixing that by getting myself the Autodesk 3ds Max 2011(don't worry it has plug0ins for exportation and what not). People would tell me to get Maya also by Autodesk. Well Autodesk made a comparison and showed that Maya was better for animation such as movies, tv shows, and the like while 3ds Max was the gaming industries standards.

You could get other Autodesk applications at

Anyways with those introductions and past done let me get started with the game itself I am making.

I am gonna warn you now, I am 15, I am ambitious, I only know a few things about scripting but I can get used around modeling and making maps, scenes, and animations so yeah I will get ahead of you by saying "I won't finish this like early. I won't be able to do this alone, and I won't be able to do anything about this" Sometimes you guys are right, sometimes you are wrong.

Anyways back to topic. I am planning on making a sandbox game. Why? Well I wen't around FUSE (more of unintentionally spamming the What's Hot page and flooding it with my updates) and ask the people that if they were to make a game, what would it be. I expected a genre by the Acronym of FPS (which I am already full of) but surprisingly, people answered RPG, RPG, and RPG. I then thought of away to get this. If I were to make an RPG (Final Fantasy-Style or Skyrim-Style) I still have to go through making sandbox games. So yeah, AI Scripts, Freedom, and other stuff that makes sandbox games popular. I know what you are going through your head. That sandbox is a bit far away from RPGs but I would tell you guys now that I have a bunch of chains (more of steps) on how I will accomplish these things.

The game in my head right now it more of a "3rd person action-adventure open world video game" set in between 14th-15th century Europe. I would have a female character as the protagonist and a male character as an antagonist. I can't give names yet since I still have to make my research and if possible, make unique names with meanings. I would also have to make buildings and rescale those until they don't give much memory and would fit in the game. I know what you are thinking, ASSASSIN'S CREED LIKE GAME. Well first of all this is my first time to make a project like this so big, I mean I don't even have a team since the team is myself (and possibly a few FUSERS but I have to make clarifications on this). I don't even have a name for th game yet, let alone the developer name. Besides, I made AC as my basis, but I promise to do everything I can to make thise game unique and not a copy-cat of AC since, well Ubisoft could sue my arse and I don't want that.

These are the stuff going in my mind and they might change without any notice at all. I still have a lot going through my head such as school, the future, and maybe a bit of myself.

So yeah, this is my very first blog about a game I'm developing. I don't know if I would ever finish this or if I am even determined to do this but yeah lets just see.

NOTE: There are gonna be many plot twists in a sense that they are gonna be shocking or maybe even expectable. (tbh, I don't have the story finished let alone started but I felt a sense of plot twists so yeah)

Thanks for reading this blog.

SOPA and how screwed up it is...


Holy crap I just had a change of plans for my blog today!
I was suppose to post 3 blogs here. (An Assassin's Creed Blog which was inspired by the "An Assassin's Revelation", a Megaman Blog since nobody seems to remember the good old platforming days, and the thrid is a random blog about the games I would like to play but I guess nobody will have an interest in that unless we have the same choices)

Instead, my blog will be focused on the main topic that made the internet crazy.
Jan 24, the magic number and month, would be the date that the US Congress will pass a vote on SOPA on wether it would be a law or not.
Jan 18, also another magic number, would be the date that some corporations and websites will go black (go down, or do some **** crazy things) as a protess against the US Congress

So what is SOPA?
Well SOPA, known as "Stop Online Piracy Act" is a bill that could get passed on the 24 by idiots who don't know **** about the internet, or even open a computer for god sakes. Because of that, the poeple of the internet changed the meaning of SOPA into "Stop Online Privacy Act" which suits it more.
(NOTE: Yeah you big-arse corporations can sue me if you dislike this damn blog, and it would just show how a big pain you guys are and how you guys are against freedom of speech... Damn arse madafakers)

Okay, so how does SOPA work? Well, the "congress" states that the bill is about Protecting IP and shutting down infriging sites and dangerous sites. That may legitimately sound good but let us look this in the internet's eyes. SOPA is a bill, but they didn't mention that this bill is an EXTREME BILL and could possibly be an EXTREME LAW if it does get passed, by people who don't even use a computer.

