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You're funny Gamespot.

Well the new site is here. Our unions are gone and new changes are to be expected. It's fine so far though I did find something rather amusing. Gamespot cites my most commented blog was one I wrote back in 2007 titled "Best Games You Never Played" which is a fine article that gave some attention to some, now fairly well known cult hits like Psychonauts, Okami, Beyond Good and Evil. However anyone who has followed my blogs in the last, oh six months or so knows back in May I wrote a little article about Microsoft and some crappy stuff they tired to pull? Ring a bell?

I wrote a blog titled "Do the Right Thing" urging gamers to not give into M$'s crappy business practices because if the public bought the Xbox One as it was originally pushed, the competition would follow suit. This article garnered a whopping 1000+ comments so I not to mention subsequent blogs similar to it that I wrote also got a lot of comments. So it appears someone as GS accidentally refrenced the incorrect article as being "most commented."

No GS I understand this is a new thing and I'm sure you're still getting the bugs worked out. I can be reasonable though many of us found it a little funny how right after the Xbox 180, the featured blogs site had erased a lot of blogs that were posted after May especially since many of those were also "anti-Xbone" sentiments. Now I know that Game reviewers "claim" to be "unbiased" and would never alter site content because of some corporate company right. Like Gamespot would NEVER fire a reviewer for not giving a certain game a good review because the publisher paid for ad space right?

So GS, please fix you're little "mistake" and please cite the blog I wrote that actually did get the most comments. Just because you try to sweep all the old "anti-Xbone" blogs under the rug and act like because MS did their 180, that people will suddenly forget about what they tired, doesn't mean we will. I can always post a number of youtube vids or old articles as can anyone here. Microsoft loves go on about how their sh*t don't stink but if you recall after Sony's $600 mess, it was a couple years before gamers forgave them and it took them several good first party games and a price drop.

Anyway GS, good luck with the new setup.


*cue the music*
The day.... the unions... died.
We were singin', bye, bye, Gamespot community.
Took my blog post the the soapbox but the soapbox was gone.
Them good old users can all be wistful and cry.
Singin' this'll be the day GS dies!


Did they ever fire a reviewer for not towing the corporate line?  I've been on Gamespot since 2009 but haven't been really active until the last 3 years so if it did happen I missed it.  

I'm also finding some errors in my profile page.  Some of my "games I own" have turned into the Japanese versions lol!  I'm still working my way through, and I will adapt and not be one of the negative nimrods that are blowing up the comment boards.  I like GS and won't abandon ship but so far I'm not ecstatic over the changes.  I personally like reading articles, not watching videos and I've found it is now harder to zero in on them.  That's why I didn't use the mobile site on my tablet because all they featured were videos.  I enjoy reading the articles and comments while I eat dinner or am watching TV.  I do like Feedbackula however!  

Anyway, keep up the blogging I'll keep reading!


@jrmorgan23 Well there was an incident way back with a reviewer named Jeff Gertsman.  The first Kane and Lynch game was reviewed by him and given a 6/10.  Edios paid for big ads on this site and after the review was published, Jeff was "let go" and this stirred up a lot of talk around here about the integrity of the site and its reviews.  A lot of users left. Jeff later got a job at Giant Bomb but it was a dark mark left on Gamespot and made a lot of gamers question the integrity of reviews here.

Yeah I saw the whole Japanese version of games on playing lists.  not sure why they did that but a lot of this is just them still making changes.