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Why the poor make bad decisions.

#So we all saw this story.


Now let's set aside that I personally can't understand why ANYONE, rich or poor would buy an Xbox One at launch, let alone spend more than retail price on Ebay. But I look at this guy's situation. He's 19 and has a 4 year old kid. So we already know he lacked the intelligence to use a condom when he was partying in high school. I also laughed at the claim it was for his "4 year old son." Seriously what 4 year old wanted an Xbox One. The guy is saying that as a weak attempt to get sympathy for the fact he was scammed on Ebay. But what I look at is that he's a college student with a 4 year old so unless he has rich parents, how on Earth can he afford to spend $750? The article says he "saved up" but I think by that they mean he's prepared to spend the next several months paying his credit card off.

I saw this article: http://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2013/11/your-brain-on-poverty-why-poor-people-seem-to-make-bad-decisions/281780/

Basically the article states that many people, despite not having a lot of money will often go out and buy things they probably can't afford because they feel like "hey, it's not like things will ever get better for me, might as well enjoy something fun." I found it amusing how so many said the Wii sold because "poor people bought it" yet a lot of the "casual" Wii owners I knew were folks who owned homes and had good paying jobs where it seemed like 360 and PS3 owners, at least early in the last cycle were the college guys living in dorms, one room apartments or with family. I have a friend who's a big hardcore gamer. He goes nuts whenever there's a Steam Sale, always buys new hardware at launch. He just bought 3 PS4s, the idea being selling 2 on Ebay to make the money to pay for the 3rd one. The thing is, his family is constantly struggling to make ends meet. His wife works at Target. He makes $10 an hour as manager at a pizza shop. They have a kid. A few years ago they were on food stamps. He constantly talks about how tight things are, yet will rush out every time Gamestop has a buy one get one half off sale. I was actually amazed that he recently bought an Xbox One but decided to sell it so he could PAY HIS RENT!! (please calm down and read the whole article before ranting in the comments)

Look I know a whole bunch of you are going to rise up and tell me how you have a great paying job and can afford to spend your money how you see fit. You're right. I totally agree, but bear in mind, there are always consequences to the actions you take. You can skip class to stay home and play Call of Duty, but don't be surprised if you fail the test. You can shell out $600 for an Xbox One on Ebay, but don't act surprised, when the end of the month comes and you can't pay your rent.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't buy video games or consoles. I'm saying don't make "stupid" decisions. Don't buy stuff you can't afford. Don't let yourself get scammed like our Xboned friend here. This coming generation is scary as we see companies like Microsoft, Activision and EA creeping in more Microtransactions and DLC. Sony's going to make us pay to play online now. Gaming is getting to be a more expensive hobby with each generation and game companies like to think we're as dumb as this guy. That we chase after new shiny things the way a cat goes after a laser dot. Let's prove them wrong.

If you haven't bought a new console yet, I ask that you sit back and really think it over. What games do you really want to play that are coming out in the next six months? Can you play any of these on something you already own and be just fine without AI fish and arm hair? What if the game you want is delayed and you're stuck with an expensive Netflix machine for the next few months?

And most importantly...is it really worth it?

Stay gaming my friends.


I agree with you :) Here where I live people get like that buying Smartphones, and working or doing what they can to please their girlfriend and buy her everything, some girls do that with they boyfriends too :(