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My top ten favorite Gamecube Games

Everyone likes to do top ten lists so I wanted to list my top ten favorite Gamecube games. Mind you this is MY preference. I also want to say you'll notice a particular AAA title missing: "Resident Evil 4" it's not that I thought the game was bad. I am a big coward so I avoided that one simply because it was too scary for me.

Ok here we go:

#10. Animal Crossing

This game is EVIL! No, it's not full of demons or anything but despite the cute exterior, it's easy to pass it off as a kid's game only once you play it, you realize that this game has sucked away your soul in that you have to play it every day because things are ever changing. The store gets new items or see who's visiting or what mail you got. And it's because of this, I have struggled to avoid the DS version and it's online play.

#9. Soul Calibur II

Normally, I'm not into fighting games but after seeing that cutesey Wind Waker Link, we all bought this one to get the Link we really wanted to see (before the TP announcement). Also anyone see the irony in that this was the best selling version of SCII and yet SCIII was a PS2 exclusive? Still as fighting games go, this was one of the best and had plenty of single player options to make the experience last.

#8. Mario Kart: Double Dash:

Often imitated, never duplicated, Mario Kart never fails to be fun and this time it brought in character specific cars, special character attacks, double the riders=double the items and my personal favorite: unlockables.

#7. Super Mario Sunshine:

This was the second Gamecube game I bought and despite good reviews, everyone complains that this title was bad. Aside from a few cameraissues here and there, I loved this. Even more importantly for the first time you could ride Yoshi in 3D. What's funny is despite its criticism, it's still on most GC top ten lists.

#6. Metroid Prime:

It was strange that Samus was gone for so long not appearing on the N64 at all (except for SSB) and we all wondered if Samus would return, but like Link and Mario she completed the holy Nintendo trinity by making a flawless transistion to 3D as an FPS. Honestly, I'm not that into shooters but I can get into Metroid. Maybe because Samus is a girl like me and she kicks butt. Or maybe it's because unlike a lot of FPS games, there's more focus on exploration and puzzle solving rather than simply shooting everything that moves.

#5. Starfox Adventures:

Before Rare ran off with the Xbox, they gave us their parting gift. This is another game that takes a lot of unfair criticism because it wasn't a "true Starfox game." But so what? It had great graphics, an engaging story and solid gameplay, not to mention a wicked twist at the end and I couldn't put this one down until I beat it. Also after the dissapointment that was "Starfox Assault" (see my review) having a Starfox game that played more like Zeldawasn'tsucha bad thing. What's Rare given us since then? Their only good Xbox game was "Viva Pinata" and no one bought it. Thanks a lot Rare. (Sorry but the Rare/Xbox thing is like pouring salt on a wound for me. IT BURNS!)

#4. Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

Like most of you, I wasn't thrilled when the cell shaded look was revealed. I was like WTF! But you know what? I got over that within the first five minutes of playing Wind Waker. Unlike Ocarina or TP, this game's look is ageless and the animation is so fluid, it's a visual feast for the eyes. Watching the ripples of the water and the seaguls fly and there's a wonderful story and delightful characters and I find myself torn between this one and Twighlight Princess as my favorite Zelda game. I haven't gotten Phantom Hourglass yet but hopefully I'll get it for Christmas and I can set to the high seas again.

#3. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

After a couple years worth of parties and sports, Mario gave us another good adventure and I loved this game and I think it's very underated. Sure the world is made of Paper and there's no voice acting, but this game has one of Mario's deepest and darkest storyline's to date *SPOILERS* dealing with ancient demons, demonic possesion and Mario basically stopping the apocolypse. Also he negotiates with mobesters, slays dragons, wins an ultamite fighting tournament, gets shipwrecked on a desert island, stops a runaway train and fights aliens all in one game. Not to mention this game has moments where it's laugh out loud funny and full of great, quirky characters and great turn-based RPG gameplay.

