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Games: Scariest of this Generation

I don't know if I'm late at this post, but to get in the spirit of Halloween, It's time for my blog post, about horror games. By horror games, I meant those which are crazy insane, disturbing, and can actually make you go crazy without proper care. Of course, this are from my own experiences and games I play. This is not taken from any premade lists on the internet. Please note that I'm only listing the games, not ranking them via number.

1) Amnesia: The Dark Descent

I remember back when I played this game. I was really really young and freaking foolish to try this game. At first I played it with full resolution and the lowest brightness setting while wearing headsets. I only got pass the first part, the one where the door instantly opens by itself. After that I was so scarred for life that I played it with my lights on, highest brightness level, lowest graphics settings while in windowed mode, and the sounds off. I wasn't able to sleep for a month with the lights off and I swear that was one of the most humiliating and apparently worst part of my life.

Up to now I have thoughts on replaying the game, but just remembering what happened to me and the side effects made me hesitate to even get it out of the box again.

BTW, I think it's worth mentioning that Amnesia would get a new game. It's called Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. I'm already assuming its jus as scary as the first one, or probably scarrier.

2) Penumbra

To be honest, I played the first episode of Penumbra in the series (Penumbra: Overture) before playing Amnesia so I'm not gonna go into details on how similar the two games are to each other. When I played this game, I was really hooked into it. Of course I was horrified but not as horrified as Amnesia. I really liked the story, and really amazed at the story's protagonist, Phillip, who has to go various obstacles with you.

Like Amnesia, I'm still having thoughts of replaying the game and I possibly will in the near future.

3) Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl

This is probably one of the best FPS-RPG Style game I've ever played in my series of horror games. I'll admit though, it isn't really that scary but there were some parts that actually were scary, and amazingly disturbing as hell. Mutans, fellow human, anomalies, radiation, and rooms with screaming or laughing invsible children would be the ones to hinder your progress in this sandbox world. YES, I said mutants. The game is placed in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, and if memory and history serves me right, a Nuclear Plant Disaster happened.

This game has a lot of replayability which is possibly one of the best features of this game. Although there are other games like this, it's worth mentioning that this game is unqiue in its own essence.

4) Resident Evil

I'm pertaining to the very first Resi, the one released in 1996. During those times, this was a fresh new idea and possibly the start of an awesome series. We have a few number of people in abandoned mansion (CHECK), people getting killed in the begin cutscene (CHECK), zombies, killer dogs, mutated version of zombies, and other crazy creatures (CHECK), and of course, that great camera angle positioning that would make you scream "GIVE ME THE OTHER HALF OF THE SCREEN BEFORE A ZOMBIE KILLS ME". Ammo was scarce. Health didn't regen (unlike most games of today). You need to save when you can since you were force to save using ink ribbons that can only be used in certain places. You were forced to use your knife and it was really dangerous concerning the fact that zombies can actually get a hold of you. It was a complete horror movie turned to a game.

Now Resi became an action game instead of sticking to the formula that made it awesome and unique in the first place. It was really a shame to see it happen especially since it got into a very good start.

It's worth mentioning that Resident Evil 2 was also one hell of an entry in the series, and was also horrifyingly good.

5) Silent Hill

Thick fog. Darkness. Flashlight as the only light source. Weird demon like enemies. Blood in the darkest places. This is what made Silent Hill really freaking disturbing. What's worse, is that your main character, Harry Mason, is an everyman. He has no powers. He ain't a military trained soldier. He ain't a guns master. He is just your ordinary father looking for his missing daughter in an eerie town named Silent Hill. What makes this game different is the involvement of cults and rituals and by god, Konami made those topics in this game, as disturbing as hell.

I can't say much more about this game. I suggest you play the first one.

6) Killing Floor

Trying to cleanse good 'ol London, England with a few people with you is no big deal. But play this alone, in singleplayer mode, and you are already asking for a death wish. Killing Floor was meant to be a team-based/squad based game. Playing this alone and you are already shouting "SWARM ME" and literally they will swarm you. Mutants everywhere, in different shapes and sizes. Let's not forget the very disturbing patriarch who can kill you in few shots. Even with many weapons at your disposal, there are still enough number of muntants to swarm you and kill you.

7) Fatal Frame

Okay, we have a female protagonist alone with a camera for a weapon in some place. What's wromng with that? Well a LOT! You are Miku Hinasaki in a haunted (and possibly abandoned) mansion. Your enemies are ghost that CAN PASS THROUGH WALLS. They aren't the usual mutants or zombies of our generation. The camera needs ammunition in the form of films. Different kinds too. This is what makes Fatal Frame unique, scary, and deadly. You won't find other games like this in my honest opinion.

There you have it folks. My scariest game list. Let me remnind you guys that these are from my personal experience. If you think this list lacks a lot of games, then let me agree with you because I haven't really played much games on the horror genre.

So what do you think? Are these games scary in your opinion? Have you played these games? Any memories on them? Did I missed some games that are much more worth mentioning? Do you think my blog sucks? Please don't be afraid to put some commets below.

Well that is it for this week. Please wait for next week's undecided blog.