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New Gamespot. Major changes

So as everyone knows now, Gamespot is giving itself an overhaul. In fact I got an email to the Google group beta but haven't had a chance to sign up.

I was wondering what was going on when they removed "Awesome User Blogs" from the front page meaning, no matter what blog I posted, it wasn't going to be featured on the front page which upset me as I only recently got the Soapbox icon.

The big change coming is the end of unions which upsets a lot of users especially if you had a fairly active union. I used to be in a bunch of them but now most of them are nearly barren.

Also everyone's level gets reset to 0 and emblems are gone replaced by an achievement system. That's a pain for someone like me who spent a few years getting up to level 63 and has written ALOT of blogs and reviews.

Of course perhaps this overhaul will finally fix all the glitchy problems this site has had for a while now. Like when you post on a forum and get that bigs OOPS page which happened ALOT after E3, you know the time when sites like thsi are going to have a lot of traffic.

Hopefully I can continue on, over on this new site and people will read my writing. Of course with my move coming here, I won't have a lot of time to write.

Good luck to all.