#2. Legend of Zelda: Twighlight Princess

Good things come to those who wait...and boy did we wait and wait and wait for this darker, more realistic Zelda but it paid off for us. Though it wasn't as strong storywise as WW, it was much longer and full of sidequests and Link's wolf form added extra depth to the game.It's also gave Zelda, a nice "Lord of the Rings" epicness that feels right at home with this series. I only wish I had gotten to play this on the Wii, but I didn't have one at the time. Had I played the Wii version, this wouldn't have been on my list.

And #1. Super Smash Bros. Melee

Why was this my top pick? Because this was why I bought a Gamecube. Believe it or not, I had gotten out of gaming for about 5 or 6 years. I played some N64 at my cousins house from time to time but just got involved in other things and my parents never liked me playing video games but once I was in college and working and earning money I decided I wanted to get a game system again. For a while I volunteered at ayouth center that had the original SSB setup and was immediately hooked. At a place like that, there were always enough kids around for four player matches and then I saw this one with more characters, stages, a better single player mode and much more, I had to have it. With Brawl 100 days away, it makes me sad to think that it's going to make Melee look like nothing. Here's to you SSBM my #1 favorite GC game. Thanks for the memories.

I don't know about you, but this list was hard because there were lots of GC games I wanted to put on there like Sonic Adventure 2, Fire Emblem: Path of Raidiance and FF Crystal Chronicles. It's so hard to choose sometimes. I had posted this list on another forum and oddly enough you finda good deal of gamers who believe Smash Bros. Melee is the best GC game of all time.

Okami is coming to the Wii.

Personally I couldn't be happier that this game is coming to the Wii. It might be a port but it's a port of a game that didn't get the attention it deserved. Poor Okami came out last year for the PS2 and was hailed for it's solid gameplay and unique art style however it simply got over shadowed by higher profile PS2 titles like FFXII, Bully and Guitar Hero II. Honestly developers complain that games like this get passed up yet those of us with orignial Xboxes and Gamecubes were dying for something to play last year. I didn't have a PS2 and almost bought one just to play this.

Anyway to commemorate Okami making the jump to the Wii, I drew this.

Really I have high hopes for Okami mainly because Capcom is one of the few third party developers who really get the Wii. EA and Ubisoft are just throwing stuff out to see what sticks, Sega and Konami are trying, but Capcom not only gave us a port worth buying (RE4) but also made a great original game that's getting high reviews (Zack and Wiki) so hopefully Okami will get the same care as these. The game seems tailor made for the Wii using the Zelda like gameplay along with using the Wii-mote to draw with the celestrial brush and no one can complain that the game will look crappy because, like Wind Waker, Okami's art ****is timeless. We can also hope that it ads a few more quests or levels as well as perhaps a lower price ($30) and if you did play it on the PS2, think of it this way, perhaps it will find an audience on the Wii and sell well enough to garner a well deserved sequel.

Also I'm greatful it's not coming out until Spring of 08 which gives me time to play Mario Galaxy, SSBB, Rayman Raving Rabbids 2, Nights and Mario and Sonic at the Olympics.

Master Chief killed the platforming star.

I was out trying to get a start on some Christmas shopping today. I stopped into EB games to reserve a copy of "Assasin's Creed" for my husband and noticed that their PS3 display had "Rachet and Clank Future Tools of Destruction" demo and some kid had left it running without pausing so I picked it up and started playing. Despite my anti PS3 rants, Rachet and Clank is a series I can get behind. Mainly because it's part of a genre that is so under represented in the gaming industry today: the 3D platformer. Good 3D platformers are far and few between nowadays and it's a shame.

Back in the beginning, there was the NES and the original "Super Mario Bros." which was the first platforming adventure named because the primary object was to jump from platform to platform. You had abasic attack, a couple power ups and levels full of items to collect and obstacles to scale. Due to the limits of its hardware, the NES was mostly platformers, because it was hard to do much else at the time.

Then came the SNES/Genesis era which brought us Sonic and saw Mario's world expand more with "Super Mario World" and while more genre's of games came about, 2D fighters, more turn based RPGs and improvements to racing and flying sims, platformers still had decent representation and expanded on their formulas by adding even more. One of my favorites was "Donkey Kong Country" even if Miyamoto thought it was total crap.