The main topic for SOPA is piracy. Yes we all know piracy is bad and that it stops legal marketing since people can just download it away and not pay a single dime. People who does piracy are called pirates. How does piracy works? Well for example, I have a legitimate legal copy of a game. I want to "share" this to people. What I would do is upload the whole game or the whole .ISO file in an uploading site or turn it into a .TORRENT file and let people download it using torrent downloaders. The reason of pirates who do this is to share experiences and what not. People who download this things, say that they do this to know if the game is good before spending money on it. I say that is a good strategy, but I'm sure people will tell me "Dude, the end does not justify the mean" or something close to that. I for one am an anti-piracy guy, but SOPA just turned everything upside down (which I will elaborate why in the later parts of this blog).

Why is this bill a big failure? Well like I said, or what most people say, this bill was made by people who honestly said that they don't know a thing about the internet or computers. They only say the internet has piracy and that we'll focus on that. NEWS FLASH PEOPLE! This guys are a bunch of idiots. They are taking down what probably was the greatest invention in history! What the hell are they doing? Are they trying to make the internet go back to the World War times where the governement has access to anything and they left us dumb-founded? Well aren't they big idiots? Then they keep on pressing how anti-piracy this thing is. I will admit it, yes this is anti-piracy, but let us face facts, there are many more ways of handling piracy than taking down the whole thing. Companies, big or small, are affected by piracy no doubt about it. But they have their own ways of handling it. They might hire this people (which is in fact a smart move) or they can do what Steam is doing (which are the game demos and free weekend stuff). The saying "Don't fix anything that isn't broken" fits into this topic.

Many people are saying, "well this is made on the US Congress, and I'm from (insert Non-American place here) so I guess I'm not affected" Well actually you are. The internet is like a free country or is actually resembling a free country for that matter. Since the internet is a global thing, then the bill (or maybe future law) will also encompass the territory occupies. Wether your Afican, American, Canadian, British, Chinese, Japanese, or in my-case a Filipino, the bill still reaches up to you. SOPA is one of those who literally changes your life.

What happens if SOPA gets passed? Well, for starters, the thing we call "Freedom of Speech" the human's powerful right and power, will be taken away. Like the concepts of let's plays and vlogs? Well they are gonna be taken down as well especially if a corporation things they are infringing stuff since they show game footage or what not. How about those fanfics that you like? They can also go down even though the free and self-expressing author who said on every damn chapter in his fanfic that he doesn't own the characters or the places just said "I don't own anything! I amy be repeating this again and again but I don't own anything from it!" If the person defies the warning, not only the account gets shutdown but there is a possibility of the whole site going down as well. I mean come one guys, a fault of one is not the fault of all. Nobody wants to feel that way. I shall also go on the concepts of SNS (also known as Social Networking Sites i.e. Facebook, Twitter, ) What if I post game content there? Like a video or a screenshot. Then the company feels threatened or thinks it infringing then not only will my account be gone, but possibly the whole website. The funny thing is when you look at it, these SNS where made to share experiences and thoughts, so the SOPA violates its existence.

There is a scary part of SOPA. If I was for example making a video or a blog without using anything from a company such as game footage and its all about how I despies and defy it then I posted it on YouTube or Facebook, and it opens the peoples eyes on SOPA, well they can take it off. That is in fact scary. Everything i put there is my intellectual property. I didn't even put any game footage that belongs to the company yet they can tell YouTube or Facebook that "Take it down or take a facking lawsuit" and I'm sure they don't want that and who doesn't?

So you see? SOPA is an extreme thing! Please take the time to call and know your representatives especially you American People. If you are not American but want to join the cause, there are a lot of petitions that you can sign. Just search them in Google.

If you did not understand this (and believe me, I explained this in the most simple and basic words and examples I can use), I will post a YouTube Video made by "TotalBiscuit" a professional game commentator who makes let's plays and other stuff. (TotalBiscuit on what is SOPA) (Hitler's Reaction on SOPA - this is actually made by somebody and this video summarizes what most of the people think about SOPA) (SOPA Cabana by Dan Bull - a song that explains SOPA in a rap music way)

Thank you very much for taking you time to read this.

