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Pacific Rim Review

So a couple days ago I went to see Pacific Rim. And IT WAS AWESOME!! I mention this because I commented on Facebook about how I wanted to see it and got mocked by some friends including my uncle mind you they're probably going to go waste money watching Smurfs 2 or something but screw them!!

As a kid I always loved Godzilla, aka giant monster smashing cities type of movies. I own the MST3K Gamera box set and it's a fun set to revisit from time to time. Even though I was a bit too old for it when it came on (7th grade), I watched the original Power Rangers just for the wonderfully stock footage reedited Megazord vs. Monster battles. So for me, Pacific Rim was really like something from my childhood but with big budget effects and directed by the same guy who gave us Hellboy and Pan's Labyrinth.

OK, so the story goes that in the not too distant future, giant monsters called Kaiju (Japanese for giant monsters) emerge from a dimensional portal beneath the ocean and the countries of the world unite to create giant robots called Jagers (German for hunter) to fight them off. The key is that a Jager is too big and powerful for one person to control so they require two pilots working together through a sort of complicated "mind meld" thing where they share thoughts like the Navi did with the trees. But after several years the monsters are getting stronger and the Jagers are being decommissioned in favor of building giant walls around coastal cities.

Our lead hero is Raleigh, a Jager pilot who lost his brother/co pilot to a battle years ago. He's called to Hong Kong to join a group of Jager pilots in a last ditch effort to destroy the Kaiju portal but of course he's dealing with the trauma of losing his brother and he's brash and impulsive. You know the drill. He meets up with a Japanese scientist called Mako, who had a traumatic Kaiju experience herself. They eventually get paired up to pilot one of the remaining Jagers along with some almost cartoony representations of Chinese, Russians and Austrailians but we're not here for storytime people, we're here for the sexy robot on monster action, right?!

And while the human story is decent, the monster fights deliver. They're exciting and creative and just plain fun to watch. I don't want to spoil it but every awesome thing you could do with a giant robot fighting a giant monster, you get it. At one point a Jager picks up a tanker ship and smacks the monster over the head with it.

On a few side notes, there are some fun, secondary characters. There are two nerdy scientists that I got a kick out of especially the one being a "Kaiju fanboy" wanting to use the mind meld tech to understand the monsters better and Ron Pearlman there as a war profiteer is there being Ron Pearlman which is enough for me. In a slight spoiler I was really happy that the film avoided the cliche of having Raleigh and Mako become a couple at the end. Too many movies are tempted to make the 2 leads fall in love but this doesn't go there and instead just focuses on a strong bond of friendship which was a refreshing change of pace.

Overall, this was a fun movie. This summer's movies were mostly "meh" for me so something mindlessly fun was a nice change of pace so if you love giant monster movies, then go see it.

Whose Line is it Anyway? Returns and some thoughts.

Every now and then I opt to talk about something besdies video games and this was something I wanted to write about for a while.

Whose Line is it Anyway? was, for many years, one of my favorite shows. I first discovered it on Comedy Central back in it's early days before South Park. Yes I was familiar with the UK show long before it came to ABC and was hosted by Drew Carey. And in fact it was one of the first internet fandoms I got in on. Ah yes. Early 21st century internet when I was logging on with dial up and there was no youtube or video streaming or what video you could watch took ages to load.

For those who don't know what I'm talking about. Whose Line is it Anyway? was a comedy improvisation show that originated on Channel 4 in the UK (some sites mistakenly cite it as BBC4 but this is wrong). The UK version was hosted by Clive Anderson and featured 4 improv comics doing sketches based on either items the host had written on cards or audience suggestions. The UK show had a rotating cast of 4 for the majority of the run though in the last three seasons Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles permanent seats. After the last season of the UK show, ABC made an American version with Drew Carey as host. And OMG did UK show fans have a fit about Clive Anderson not hosting the US version which I found funny when the reboot was announced with Aisha Tyler hosting and everyone made that Drew wasn't hosting it. (he's busy doing the Price is Right now) For those who don't know Aisha Tyler is LANAAAAA!!! on Archer (another one of my favorite shows). Given I had been through that belly aching the first time around I just roll my eyes.

