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Games: The Community

Hello there everyone. This is ken_athomos (or kendouken, if you used to know me) and I'm gonna start my new blog entitled "Games: insertsubtitlehere". I'm gonna post a blog weekly (every Saturday in PH Time). This week , I'm gonna start with the Gaming Community. I'm also gonna dedicate this to "dannyowdwyer" who succeded in raising $8000 for the hospital in Dublin (please help me get this blog to reach him). Anyways, enjoy.


The Gaming Community is actually a huge topic for gamers and developers alike. Gamers think about the archtypes of people they'll play with and would they blend with this archtypes. Developers would use the Gaming Community as an audience, critics, and of course, basis of what there new or next game would be.

The Gaming Community like other communities, started small, and possibly talked about the first games, like a video game version of Chess, or Pong. Then single player games became a trend, where friends who have friends who have friends that are gamers, would share experiences or how they finished the games with their choices. Chances are they'll just have the same choices but with slight differences as delays in approach, as games way way way back then were pretty much linear.

The World Wide Web was then born thanks to a certain Tim-Berners Lee, who and which actually help the gaming communities for dozens of years to come. Multiplayer was introduced which actually change our gaming lives forever, especially to that one genre (FPS). Next thing you know, there were servers filled with game room and lobbies, modders who worked hard to make your native game a little or really different. Gaming Websites like forums, review sites, online game stores, news sites and of course all-around gaming sites like Gamespot emerged from the scene. Thanks to the Internet, being a gamer was better or as awesome as it could get.

Fast forward to 2012, and lets check the community today. Well, gamers are still here (with the occasional trashtalking children who spawn out racists comments on you), game developers (who for some reason are milking the hell out of their series that actually started to suck), modders (who are somewhat quitting), and online stores (who might be killing the retail industry or something like thay). Let's not forget how people think that the community is full of old men who are immature, and lesbian (if they do exist) and that gender inequality which I really don't want to talk about.

Okay enough of the negativity, or the sarcasm (or possibly even the annoyance). There are good sides of today's gaming community. The gaming community just became world-wide, making people from other countries communicate with people from other countries. The community grew into massive numbers. There are more female gamers than usual, and they are actually better than their male counterparts. There are indie games, and developers who actually know what they are doing.

So what do you think? Should the community actually get together and stop the misunderstanding? Should we proudly scream that we are gamers? Should we gawk at the chat box when a person says she's a female? Please feel free to say what you want on the comment box below even the "this blog sucks balls, please discontinue it".

Tune in for next week's blog.