My (somewhat drunken) Thoughts of 2012

Note: I am drunk when I did this. Some of you may think its funny, while some of you thinks what I am doing is stupid. Well I don't care what you think especially if it is a negative one and I'll tell you why later.

2012 just arrived and it is now time to say good but to those **** and crap of 2011. It is time to check what 2012 may hold...
- the end of the world, or maybe just a bunch of Mayan Liars who maybe thinking of fooling us again by saying the world will end in 2029
- the zombie invasion crap that spread in the internetz
- more problems I mean seriously, this world of ours ain't perfect
- VITA on Feb. 22, 2012
- STEAM Sales
- more drunken times for me!!!
- more rockin and rollin, and time to strive for my dreams

But enough about me, since it is time to see it in the Gaming Industry. Expect:
- NEW GAMES (we might go crazy if they didn't do this)
- More rants! (apparently if something just sucked or something was just too awesome)
- Criticisms (always a big pain if you are the one to receive)
- Lastly, Sales, lotsa Sales

2012 is just you know, something that came out. We can't stop it. It is inevitable happening and possibly an unmitigated one too. But who am I to say that since this is a new year, which means new life, and new stuff, and new crap, and new things to achieve! If only life had like an achievement list like a video game does BUT life is no video game for life is reality! But still, not having to list your achievements and have it already listed for you would be a great thing. Basically 2012 is just another timeline and our life is like an open-sandbox game. That is of course, if you are my Avatar whose sole purpose is to rock all day and enjoy life but doing what my avatar does is good. It's better. It may even be the best. I noticed my blog is getting loopy and I don't apologize for that. Well maybe in the morning I will be but at least I did not abused somebody's post in FUSE.

Time for the New Year Resolution
2) Try to become resistant to any kind of feelings, learn to control one's feelings, or don't show any feelings at all. If you are a Scott Pilgrim reader, I am basically trying to be a Kim Pine like person (RULE 63 OF THE NET!)
3) STRIVE TO EARN SOME MONEY (I'm only 15 dammit)
4) GO TO CANADA! Toronto, Canada to be exact
5) Rock on more!

Here is my first blog of 2012, its loopy, its awkward, and its a try to blog while drunk.

The Last Minute Scott Pilgrim Blog

2011 with end with a bang or maybe in my case, a drunk 15 yr. old that might have witnessed either the most useless or wonderful year in his life. But with that being said, I'm here to use the last remaining hours by posting this somehow late but maybe entertaining blog, but at the same time ROCK HARD.

Scott Pilgrim, if you haven't heard about it, I suggest you get a freaking book or check the Internet (GOOGLE IT I SAY!) because this maybe one of the best things you've ever read or maybe at least a good choice to read. If you are a guy who just thinks you are not worthy of reading the book or just a lazy guy then let me summarize it in a few sentences...

Summary: Scott Pilgrim is a Canadian who live in Toronto. He is a 23 year old, care-free and maybe a bit dumb guy who has great freinds and heavy baggage. His baggage, he had 3 exes and 1 is his friend, so talk about awkward. He then meets Ramona Flowers, a girl who skated through his dreams (literally, and if you don't believe me, read Volume 1) and got him obssessed with her (wait, lets not use obssessed). Sheactuall has baggage of her own like running away due to fear of getting stuck, and she has 7 evil exes who tries to control her love life, which is the main drive of the story itself.

The story is actually set in some retro game style story. Dont' believe me? Read the freaking volumes.

BUT enough of the books (what am I saying they are good), its time for the movie rendition and the game.