The US show had a much more rigid format than the UK show especially in the second season when Wayne Brady was made a permanent seat alongside Colin and Ryan. Also with Wayne being the great singer he was, this led to ALOT more musical games in each episode and at times, that got old fast for me. And in the later seasons they started bringing in these weird D-list celebrity guests like David Hasselhoff, Hugh Heffner and Richard Simmons and while some of these guests led to some of the shows funniest moments, I didn't care for it. For me it sort of "cheapened" the show. Most notably on the US series, Robin Williams came in as a "4th seater" and while some complained, I thought he did a good job and actually shared the stage with the others pretty well.

Another personality who was on in the second season was a little known Daily Show correspondent named Stephen Colbert. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5BGuOUOHcQ Wonder what happened to that poor guy? Probably homeless now. (that was sarcasm) But at lot of UK show fans kept hoping UK staples like Tony Slattery or Mike McShane would have shown up for a guest spot though Josie Lawrence possibly the only standout female performer of the entirety of the show did appear in season 2. No I never found Kathy Greenwood funny and I felt like she was just there to fill the female quota.

The show ended mainly because ABC put it on Thursday nights at 8pm alongside both Friends and Survivor when they were at the height of their populairity. And one of the reasons ABC put it there was because the show was cheap to produce. So it was safe for that timeslot that they knew they were going to lose ratings in anyway. Several unaired episodes found their way to DVD and were rerun on ABC Family though supposedly 3 more episodes from Robin William's taping exist that as far as I know have never aired.

Drew Carey and the gang did improv after the series ended. They often did live shows in between tapings as well as Ryan, Greg Proops, Chip Esten and Jeff Davis did a comedy tour that came to my area and I sadly didnt' get tickets. There were also short lived follow up shows like Drew Carey's Green Screen which I tried to watch but everyone performing with badly done flash animation going on just felt uneeded and distracting.

Since I have to mention it. Wayne's appearance on Chapelle's Show was comedy gold. And I recall Wayne taking flack from some Mad TV comic accusing him for not being "black enough" and I think that skit was basically a response to that. "Is Wayne Brady going to have to choke a b*tch?"

This was the first time I learned of internet fandom as Whose Line was one of the first things I ever searched for fun on the internet and learned that WL fans were called "Whosers" not to be confused with "Whovians" (Dr. Who fans). And if you thought fanfiction was messed up, you haven't seen anything until you realize Colin Mochrie/Ryan Stiles slash fanfiction exists.

But as a fan of the UK show first, I did grow tired of the rigid predictable format of the US version. It had plenty of funny moments but of course US TV at that time was really strict with censorship and many jokes couldn't make it to air though sometimes they'd air special 10pm episodes titled "Too hot for 8:00." So when I heard it was coming back on the CW I got excited because when you see the stuff airing at 8pm now (name a crime drama you like) I figured they can get away with more risque stuff. I had also hoped that since Ryan and Colin were getting on in their years that maybe it would go back to the UK format and have four rotating seats instead of one. But then I found out that Colin, Ryan and Wayne were all returning so I was like *sigh" back to the US format I guess.

So here's a preview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2BNMuKaums

So a few things. Ryan looks about the same as he did at the end of the series.

Colin's hair is completely white now. I heard he dyed it but I don't know.

Wayne's shaved his head now so I guess Colin won't be the bald joke magnet anymore. Also I think Wayne's toned it back a bit. I'll probably take some flaming for this but there were times where I felt like Wayne was hogging the stage a bit and for a while he was a big deal. ABC gave him a short lived Variety Comedy show that lasted five episodes. Then there was his daytime talk show that actually lasted 2 years and these days he's the host of Let's Make a Deal. Also the fourth guy in the clip is Wayne's sidekick on Let's Make a Deal.