At the beginning of the 3D era, the PS1 partnered with a little known developer called "Naughty Dog" who created the first 3D platforming adventure. Their idea was to look at a game like Sonic and figure out how to simply take that and put it behind the character as they called it "Sonic's ass." This game was Crash Bandicoot and it was good. but is often overlooked now mainly due to the revolutionary "Super Mario 64" which as we all know, set the standard for 3D platformers from that time on. Throughout the N64/PS1 era we saw a bunch of 3D platformers. Some great (Banjo Kazooie) and some horrible (Bubsy 3D) but despite other genres like FPS coming about the 3D platformer had plenty of representation.

It was the start of the 6th generation where the 3D platformer would begin its demise. The Sega Dreamcast began its life with Sonic's first true 3D adventure, "Sonic Adventure" and it was a decent game except for the fact that it was almost ruined by "BIg the Cat" and his boring fishing levels, but I'll save that rant for another day.Even though Sony had dumped Crash as their mascot, the PS2 launched and not long after two great platformers, "Jak and Daxter" and "Rachet and Clank" and then the Gamecube had "Super Mario Sunshine" though many argue it lacked the innovation of Mario 64. I liked it. Even at the beginning the Xbox had a couple platformers that showed a lot of promise, "Blinx" and "Voodoo Vince." Both of these had potential to be good Xbox franchises if they had actually had a chance to be improved. Vince never saw a sequel and Blinx's sequel never even tried to improve anything. Mainly because they were both overshadowed by a little game called "Halo." Thus this is where 3D platformers jumped the shark. Halo was a system seller for the Xbox and a massive gaming juggernaut. This along with GTA III caused developers to switch their focus from platformers to first person shooters and free roaming sandbox games.

Throughout the sixth generation, the 3D platformer began to dissappear. For some reason Nintendo only released one true Mario platforming game per console now. Really, Nintendo, a little less partying and athletics, a little more adventure please. Sony continued with Jak and Rachet though slowly the games seemed to become more focused on shooting than platforming. We can't forget about Sly Cooper either. Hopefully Jak and Sly will keep the platformer alive on the PS3 along with Rachet and "Little Big Planet." Sonic, well, we won't get into that. He's pretty much hit or miss anymore, if that. There was also a great game that everyone ignored called "Psychonauts" which if you haven't played,you need to. "Psychonauts" was the most enjoyable game I had played in years and reminded me why I love 3D platformers and the fact that it bombed only showed me that the majority of thegaming commuity would rather shoot stuff. I'm am so tired of the FPS. (see rant below "I hate Halo")

My only reasoning is that there is a stigma that platforming games are for kids and sadly that's what the 3D platformer has been reduced to, kids' games. The majority of platforming games now feature Spongebob or a Disney character. They're simplistic, short and stupid. What's even sadder is seeing once great platforming franchises like Crash and Spyro reduce themselves to being half assed kids games full of unoriginal gameplay and fart jokes. Every year we hear about another Crash or Spyro game that's supposed to "reinvent the series" but it comes and goes with little fanfare anymore. At least Sonic's avoided dropping to this level of degredation.

There is a little hope with "Super Mario Galaxy" coming along with the new "Rachet and Clank" and hopefully both of these will sell and show that there's still room for good platforming games that can be lighthearted enough for kids but challenging enough for older gamers. Also I can't forget that Rare taunted us with a trailer for a new "Banjo Kazooie" 2 years ago but we haven't heard from them since.

Time to wrap this up. I love platformers andI miss them. I'm tired of seeing all these FPS games constantly being announced and most of them are Halo knockoffs. Some guy, fighting aliens (or Nazis or zombies or something), switching out various weapons, one of which is always a machine gun that takes out everything, going through a been there, done thatstory that lasts eight levels followed by a subpar multiplayer onlinemode. Aren't you all tired of shooters yet? Guess not.

Is Super Mario Galaxy out yet?