So the movie, is called Scott Pilgrim vs The World (its the title of the game, and Volume 2). It features Michael Ceraa Canadian actor as Scott Pilgrim and Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Ramona Flowers. The Movie is based heavily on the graphic novel but with some minor modifications of its own. But it is still basically the same story, only in Movie Mode. There was still some differences such as the following:
- only a few flashbacks
- Scott is 22 in the movie but he is actually 23 in the books (24 in Volume 5) which made no sense to make him younger in the movie but I guess it is a movie afterall
- no Lisa Miller, one of the girls that had a huge impact in Scott's life
- the PacMan story which wasn't even in the book
- those chase sequences that always takes to pags in the books
- no Mr. Chau samurai attacks
- Neil knows how to play the Bass (I forgot if he knows in the book but what I can remember is that he only knows the basics unlike Scott)
- Nega-Scott was met at the last part of the movie WTF
- and lastly, that Ninja Ninja Revolution game that they play with that Scott-a-holic chick

But I guess, it would be hard to summarize it into a 2 hour movie. I mean seriously, I read all of the volumes in 1 day and during tha 1 day, it took I think 3-5 hours to finish it (and between those hours, there would be minutes where you have to stop because you have to laugh your ass of since some of the jokes there are kinda good) and I am digressing too much I think?

Lets move on to the game. Also by a similar name, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game is a beat them up game that is focused on having to defeat the 7 evil exes of Ramona Flowers so that Scott could have a great love life. The game can be played Solo or have 3 more friends to play with you, and it would be a mass hysterical group of peple tyring to run you over and beat the crap out of you. Also, the number of players would affect the number of enemies in a playthrough (thank God) so playing Solo ain't bad but then you get the feeling of being alone, so playing with friends is better. They also have a DLC, which gives you Knives Chau as a playable character. But by playing her, you don't get those Knives Chau assist per character things which I don't think I've ever used in my life. the game also uses the 1 level = 1 evil ex except for level 6, where you have to defeat Nega-Scott and level 5 where both the Katayanagi Twins are fought. There are also some quirky ends for some characters (which I won't tell so play the game) and some great extra stuff (which I won't also tell so play the game).

Bryan Lee O' Malley, did a great job on the Scott Pilgrim story no kidding. I expect much more from him. Also how bout make another Scott Pilgrim story? I mean seriously, if you are a Pilgrim, nothing is easy. Also, there are some great fan-made Scott Pilgrim story that he could based on but I guess I can't fix the things that wasn't broken in the last place.

My final words would be, read the book, watch the movie, and play the game, since it's a great story and also, please port it to the PC like via Steam or something. It is a long shot but it's possible.

With that I end 2011 with this blog. I hope you enjoy reading it and I hope to see you guys, next year.

The Playstation Vita (Part 2)

This is part 2 of the earlier posted Playstation Vita Blog.

On this part we tackle the minor differences. I called them minor because the major differences just outweighed them. You can say that FASTER CPU is a major difference but then again its not noticeable since the other features are hogging the attention.

Let us talk about the CPU. The CPU for the Vita is4 coreARM Cortex-A9 MPCoreprocessor. What is that? Well I have no idea whatsoever. I'm good with PC processors but I have no idea when it comes to consoles so forgive me if I really lack on information on this. But if you are really curious just google it.

What we are going to talk about next is the better GPU. Again I'll just put it here and leave nothing to say. The Vita GPU is4 coreSGX543MP4+graphics processing unit.

All I am assuming is that its better than the PSP's since well, console game graphics on the handheld console.


This is the part of the blog where I tell what I think about the PS Vita.

So I'll start this by saying that the Vita had clearly caught my attention as it had caught the attention of billions of gamers across the world. Just from seeing the trailer, I was like O_O. At first when I heard of the Vita I was like, this is another scheme for Sony to get more money since they are a company and what not. But then I saw how it fixed a bunch of things that the PSP lack like better hardware, better features, and better gameplay. Although I fear that game develepors might focus too much on the great game features than on the game itself. This sometimes happen like for example, game developers focus too much on the graphics and how unique a certain console feature is, and they build it off from that instead of building up better storyline of starting off from where the game finish if it is a sequel. I also fear the destruction of the analogs because the PSP analog can be easily broken since most of the games are now focusing on free motion rather than straining your fingers on the D-Pad. My analog got broken (by that it means it moves the character even though your not moving it). I don't know if I don't have proper caring skills or if I just played and played and barely stopped. I even thought it was the PSP fatal flaw but you be the judged. If you do look on the analogs of the Vita its more of a joystick so I guess there aren't gonna be any fast problems.