I'll probably watch the premeire. IGN has a review up and I'm interested to see how Aisha does though according to their review, they had 2 different guests as well as they do the celebrity guest thing again *ugh* but I really hope some of my favorite 4th seaters like Brad Sherwood, Greg Proops (who had done the UK show as long as Ryan and Colin), Chip Esten and Jeff Davis come back.

Where do I go from here? (consoles I mean)

So now that we know everything about the PS4 and Xbox One and we look towards the next gen I find myself asking "now what?" I realized this when I read this article.


Sure I wrote a huge blog stating why the Xbox One was so consumer unfriendly and now that MS ditched a lot of the crappy stuff no one liked, I look towards the next console generation and I'm like "meh."

First off, they're still too expensive for what we're getting. They are boasting about all these new exclusives but do you really think all those games are going to be available at launch? Games get delayed and pushed back and even then it doesn't guarantee that anything that comes out will be GOTY material. We could name a number of game that had awesome trailers but the final product was bland or boring or derivative.

Also I'm just not seeing a huge graphical improvement. When Call of Duty Ghosts had to brag about arm hair on soldiers, it easy to see that graphics have hit a plateau despite David Cage's gushing over "emotional polygons." Even with Nintendo finallly going HD, while the better shading, texturing and lighting effects show and it's nice, Nintendo characters have always had a simplistic, cartoony design so unless they go for ultra realistic in the next Zelda, this is the peak of graphics. Plus I'm not a graphics whore. I couldn't give a rat's ass about polygon counts. This is why Knack's fun asethic appeals to me more. Aesetics are not graphics. We get that mixed up a lot. Graphics refers to the number of pixel pushing polygons and specs where aesetics refer to character design and art style. I like Okami's aestetic design. And for those who still think graphics are important. Explain Minecraft. Maybe down the road it will get better but really, how much farther can we go for it to really look noticable?

Also I never buy a console at launch. First of all, there's bugs to be worked out. The first wave always has hiccups that the makers didn't catch and while it may be under warranty, you're still stuck waiting for it to be fixed and sent back. Also do you really think you're going to have a ton of totally must have PS4/XBO games right out of the gate? No. Expect 6 months to a year with most games just being slightly nicer looking versions of stuff you can play on your current console and given neither the PS4 or XBO has backward compatability, what do you plan to play in between? Well you can always use the "awesome" TV features of the XBO and pay to redownload all your previous gen downloads.

For me personally, my husband and I were saying how we weren't going to bother with the next gen PS4 or Xbox mainly because now we have a decent gaming PC and right now it would be cheaper for us to upgrade it then buy a console. Originallly we both figured Sony and MS were going to try to enforce used game restrictions and figured if our consoles were going to be like PCs then we might as well stick with our PC. I'm slowly trying to embrace PC gaming as I downloaded Fez finally (was hoping for a PS3 port but got tired of waiting). I've said already I'll get a WiiU eventually because I like Mario and Zelda and that's the only way to play Mario and Zelda but for now I'm fine to keep using my PS3, PC and 3DS. Hell I still have my Wii and playing through some stuff like the first Paper Mario, Pikmin 2 and the Kirby Collection.

That's what I found sort of ironic right now, is that there's all this talk about the next gen and most of the stuff I'm playing now, is older stuff. The newest games being Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, and Animal Crossing: City Folk. Other stuff I'm playing include:

  • Fez (PC)
  • Zelda Oracle series
  • Metroid II: Return of Samus
  • Paper Mario
  • Pikmin 2
  • Kirby's Dream Land 3 (Kirby Collection)

And the next game I'm interested in is Kingdom Hearts 1.5 which is an HD remake of 2 older games. But yeah there's so many older games I'm catching up on, I haven't looked too much towards the future.

