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Finally Remembered my password!! (please read)

long time no see everyone!!! i just got my password back and am back on gamespot when i can. comments would be appriciated as i would like to get back in touch! Glad to be back. pm me if u are interested in joining my possible new union as a charter member.

?Anyone Like The Sims?

Hey guys i have a friend starting a Sims union. If you are interested PM me. We need active members tha tlove the sims so let me know if ur in!!!!

Christmas Eve Update

Hello! So we opened some presents tonight and guess what i got so far.... Halo Reach.... And some accessories for my laptop... WHOOT. I'll Keep you posted :D


Christmas Eve Hype!!

It's that wonderful time of year again everyone!!!

The snow is gently falling, You are drinking steaming hot chocolate, Christmas music is softly playing. Ahhhh Christmas time is here again. You've waited all year, and now....it's finally here. :)

I've been waiting for this Christmas for months and months and it's finally here. With all the new games out it has been a killer from about the middle of summer up until now. Christmas night is now only a matter of hours away and soon all those games will finally be here! What are you guys looking for this Christmas?

Tonight will be a great time (as Christmas Eve Generaly is). My family will have a large dinner and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas tonight. If i'am not active in a union or posting as much as usually that is why so please do not demote me or anything like that. :D

So tomorrow morning I will be opening my presents and hopefully (like i said) i will get some of those games. :P. If anyone would ever like to play any games online PM and we could play sometime. Tell me what you guys happen to get and in my next blog i will tell also!!

I hope that you all have a Merry Christmas, A happy new year, and i will update you asap.


I've Been Tagged. 0_o *Please read incase i tag u!!!*

Hello Everybody!!! I've been tagged by my friend Giratina 98 so now i must tag someone else!

1.) I have Dark Hair

2.) I LOVE BASEBALL!!! And play all the time

3.) I currently run the Everything Xbox & Apple Union

4.) I have 271 friends on my contact list here on GS.

5.) My best friend in real life has an account here and his name is tyrivers.

So, I tag.......*DRUMROLL ksfnkljvbksd,cvhnb * I put @ so people would be notified by pm tey were mentioned.

1. @Colganraz

2. @RedScarron

3. @moleblob

4. @anihimz

5. @tyrivers

Well, there we go! Merry Christmas Everyone and I can't wait to hear what games and consoles everyone got for xmas!!

New, Active Xbox and apple union PLEASE READ!!

K so i am starting a new xbox 360 and apple Union. It is called The Everything Xbox and Apple Union (EXAU). It will be very active with the help of u and needs charter members. I WOULD REALLY APPREACIATE ANY1 THAT JOINS!!!! PLEASE JOIN!! THANKS

Hello everyone!!! I am back and ready for some gamin'!!

Hey guys! how is everyone?? I havn't been on GS for a while now, but iam here again. Hopefully everyone is still here and active!! I may be starting a new union. If you are interested pm me for detail. So its been a while since i blogged. I now have Xbox live, i got a brand new laptop and bought TONS OF GAMES. So yea i think that's all 4 now. :) hope to talk to some of u who i havnt gamed with fro evr. Later everyone! :)

~KBMARS~ :D ;)

Quick Question

I was going to try and get Halo 2 PC. I wanted to get it cause it would be funner to get mod pacs and all that junk. Would it Run on a Windows XP? THANKS


My MLB The Show 09' PSP Quick Reveiw

Well id say id give this game a 9.5. It is So Adicting that you could just not put it down all day. So many Features, The create a player carrer mode (my Favorite), the franchise, the custom music, you can add your own voice to the game I belive, and many more. It makes it feel as if your actully playing. In the carrer mode in the game you are given goals and targets by your manager like, get on base sefely, or drive the run in. i truly recomend this game.

Something To Consider

Hay guys! Time to blog. Well if you are looking for a new union that is EXTREMELY active and under Great Leadership than Consider The Nintendo All Stars Run By mario_Brawler. It ROCKS! :)

Well, my guitar gig is going to start soon, may 19 and ive been working VERY hard. A fellow GS member Tyrivers is my Best Freind he plays Guitar so we are going to play together. School has been good nothing new. I got on the Baseball team, ive been doing very well.

Well I guess that is it for now. thx see you guys! if you read this thxagain.