The Vita in the future or should I say the near future could be a success as it puts elements that the PSP wasn't able to have. If it ever becomes a hit or an even bigger hit than the PSP, then I or we should expect redesigns like making it thinner and call it the Vita Slim, or make it thicker by putting in more features like for example putting some more ram or memory in it and say Vita with more something but then again it would mean more pirce heights, and etc. But hey, as long as it doesn't become unsucessfull as hmmm say the PSP GO, then we have no problems with it. (I won't be comparing it to the PSP Go, cause I don't own a GO, and I don't give a sh!t about it)


Next thing to talk about would be the titles launching on the PSVita. I would take this opportunity that I won't be able to give good comments on the games so just bare with me on this.

Also, I got the titles from the "Get to Know the Vita Lineup" video posted by Gamespot.

1) ModNation Racers: Road Trip is a unique looking game if you try to past the simplicity of the genre. The game combines building elements sicne you can make your own tracks and customize it and make your own carts and what not. Sure there would be some premade stuff in there, but sometimes things you make are better (Minecraft everyone?) What is great about this game like anyother games of today is that the things you made can be shared now. All over the internet or what ever is the term for the Playstation. The game is fast-paced and could be a good time killer if you're bored. This game could work better with the Vita if there would be more premade content (but I'm pretty sure there is) for those who don't really want to make their own stuff.

2) Escape Plan is just your typical puzzle type game where you help the character/s escape (well the game titles gives out a lot of information) What makes this game interesting is the features of the touchscreen and rear touchpad that makes you think and go beyond the usual expectations of pointing towards the obvious objects. You also have to be keen as somethings on the world would help you in escaping. Well that or you can always do a trial and error. This would work with the Vita if the gameplay was beyond that.

3) Touch My Katamari. I really have no idea what this is so I would just tell what I saw on the video. It basically looks like your a character who rolls and collects things as a dung beetle. The thing that makes this unique from the previous Katamari is that you can customize/edit the size and height of the ball.

4) LittleBigPlanet looks like a fun game. Too bad I don't know too much about it (DON'T HURT ME!) From the looks of it though,its a puzzle game where you help the little character get pass through the levels by getting over the obstacles in your way. The thing that makes it more interactive is the utilization of the touchscreen and the touchpad so like any other puzzle games, you have to think before you move. Good things you can fix your mistakes. This would work if the other features would be utilized as much as the touchscreen and touchpad.

5) Uncharted Golden Abyss is an action game that is exclusively made for the PS3. Since I am an Xbox 360 user I clearly have no idea what Uncharted it except that it is an action game that focuses on Drake and his battles and escapes on several occasions. I'll know it when I see it.

6) Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 an updated version of the the latest Marvel VS Capcom 3. It is an arcade cross-over fighting game and a famuos one if I may add. The thing that makes this an update is the addition of several characters and more costumes for the first batch of characters. Graphics was updated and I have to say that I am amazed. The graphics when it was ported to the PSVita was still like how it looked like in the Xbox 360 or PS3 version. Although I am assuming massive memory amount and maybe long downloads? Well there aren't UMDs anymore for the Vita.The game is unqieu because you can go either control pad or touchscreen which is good I guess? This game would work no doubt about it.

7)LittleDeviants was one of the Alpha games that was shown in the PSVita conference. It was really a unique on the first look since it was one of the games (if there ever where) which had that ****and gameplay. Since this is one of the new new titles, I can't say anything except this could be the way it could enter and be a sucess in the gaming world.

8) FIFA Soccer is one of the sports based games for the Vita (well I'm sensing NBA 2K series will makeits way in) The graphics and gameplay are like of the Xbox 360 and the PS3 but what makes this unique is well you've guessed it, the touchscreen and touchpad. This game would work for the Vita.

9) Unit 13 is one of the new FPS titles (wait is it?) making its way through the Vita. Since this is a new title, I have no idea what it is.