It's more interesting at this point to see what's going to happen with the next gen consoles. While hardcore gamers will keep on buying and playing, I wonder if we'll be enough to sustain.

Monsters University Review

I don't review movies too often unless something really sticks with and God do I love Pixar. One part of me wants to be angry with them for essentially being the death of 2D animation but it wasn't like Disney's 2D studios thoughout the latter part of the 90s gave people much hope for 2D animation. Anyone remember Brother Bear? Home on the Range? Exactly.

However some figured that at some point, Pixar's winning streak would have to end. We saw them as this shimmering ray of hope in a world where companies crank out half assed animated shlock for stupid kids that parents are forced to drag them to. (Yes Studio Ghilbi's great too). But Pixar gave us good characters, original stories and there's sort of the unwritten law that the worst Pixar movie is better than the worst Dreamworks movie.

Cars 2 > Shark Tale

But Monsters University was a film where I kinda wondered how it would go. Seriously Pixar, why are you making sequels/prequels to films that don't need it while Incredibles 2 seems ideal? I don't care if Brad Bird needs time to figure out the right story. I want to see that before we end up with Up 2 or Wall-e Returns. (Once again another story that has no room to expand)

First off, Pixar has another great animated short called The Blue Umbrella which blows your mind at how realistic things look. Almost creepy. Thankfully you don't see any human faces because I don't want to see Pixar head into the uncanny valley.

Monster's University as a prequel has some tough things to deal with, mainly we know how it's going to come out that Mike and Sulley will eventually be friends but also that Scream Energy is sort of a scam. Also having to deal with the fact that Boo is not here losing a lot of the heart of the original. Instead MU is more of Mike's story where the first was more about Sulley and Boo. Mike as a young monster toured the Monster's Inc. factory and was inspired to be a scarer at a young age and more than anything he wanted to attend MU for its pretigious scaring program. I find this a little odd as I got the impression that being a scarer was like being an oil driller or coal miner, in that it's more of a blue collar job that didn't require a degree but there I go thinking too much into it.

In this story, Mike is a bookish nerd who is roomates with Randall (I'll get to him). He passes up going to parties in order to study. Meanwhile, college age Sully, is kind of a slacker jerk riding on his natural talents and his father's reputation. I also really liked Helen Muren as Dean Heartscrable. She's very intimidating as a what I have taken to calling a "dragonpede." And geek icon Nathan Fillion is there playing the head of the snooty Fraternity Roar Omega Roar.

*Spoilers coming*

One thing a lot of folks don't mention is Mike's ambition in this. He wants more than anything to be a scarer and despite reading every book and studying all the techniques, he's constantly being told "look dude, you're just not a scary monster." And you think this is going to be one of these underdog stories and in the end you think Mike's going to prove everyone wrong. He and Sulley enter the school scaring competition by joining the nerdy Oozma Kappa or "OK" frat with your assortment of misfits who I liked such as the non-traditional student, Art the crazy one who looks like a muppet (you see a lot of Muppet influence in some monster designs here) and the monster equivalent of Flounder because every college comedy needs one.

So Mike takes his team of nerds and they work their way through the competition and then, well Mike realizes that in fact he's not scary and the soul crushing realization that despite what we're raised to believe that you can try as hard as you can, you can wish for it with all your heart and still fail in the end. I've experienced that a couple times in life and it's true. You can try your hardest and still fail. You can want something more than anything and not get it. Then you have to decide what to when your dream can't become a reality.

What's also interesting to see is how much Pixar's animation has progressed over the years. You can see the contrast between the first and 3rd Toy Story movies (especially with the humans) but when you compare this to Monster's Inc., Sully's fur is more textured and matted and messy in parts now. There is a part where you see human kids and while I thought they did great with Boo at the time, these kids look so much more experessive and lifelike.