Sonic's In Brawl! Happy Happy! Joy Joy!

Finally after months of wondering, praying, seeing tons of phony screens and videos and worrying that it wouldn't happen, smashbros.com finally told us what we were hoping for. Sonic is in Brawl!

I was dying for Nintendo to tell us especially after not revealing this at E3 and not even attending TGS. Do you know how happy this makes me? Well I let Ren and Stimpy express my feelings for me:


Now some wonder if Sonic's inclusion in Brawl will affect sales or anticipation of "Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games." Well for me, it won't. Remember Nintendo is only going to allow 2-3 third party characters in Brawl meaning Sonic's playable but his pals probably won't be though it doesn't rule them out as assist trophies but fans of Shadow, Knuckles, Blaze, etc. will want to pick up the Olympic game so that other Sonic characters can compete against the Mario clan.

For years, we have dreamed of Mario and Sonic being in a game together and now we get 2. How awesome is that?

I hate Halo.

I knew this blog would get everyone's attention, but this had to be written. Reviews for Halo 3 are out and it's no surprise that their all exceptional though I was hoping to see 8s. Why? Well Gamespot seems to enjoy giving 8s to great franchises that have been around way longer and say it's a lot of the same. I wanted to see annoying Halo fanboys get their panties in a knot over something less than a nine. I wanted the the Halo series to jump the shark and be finished with it.

Why so much hatred for Halo you ask? Truly I don't hate Halo the game. It's a great game, with a good story, great graphics and solid gameplay. I hate what it has become. Up until Halo, the only game that sparked so much merchandising were kids games like Mario, Sonic and Pokemon. You never see any Sony or Nintendo game get so much fanfare as Halo does and thus spawned "the Halo fanboy." The Halo fanboy followed the series from the beginning, he already reserved the $150 extra stupid edition, has a 24 pack of that horrible Mountain Dew "Game Fuel" has all the novels, action figures, posters and whatever else they made and masturbates to Cortana. They hated "Crackdown" but bought just to get the Beta Invite. (Maybe Microsoft should've put a Halo 3 Bata invite with copies of "Viva Pinata" so it would sell.) As Microsoft has failed to gain a cute cartoony mascot to sell to the masses, they have made Master Cheif their Mario and are whoring him out as much as possible. What does this mean? That soon, it's going to go to far. Microsoft really promotes their games, shoves them in your face and says "you have to buy this!" Then I see "Halo Wars" a spinoff RTS of the series and I think. "Now it begins." See Microsoft continues to lose money on the 360 despite the sales and no matter how many preorders you have here in the US, Japan ignores the series and the Xbox so guess what Not everyone loves Halo as much as you fanboys.

What I really hope is that Microsoft really gets greedy with the series, decides they want to sell it to a younger audience so makes a watered-down T version of Halo removing the blood and curse words so that kids will be able to play it, they'll make even more and then will come Halo Warthog Racing, Halo Party and Halo sports games. Then will come Halo cereal and the Halo cartoon voiced by 4Kids TV. Fanboys will either eat this crapup or realize that there's other games out there and move on.

I also hate Halo because I hold it responsible for the death of the platformer game. Once not long ago during the N64/PS1 era the consoles were full of 3D platformers. Mario 64 set a new standard and many more came. Some were great (Banjo Kazooie) some were awful (Bubsy 3D). Even at the beginning of the 6th gen we saw platformers like Jack and Daxter and Rachet and Clank and shortly after Super Mario Sunshine but then came Halo and developers shifted their focus to shooters and I'm tired of shooters. Yet people continue to buy shooters even though most of them offer nothing new. Most have a first player campagin that lasts under ten hours and a sub par multiplayer mode. I keep wondering when the gaming community is going to grow tired of shooting stuff in a first or third person view and say "I want something else." But I miss good 3D platformers. Mario and Rachet throw us a bone now and then. Sonic's been on life support. Everyone igorned Psychonauts. Crash Bandicoot and Spyro long lost their luster and most other platformers have been reduced to half assed kids game.