Now its time for what I think should be the Working Titles and Game Titles that aren't yet in the Vita

1) Assassin's Creed (Working Title) - hey, if Uncharted made its way through the Vita with kick-arse graphics then so should this but I'm sensing this could go when Assassin's Creed 3 is launched since Assassin's Creed 2 Timeline just finished with Revelation and the Short Animated Movie, Assassin's Creed Embers, where (SPOILER ALERT!) Ezio died of heart attack

2) Bioshock (Working Title) - it wouldn't just be complete without this

3) CoD (Working Title) - well the franchise made its way through every power console known to man (except the Wii)

4) Dungeon Defenders - this quirky little game just became huge so maybe going into a new console ain't a bad idea plus the game is eing ported, unless of course, it gets cancelled.

5) Final Fantasy - according to Wikipedia it is FFX but I say its better if its both X and XIII

6) Killzone (Working Title) - I really hope this makes a comeback on handheld consoles because the PSP version wasn't really that great but the PS3 version I like

7) Plants VS Zombie - if it got on the Xbox 360 then it can work on the VIta

8) Street Fighter X Tekken - a rival for the MvsC 3 if both games become a huge success but I am sensing they will be

9) Minecraft - yes believe it or not, well it got on the experia so unless mojang can own a Vita which I'm sure they will, then there would be a Minecraft for the Vita

Well this has been a lengthy blog.
I hope you endured and enjoyed reading it!
Don't forget to leave comments and correct my mistakes.

Stay tune for more blogs and game reviews.

The Playstation Vita (Part 1)

Time is passing by so quickly and the launch date for the Playstation Vita (or better known as PSVita) is quickly approaching.

I'm pretty sure most of you are thinking (especially the new ones) what the hell is this what you call Vita? Well for me, you can't really tell easily without references, having a Playstation Portable (or better known as PSP), at least held a PSP even for just a second, or at least even saw a PSP with your bare eyes.

But still what is this? Well, the PSP and the PSVita, are handheld consoles. By handheld, we mean everything is there, to the controller, the screen, and the nifty features it could have. Yes, that means, the only wire you will keep would be a battery charger, and the earphones/headset if you were provided one. They also beat portability, which means you can carry anytime and anywhere. Although there where set backs on the PSP, the PSVita came to fix those set backs.

Before I continue with the comparisons, and those other details, let me just say that I don't know much of the stuff so I'll just explain what I can. (So leave a correction in the comments section)

Okay let's get started.

The Major Differences (and by major I mean easily noticeable) are the following:
- 2 Analog Sticks (they function like an Xbox 360 or PS3 controller)
- Touchpad
- 3G
- Touchscreen
- Camera (well its now fixed there unlike the PSP which has a detachable camera)
- Different User Interface
- No UMD Slot
- Wider, Bigger but NOT as thick as the PSP1000 (not sure about the PSP Slim)

The next differences would better:
- a better CPU
- a better GPU
- a better battery

It's time to explain the different functions of some of the differences...

First up is the 2 Analog Sticks. You guys might be thinking "what the is the use of it? doesn't it take up lotsa space?" Well the answer is the left analog is for movement, and the right analog is for the camera angle/view, like a normal PS3 or Xbox Controller usage. "What about the-" D Pad I presume? Well I guess they have something else in mind for that.

Next up, is the touchscreen. Well the term explains itself. I guess it's just made for game functionality and those other features.

Up next, the touchpad. Well you guys might have seen some of the preview videos that the touchpad use is for game related business. A usual touchpad would be the mousepad for a laptop. Would that be use for the Internet Capabilities of the Vita? I don't know but I guess the analog will handle that again.

We now tackle 3G. 3G if we based it on phones and other telecommunication related topics, then it's basically these:wide-area wireless voice telephone, mobile internetaccess, video callsand mobile TV, all in a mobile environment. Will the Vita have texting or communication abilites? I have no efffing idea whatsoever so we'll just know it when we get it.

Hmmmm. Camera, nothing really new here except its in front and at the back, like some phones do. It has face detection like the current cameras of today and can be a good video recorder if you'll base it off the wikipedia page report of 60 fps.

