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Moved in. Lots going on.

Well I'm all moved in to the new place. My husband started on midnight shifts so I have to keep pretty quiet during the day and use the time to go job hunting, run errands, etc. For those who were wondering. He's got a job with his Air National Guard unit and doesn't get furloughed because of this stupid government shutdown, so he's still working thankfully.

After a couple weeks of game sites only talking about GTAV, I get back online to all sorts of gaming stuff. New 3DS Kirby, Sonic is going to be in the new Smash Bros., Steam started their sharing program and GTAV apparently sold a ton of units and is making all the money in the world.

I got some of my gaming backlog caught up namely both Zelda Oracle games and Mario and Luigi Dream Team beaten. Just want to say the final boss fight of M&L:DT is annoyingly long. I hate bosses that heal themselves. And I'm currently working through Ni No Kuni now. Though I REALLY want to get Puppeteer especially watching Video Games Awesome live playing it.

I want to say that games like Smash Bros. are really good if you want to get a kid interested in a certain game franchise. My 8 year old nephew played both Brawl and Melee and because of that, he got into the Kirby series and now that Mega Man's in the new one, he's interested in Mega Man so for his birthday I found a decently priced copy of Mega Man Anniversary for the Gamecube on Amazon to send him. He has no problem with old school graphics. He has the Sonic Classics Collection for the DS and loves playing those too. This is hope for the future. Also after playing PS All Stars, he's become a Ratchet and Clank fan as well. This pleased my best friend, Megan who is like the #1 Ratchet and Clank fan.

Well this was just some ramblings today. I promise I'll get back to writing some more in depth stuff once I have time to get caught up on all the gaming news.