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Poor Sonic tries so hard.

So reviews for Sonic Lost World are out and well they're pretty medicore. Now most of us take our game reviews with a grain of salt particularly with Gamespot who complains about challenging games but gushes over David Cage's latest interactive movie. But so far Gametrailers is the highest I've seen with a 7.5.

As a Sonic fan, you'd think I'd be used to this. Many of us who aren't the insane fringe who thought Sonic Next Gen was brilliant and thinks all game critics are biased against Sonic. But the last couple years really saw Sega trying their hardest to make Sonic good again and they were getting a lot of stuff right. They stopped trying to crank out 4 or 5 medicore games in a year and switched to making 1 or 2 good games with more effort. Taking a cue from Mario, they stopped trying to have bad anime furry melodrama and focused on a more, lighthearted feel and simpler stories. They ditched the mindless fluff and filler like hub world questing, forced playable friends and fetch quests and focused on straight up platforming.

And that's the thing, Sega really seems to be trying hard to not make this series suck or be the butt of jokes on game forums anymore. It wouldn't bother me if this was like the PS2/XB/GC era games that really did feel like cash grabs where they even admitted that they were just making something for kids to buy. What happened?

I haven't played Lost World myself so I can't comment. While some gripes in the reviews seem petty like the whole borrowing from Mario Galaxy or silly story, I hear mostly the same problem that plagued a lot of Sonic games, bad controls. After Generations seemed to nail down 3D Sonic, Sega ditched that system in favor of the Parkour type gameplay. I'm all for companies trying new things but this seems to be a case of "if it ain't broke. Don't fix it." Maybe Sonic's trying too hard to be like Mario.

Of course Nintendo haters will say "well this game would've been good on the 360/PS3!!" And some of the more delusional Sonic fans are claiming Nintendo is ruining Sonic but making him more "cartoony." Guys, you are aware this is a blue, anthropomorphic hedgehog who runs fast and fights an egg shaped evil scientist. If you think that Sonic was meant to be "mature" you've been reading too much bad internet fanfiction. Also I love that when a third party game is bad on a Nintendo platform, it's somehow Nintendo's fault but if it was bad on the 360/PS3, no one blames Sony or MS.

Also for those who keep going on about how Nintendo needs to go third party and make Mario and Zelda for other platforms. Yeah....you guys are seeing what Sonic has become and how much the series has struggled after the Dreamcast. Do you really want that to happen to Mario and Link? Do you really think Nintendo 1st party games will still maintain that high quality when they don't have to worry about selling hardware?

Even more so I wish the Sonicspot Union was still around so I could talk to my fellow fans. Thanks for nothing, Gamespot.


Yeah, I'm not sure exactly what to make of the reviews. The European reviewers all seem to be rating it higher than the American ones (some as high as 90%), but I can't help but wonder if that's related to a generally more favorable view/more widespread love of the hedgehog on that side of the pond. 

Nobody really seemed to be complaining about broken/shoddy controls in the previews, and the press was generally good. I wonder if they maybe made the last couple levels too punishing like they did with Colors? Colors is great now that I've played it a ton and memorized the routes, but Asteroid Coaster wasn't exactly 'fun' on the first go-round due to the constant, instant death scenarios.

I think that's the major disconnect between Sonic fans and reviewers/general public. We play the games into the ground, and the experience grows on you - an acquired taste, but one well worth acquiring. The general public plays through a Sonic game once and is done (as with reviewers, who are on a deadline), so the constant replay needed to experience the full high-speed, "blast processing" (lol) joy isn't there.

Really, Sega just needs to hire new playtesters who aren't good at Sonic games so they learn how to balance a difficulty curve for the average gamer, and properly reintroduce everyone to Sonic. Until then, an average review score of around 65 feels right. :/

Also, seriously, Gamespot, get on that "union conversion" you promised!