User Interface is better or at least new. It doesn't follow the XCrossMediaBar user interface no more. If you don't know it (and I presume you don't have a PSP), then its a Cross User Interface. The main choices on the menu are access via the left and right d-pad and the minor choices of the main choices can be accessed via the down and up d-pad. The new User Interface is now known as the "LiveArea" a non-XCrossMediaBar User Interface which gets most of the touchscreen functionality. If I am not mistaking (and I'm pretty sure I'm making a mistake) the LiveArea User Interface can also be used with the D-pad but again, we will know it when we have it.

"WTF! No UMD SLOT! What about our games?" Chill guys. Sony answered this question already. The Vita will have a Sony PSVita Memory Stick (which judging by the looks of it, either 4GB-8GB is available) and PSVita Card. What the card is for? Hmmm maybe its another memory storage device but then again I could be wrong.


This is it for Part 1. (It is taking a lot of space and you guys might be bored when you read it and what not.)

Part 2 will come later with the minor differences, my opinion about this handheld console, and what could be the possible games that are already done and the games that would and could be done in the feature that may work with the Vita.

Hello :D

Hey there people of Gamespot! I was supposed to post and make this first blog last month but some unexpected events happened which hindered me in doing so. I guess the best way to make my first blog is to actually tell you guys who I am. Right, let's get started. My name is Kendall Lara (but seriously I would have just stick with Ken, and yeah you got it I'm a dude). I am currently 15 turning 16 on 9/4 which is next year. The only buzz-kill in this blog would be the fact that I live in the Philippines and that I'm Asian which I think is bad for some people @_@ (by the way, only a few people can write and speak English here fluently. The rest would be English Carabaoa [Ka-ra-baw an animal in PH] which means people who speak and write with incorrect grammar) But enough of that jazz, I'm pretty sure your not really interest with my bio. What I'm sure you want to know is how I started with games and how I got to the gaming community. I guess I started playing games when I was 4 and the games I was playing then was the Original Megaman. I was to pissed at it since it was so damn hard (plus the fact that I wasn't really a patient kid back then). So i quit Megaman and went to the PSX era. There I met RPGs such as Breath of Fire, and Final Fantasy. But as time passed I got hooked into Megaman X which surprised me to be in a good playing difficulty. Apparently I was able to play Megaman X 4-6 from Easy to Hard mode. Then with and without cheats. I then met the Cross-Over games and other Fighting games. Eventually I got bored with PSX and PS2 since they weren't enough to satisfy me. I then moved to the era of PC gaming. This introduced me to the RTS genre and its sub-branches. The First Game I played in our very weak Pentium 3 PC was the very first SC, and Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction. Then I got WC3 and played DotA. Since computers in PH is equivalent to your tuition fees in school we weren't able to buy a new PC that was at least Core 2 Duo or at least a Pentium D. We eventually got a new computer which is a 3.0 Ghz Core 2 Duo with a 4 GB RAM and Nvidia 8600 GT which was pretty good back then (but now is considered a low-medium strength GPU). I then went Apes on The Sims 3 (wasn't able to play The first and second Sims since it cost crap here, well the Original ones anyways) Age of Empires III, SCII, CnC 3 and CnC4 and now currently, Shogun 2 Total War. I eventually got a Xbox 360 but has encountered a RROD which was fixed but still reoccurring (which pisses me off). I was supposed to continue my supremacy for console games but since I have given up on it, bring on the PC!!! Unfortunately as of now the "new PC" wasn't really for me but for my brother and unbeknownst to him I use his PC when he is working (he works at night for Gameloft PH) while I got stuck on a freaking MacBook 2007 version which is basically for office unlike the new MacBooks of today. Why not get a new laptop you ask? Computers/Laptops cost a tuition fee for school here so yeah in other words economy here is crap. Eventually I am kind of living my life. I plan on live this **** hole and move to either Australia, USA, or Canada. For my other interest, well I'm currently studying basic computer programming since people who take IT says its hard if you know nothing of the basics. I also play the guitar, and the drums. This is for my very first yet very delayed blog. Hope you like it and expect more soon. (I'm planning to make a game blog, can't do a vblog since my voice sounds great in person but sounds like a freaking child when in videos and crap. Specifically on Shogun 2. I can't do a Let's play since the PC ain't mine :P)