But most of all I can't stand the Halo fanboy. This is the guy who eats, lives the breathes the series. They've contemplated exchanging their "elite Xbox 360" for the Halo themed one and they are mad that they can't wear the plastic helmet that comes with the $150Legendary Edition nor does this helmet have a headset installed. Nothing says "I'm a virgin dork" than sitting home alone wearing a Master Chief helmet and having to move said helmet to drink Mountain Dew game fuel.

Now before you yell "what do you know about Halo?" I married a Halo fanboy. For months I listened to him go on about Halo 2 and how he couldn't wait to play it. Luckily he has the intellegence not to spend $150 on a special edition. When you own a home and don't mooch off your parents, and have to pay bills you realize you can waste tonsof money on useless crap. But I made the fatal error of saying that Samus could kick Master Chief's ass because she never has to reload her weapon and boy did that get him mad. And somone on a forum had the gall to say that a Wii game might outsell Halo 3 and one Halo fanboy went on this rant and reminded us in every other thread that "Halo 3 already had over a million preorders." These people get on my nerves. There's always the chance that another game could outsell Halo. Get over it.

Well this blog is getting long but I had to say my feelings. I can't get into the Halo series myself. I'll play multiplayer with my husband because we don't have Xbox Live and he'll play Wii Sports with me but those of you who treat Halo as a religion. Get over it. It's just a game.

I've posted some of my drawings.

If you're interested, I have posted several drawings I've done of some of my favorite video game characters. Feel free to check them out in my image gallery and comment if you'd like. They were all drawn by hand, scanned and I did some color enhancements in photoshop so they'd look better.

Finally picked up Metroid Prime 3.

Finally I got a copy of MP3. I didn't preorder it and all last week, it was sold out everywhere I went. I also worried I wouldn't be able to afford it as I was recently laid off from my job, but I traded in "Super Paper Mario," "Sonic and the Secret Rings" "Sonic Advance 3" and this crappy Wiimote recharger that didn't work that well anyway. Which left me with $8 left over. I'll give that extra store credit to my husband and he can get Bioshock or Halo 3 or something or maybe I'll save it for "Sonic Rush Adventure." Just so you know Gamestop has some trade in specials going on right now and Super Paper Mario will get you $25 and Secret Rings brings around $15.

I've played about 2 hours worth of MP3 and it's awesome and hopefully I'll get a review up soon.

Well that's all I got right now. I promise my next blog will be more intutive. 8)

Things looking grim for PS3...

It's obvious that the PS3 has had a slow start. It had only one good game at launch and since then, not much has swayed people to spend $600. It also doesn't help that exclusives keep jumping ship. Let's look at what theyhave offered so far.

Motorstorm: Sure it was pretty to look at and the controls worked ok, but it lacked the depth of other racers.

Lair: You've seen the reviews. Once again, pretty to look at, horrid controls. Especially after Factor Five bragged on and on about how this was the idea system for this game complaining that the 360 lacked motion controls and the Wii didn't have the graphical power for it. Also it shows how Sony badly ripped off Nintendo's idea and can't even execute it properly.

Warhawk: Well at least there's a decent online multiplayer game for PS3 owners. But $60 for a muliplayer only game with a headset?

Heavenly Sword: Repetitive and short.

These were all games Sony was banking on to sell PS3s and so far none of them have been mind blowing. There's alwayshope that Christmas will bring something more substantial but more and more that is looking grim as well. Rachet and Clank is a good series but many don't see it being a system seller and Final Fantasy XIII is still a long way away.

PS3 fans keep saying "2008 will be the PS3s year! You'll see!" but the Wii and 360 already have a commanding head start. Sure we can complain that there aren't a lot of killer Wii titles, but that hasn't slowed sales and the Christmas season will see Mario Galaxy, Smash Bros. and even a few decent third party games like "Rayman Raving Rabbids 2." 2008 is still a way off and while you're waiting for 08, 360 and Wii will continue to sell. Sony is falling farther and farther behind and I think at this point, it won't catch up. More and more third parties will go muliplatform and why would someone pay $600 to play Final Fantasy XIII when they can play it on their 360? This isn't confirmed yet.

