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Games: Genres

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Since video games are actually increasing number, we were forced to classify them. Well okay not really forced, but there was a need for games to be classified. Gameplay, storyline, features, and all of the other stuff affects how we labeled a game. We have to classify them in genres.

In the dictionary, when you say genre, its a category. But if its associated with games, a bunch of words spread out. Nowadays, genres even have sub-genres, and by god are there quite a lot of them.

Im just going to put the list of common and significant game genres, and Ill put a few of those sub genres as some examples.

1. Action this is said to be the most basic genre since the game mostly contains combat mechanics and a few seconds for a breather. This genre usually contains fighting games, beat em ups and hack and slash. Some of the most well-known action games are Assassins Creed, Torchlight, Diablo, and Max Payne.

2. Adventure this genre is said to be one of the earliest created because of those text adventure games, wherein they say whats going on and what are your choices, and you have to encode it in to advance. This genre has actually evolved through the years from basic text, to full 3D Rendering. Some of the known games of this genre are Myst, Penumbra, Amnesia, and Dreamfall.

3. RPG also known as Role Playing Game, is basically this: you control your character, you travel, you level up, you get more skills, and then you finish the game. This genre also evolved from the text based games up to full 3D Rendering. Some of the notable games of this genre are Dungeons and Dragons, Ultima, The Elder Scrolls, and Final Fantasy.

4. Strategy to be honest, I call this the thinking games. I mean both literally and metaphorically since this games include some amount of careful thinking and planning, to get your execution in a good spot. According to Andrew Rollings, "The origin of strategy games is rooted in their close cousins, board games." which means this genre must have started from video game versions of their board game counterparts. This is also by far, one of the genres that have a lot of sub-genres with a total of 6. Some of the notable Strategy games are on the PC such as Civilization, Starcraft, Command and Conquer, and the Total: War franchise.

5. Simulation well there isnt that much to say about this genre really. What it does is to generally simulate aspects of a real or fictional reality into the virtual world. Most of the games here tackle business simulation or vehicle simulation. The best examples would be The Sims, Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator, SimCity, and Football Manager.

6. FPS also known as First Person Shooter, emphasize shooting and combat, mostly with a gun, and other military equipment, while in the First Person Perspective. You could say that this is aligned with the Action Genre, but due to its rise of fame and noticeability, it kind of got labeled as an independent genre. Most notable games for this are Counter Strike, Tribes, Unreal Tournament, Battlefield, and Call of Duty.

7. Sports this genre emulates or puts our sports which play and watch in reality, onto our virtual world to play. Most admirable sports games would be NBA, FIFA, Virtua Tennis, and Major League Baseball.

8. Racing last but not the least. This genre includes 3 basic concepts from my perspective: cars, a route or map, and beating them to the finish line or being the last driver remaining. Most renowned racing games are F1 (Formula 1), Need for Speed, Dirt, and Blur.

With all of these genres, theres no questioning why people choose a certain genre to focus on or choose certain games for each genre.

But lets face it some genres have too much games in it with the same repetitive formulas and features, which bores some of the gamers while others are either dominating, or getting unrecognized.

So what do you guys think? Is it okay to have genres? Are there some genres dominating the gaming industry or basically your gaming life? Do you think some genres are getting too repetitive? Do you think my blog sucks? Please put your comments below, and thanks for reading.