If there was a major missed opportunity in this story, it was with Randall. We meet Randall as a shy nerd, like Mike, also in the scaring program. He used to wear glasses and hence he squints because he stopped wearing them. (Why not get contacts Randall?) And he does get into the snooty frat Sulley wanted to join then Sulley beats him in a scaring competition and he's like "well that guy pissed me off, guess I'll be evil now." I mean imagine if Sulley had actually bullied Randall but maybe Pixar didn't want to make Sulley too much of a jerk or didn't want people sympathizing with Randall. But still the guy built the scream extractor out of parts lying around the factory. He's pretty smart and they could've delved into that a little more.

Overall Monster's University is not as good as the original but it's not terrible. It has likeable characters, some good jokes and slapstick just don't expect it to make as deep an emotional impact as past Pixar films have.

I used to love Mega Man. What happened?

Like many of you, seeing Mega Man in the new Smash Bros. is an exciting event. For me if Sonic does come back (I'm hoping) having Mega Man, Sonic, Link and Mario in one game is my childhood summed up right there. Somewhere I have drawings of them from when I was a kid.


But then I realized, it's been a long time since I bothered with a Mega Man game. The last one I got was a PS+ package of MM9 and 10 because they were free. Sadly my PS+ membership expired so I can't play them and I never played #10. For some reason there hasn't been a Megaman game in ages that I really really wanted to play.

Long ago when I was a happy NES owning child, my friend had a copy of Mega Man 2 and I took it home and played it and loved it and for my next birthday, my dad got me Meg Man 3 and I played the hell out of it. I also loved this one for introducing Rush the robo dog as a sidekick. We also tend to forget that the original 3 MM games were insanely hard and as a kid I actually had to use the Game Genie. I also introduced my cousin to the series and he loved it as well.


Then Mega Man 4 came out for the NES when many series were moving onto the SNES but I got it and by this time I was able to play it without the help of the Game Genie mainly because the difficulty got down to a more fair setting and I though MM4 was a great entry in the series. But then #5 and #6 continued to stay on the NES as more and more series went 16 bit. I kept my NES at my dad's house for his weekend visits and rented both of them and beat both of them during the weekend.


Then I saw Mega Man X on the SNES and for a second was thinking it was a roman numeral 10 and I was like "Are they up to 10 already?" Then I rented it and realized it was a totally different spinoff series which got my interest as it was set in a future after the original series. As wel all know this is where the Blue Bomber met Zero and fought robot animal bosses and a villian named Sigma and I liked it. It felt like something new with the upgrades and of course the great visuals and music but still felt like Mega Man.

But after that I kinda fell out of the series. I don't know why. Especially because over the years I stuck by series like Mario, Zelda and even Sonic. Yeah when I had my Gamecube, I played the medicore Sonic games of that time but when I'd see Mega Man on the shelf, I'd just go "no thanks." Mainly this is when the series had morphed into the whole "Battle Network ZX2" thing. I know some of you like Battle Network but it was a series when I looked at it and Mega Man was wearing a lycra body suit, I was like "no thanks." That was during the GC/PS2/XB era when Mega Man had something like 30 games coming out in one year. Ironic compared to now when he's almost totally disappeared.

Now when I came to the Virtual Console, I did download the original NES Mega Man game because I never played that one. As a kid, it was actually hard to come by and I liked it though it was also insanely hard in places, namely the glitchy platforms in Ice Man's stages but I'm glad I played it still meaning I played all the NES originals now.


Then Mega Man 9 was announced as an old 8 bit retro trip. I should've been happy about this but I was like "they're making an old 8 bit game? But 7 and 8 had updated visuals." I know I was the only one who thought that. Though I found it amusing that sites like IGN accused New Super Mario Bros. Wii of Nintendo being "lazy" yet MM9 was a cool retro revival. I did get MM9 for my Wii and played it but it failed to get me excited again. It didn't feel challenging. It felt cheap in its difficulty. And most of all was Capcom trying desperately to recapture the lightning in a bottle that was Megman 2 by removing the slide and Mega Buster which I found annoying. These were implemented to move the series forward and now it was going backward.