The PS3 won't die, but now you Sony fans are getting a taste of how Nintendo fans felt the past ten years when Nintendo had the unpopular system. Sucks doesn't it? At least everyone got a nice bargain PS3 for a couple months but now the 60G models have dried up as well. It's time to accept defeat PS3 fans. You've lost. Let it gonow.

Top Ten Worst Sonic Games of all time.

In all of gaming there is one character who sparks so much adoration as well as contempt in the gaming community and that is Sonic the Hedgehog. In the beginning Sonic appeared and challenged Mario for mascot supremacy but as years passed, Sonic games got progressively worse especially after making the transistion to 3D and most recently his disasterous 360/PS3 game that was supposed to be his "return to form". So in light of that, I now present my picks for the all time worst Sonic games.

Dishonorable Mention: Sonic the Hedgehog: Genesis (GBA) This was just a practice in the unnessicary. Considering that you could play the original game on one of the many mega collections out there as well as download it on Xbox Live, the Virtual Console and Gametap, did we really need this crummy port? Sure you could use the spin dash and save your progress, but the glitches and bugs made it unplayable. In the end, it was a bad port of a good game.

10. Sonic Spinball (Genesis, Game Gear): Once the first two Sonic games were hits, Sega went crazy and started shoveling out Sonic games at an alarming rate in attempts to cash in on the hedgehog. Sonic Spinball seemed like a good idea. Sonic rolls in a ball and the game has pinball physics but instead we got four levels of glitchy controls, annoying sounds and repetitive gameplay. Special note to the Game Gear version for being twice as bad.

9. Sonic R (Saturn) Hey look, another Mario Kart knockoff! Though this time at least they tried to be realistic byhaving Sonic,Tails and Knuckles run on foot while Amy and Eggman drove in their cars. The controls were slippery, you only had five courses, a few unlockable characters and a couple multiplayer options. Sega appeared to have thrown this together in about a week in order to help slumping Saturn sales.

8. Sonic's Schoolhouse (Pico) You can't blame Sonic for trying to help our kids learn their ABCs. For a while, Mario tried the same thing, but really think about it. Sonic is sixteen and doesn't appear to go to school of any kind. That's like having Lindsay Lohan being a moderator for AA meetings.

7. Sonic 3D Blast (Genesis, Saturn) This wins the award for Sonic game with the stupidest premise. Sonic has to save a bunch of little Flicky birds by guiding them into giant rings though an isometric top down 45 degree angle and the object is to destroy every robot and guide the birds back to their ring without taking damage. Sonic moves like he's on ridalin nor is there any sense of speed. The only real difference between the two versions was the Saturn version looked a little nicer and had a better special stage. Honestly I think this was the point that the series really began to go downhill.

6. Sonic Blast (Game Gear) Released alongside "Sonic 3D Blast" this was a last ditch effort to squeeze the last bit of life out of Sega's dying handheld. Sure you could play as Knuckles, and Sonic and Knuckles were fully rendered in 3D, but the characters looked twice as big as the environments and the levels were bland, short and uninspired and the final boss was ridiculously hard.

5. Sonic Drift (Game Gear) Ok, the premise seems to make sense. Mario Kart was a huge success so it would be natural for the Sonic Team to want to do the formula with Sonic. But they only made it for the Game Gear? The first Drift never got the states until it was unlockable in "Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut" and you see why. You only have four racers to choose from: Sonic, Tails, Amy and Robotnick and race through simplistic courses. SD2 would at least offer more playable characters, butneither had people flocking to the Game Gear.

4. Sonic Labrynth (Game Gear) Oh no! Dr. Robonick has cursed Sonic with a pair of shoes that remove his ability to run, then stuck himin a maze world where he has to find keys to get out. Imagine if Sonic and Marble Madness had an ugly, retarded child and that best describes this one. I also want to take this moment to point out how awful Sonic's adventures on Sega's handheld were considering nowadays his best games are on handhelds.

