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Moving can be lonely. Not liking the new GS format.

So I've been moved into our new place for over a month now. The town's nice, not that similar from my old hometown and the apartment we got is great but as many who have moved to a new town, it can be lonely moving away from friends and family.

I don't consider myself a social butterfly with tons of friends but I did have a nice group of buddies to give me something resembling a social life. But my husband was offered a really good job with great pay and we'd be stupid to turn it down. This of course though leaves me alone all day with nothing to do. I go to the gym. Play video games (almost finished Ni No Kuni with all this free time) Do job hunting and explore the area to find my way around but it's tough being in a new place and not knowing anyone. It's also a lot harder as an adult. As a kid and through college, they encourage a social atompshere with events and get to know you excercises but as an adult, you have to make friends on your own. I did join and church and a gym but once again, it's not like school, adults have their own things to do. Work and kids and many simply don't have time or interest in socializing. Sadly I haven't found a job yet which makes my days really dull. Even with the games I have to occupy myself, I can only sit and play for a couple hours before I want to move on to something else.

I also really don't like the new GS format. I used to get tons of blog traffic. Now I'm lucky to get any comments. Plus the removal of unions means my online circles are gone. I don't like everyone using the public forums. Unions were the reason I stuck around as long as I did, plus unions allowed users to traffic themselves, removing trolls and haters. I hate going to a Nintendo forum where every other comment is some doom and gloom trolling over the WiiU's poor sales. I miss the Sonicspot union where we could discuss the state of Sonic Lost World.

I've really been considering ending my GS account all together. I've been here since 2007 and maybe it's time to move on. While I will get a WiiU soon for my Mario and Zelda, neither my husband or myself are rushing out to get a next gen system. I think we're going to be a WiiU/PC house given that the PS4 and Xbox One are pretty much almost PCs at this point. Also I don't like where gaming is going. I don't want an all digital future where I can't buy a physical disc and give it to my nephew as a gift or loan it to a friend if I want. I dread Nintendo departing the console market and seeing Mario's and Link's quality decline Sonic Style. Some will call it an old gamer with nostalgia goggles but looking back at 90s gaming, was it that bad? Online networks gave way to homophobic racist brats screaming in headsets. You pay for online multiplayer and still get bombarded with ads. Buy a used game and you're punished with an online code. Try to enjoy an update of a classic title and get nickeled and dimed with microtransactions. For all the good modern gaming tries to do, it's over bloated greedy business practices make it less appealing and yet we move forward wanting bigger, bloated, fancier games that cost more to make leading to more nickel and diming and soon it will all collaspse.

Me personally, I'm going to grab a WiiU then sit back and watch the whole industry, Nintendo and all come crashing down. Then hopefully be reborn again like it was after the Atari crash.

Some of us do want to watch the world burn. But because it means washing away the scum and starting anew.