3. Sonic Shuffle (Dreamcast) Sure we can complain about the endless parade of Mario Parties out there, but what about Sonic's sad attempt at a party game? This one only gave you four characters to choose from: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy. You gotta feel bad for the guy who got stuck with Amy. You go through gameboards shuffling cards to progress, but it was actually possible to complete a board without even playing a single mini game which is the point of party games. Luckily this came out late in the Dreamcast's life and was mostly ignored.

2. Shadow the Hedgehog (multi) Here's one everyone loves to bash. On the exterior, it seems cool. Shadow driving around on a motocycle with a glock in his hand, but it was a sad attempt to make the Sonic series "dark and edgy." The shooting was bad, the missions were tedious and in the end Shadow still saves the world and ends up the good guy despite killing tons of soldiers and civilians (in some missions).Oops did I spoil the ending for you?There I saved you twenty hours of tedium. Note to Sega: when making a game where theplayer decides if the character will be good or evil, look into a little game called "Fable."

1. Sonic the Hedgehog (360/PS3) Why did I give this the top dishonor? Because within this pixilated pile of cat vomit were broken promises and shattered dreams. Early videos and trailers showed us a beautiful next gen game and promises of correcting the mistakes of the past and "returning Sonic to form" and instead, the good game that was there was lost in a mess of bad controls. bad camera, long load times, annoying characters and furry undertones. This game has gotten more attention than it was ever worth and for all the disappointment it brought to Sonic fans it deserves the top honor.

Well, there you go. What I think were the worst Sonic games ever. Feel free to disagree or offer your own lists.

Where are the DS games this year?

Everyone likes taking shots at the Wii right now saying how there isn't much out for it blah blah blah. I played through Zelda, Super Paper Mario, Rayman Raving Rabbids and Sonic and the Secret Rings and find myself rather bored waiting on Metroid Prime 3. However the Wii will have enough games for my Christmas list this year with Smash Bros., Mario Galaxy, Nights, RRR2, and possibly Mario and Sonic at the Olympics. I'm willing to forgive the Wii this being its first year and all.

However no one has mentioned what a dry year the DS has had. Last year we saw a slew of killer apps that made me really want one. I was happy I held out for the DS Lite. Since I got it for Christmas I played through a ton of good titles Rocket Slime, Sonic Rush, New Super Mario Bros., Big Brain Academy, Starfox Command, Yoshi's Island DS, Mario Kart DS, Elite Beat Agents, Nintendogs and even Super Princess Peach, then I hit a wall. I played all these between December 2006 and May 2007. I expected to have more new DS titles to fill my time but is it me or is this year just a weak year for the DS. Even more dissappointng was Nintendo's showing of the DS. It's the top selling handheld. It's outselling the PSP by a large margin and yet Nintendo has neglected it.

I think Nintendo gave the DS a back seat this year to focus primarily on the Wii but also their two big titles "Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass" and "Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl" came out which combined will sell enough to make huge profits for the DS. First of all if you're not a Pokemon fanatic like me, this makes 2007 a rather blah year for the DS. Rare gave us a ho-hum port of "Diddy Kong Racing" and if you're a Final Fantasy fan at least your have the spinoff to FFXII, but if you're like me, you're just sitting around waiting for "Phantom Hourglass" now. At least I was hapy to hear about "Sonic Rush Adventure." The first Sonic Rush was great and this gives me at least one more DS title.

Also even more dissapointing is what is coming out for the DS. Companies have gotten the brilliant notion to take PC Flash games you can play for free (like Diner Dash) and make people pay $30 for them. Of course we can't forget all the liscenced kiddie crap that's out there that the kids are buying up left and right, but I really want something to sink my teeth into. Right now I've been picking up old GBA games since I didn't have one of those enjoying Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap and Sonic Advance 3.

Also this is a bad time for Nintendo to slack on the DS. The PSP is actually getting some decent games out there, not just PS2 ports. Let's just hope that next year sees some better DS games and if anyone wants to suggest something I should play feel free to comment.