I guess that's the thing. I want to see a Mega Man game with updated visuals, using the model we saw for Smash Bros. Perhaps in a 3D world (I'm told Mega Man Legends on the PS1 sort of did this). Then I might get excited but as we've seen Capcom seems to have tossed him aside, cancelling several projects that were in the works and not even being included in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. WTF?

It does amaze me that I can still get excited for a new Zelda or Mario despite some folks being burned out by them and the fact I played several crappy Sonic games but I can't get excited for Mega Man like I once did and I wish I could.

How to do digital distribution by Luigi

So I promised not to make an Xbox One related blog after the last few dealing with all the stuff that happened over the last couple weeks and yet despite this win for us the gamer consumers, there is a very vocal group stating that Xbox doing their 180 "ruined" the glorious digital distirbution future that we were all blind to see and how the console market would be as glorious and wonderful as the alimighty God named Steam.

But here's the thing, if consoles are soooo worried about "evil used games" then why not just say "hey our consoles are going to be all digital download from now on." Oh wait...

41gA2HHoOHL._AA160_.jpg Yeah remember how this download only thing failed?

But at the same time, we all see this digital download future coming the problem is, MS was going about it the wrong way that didn't come off as very consumer friendly. I think Game Overthinker pointed out "all the weaknesses of a PC with none of the strengths." Yes people like Steam and it's sales but it also lets you play stuff you downloaded offline without checking in and a vast consumer base likes finishing games, trading them back, getting credit for new games and likes having that choice.

Thinking over how to coax the audience into slowly gravitating to digital downloads, I met up with Luigi.


Those with WiiUs and NSMBU know that just recently the DLC pack featuring Luigi just came out. It's 19.99 on the eshop basically allowing you to play as Luigi with his different jumping mechanics and playing through new versions of levels. Now this is not the first game to do this with DLC. As I recall Elder Scroll IV Oblivion's Shivering Isles and Red Dead Redemption Undead Night mare did the same thing namely that you could either download the DLC or go buy a disc.

With Luigi here, we have something interesting. Right now you can download the digital version and play it or if you really want a hard copy you can wait until August and get a full retail box for $29.99. This gives us the choice. I mean if you really want the game that badly and have to play it now or just want to save $10, you can download it but if you're old school or worried that you'll not like it and want to trade it back then you can wait until August.

I noticed a similar thing when I went to buy another Luigi game. Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon was a game I was interested in after seeing stellar reviews despite not being in love with the original on the Gamecube. I was at Gamestop with my husband and he was looking around at PS3 games and I decided "what the hell" and was going to get Luigi's Mansion and that their particular store had sold out. The clerk told me that Nintendo sent out a limited number of copies inititally to "encourage" people downloading it instead. Is this a tiny bit insiduous? Maybe. But not awful. I mean a week later I went to another store and got a hard retail copy no problem.

So what can we learn from Luigi about digital distribution? Well first off, trying to force a bunch of draconian restrictions on us is not the way to go. The trick is, you gotta make the idea of digitally downloading the game more appealing than buying the retail copy. First off, if digital downloads are cheaper than retail, that's one way to do it. Secondly as we saw with Luigi U here. Release the digital version first, then the retail game some time later. If folks want the game that badly that they can't wait will just download it and if they like the freedom of trading back a game they finished, I'm sure they'll be fine to wait a while for the hard version.

Consumers want to have choices and when said choices are taken away this leads to discontent which leads to less people buying your product. If companies want this digital distribution utopia they constantly dream of, they have to show consumers why it's better. The reason people download tons of tablet and iphone games is because most of those are only .99. If it sucks, then you're not out much. Getting people to spend $60 for a downloadable game is another story. The industry could learn from Nintendo if they'd stop complaining about them for five minutes.

Or of course if companies are that worried about customers trading in old games, I believe it was Reggie who said "maybe you should make better games that people don't want to trade back?"

The Xbox 180

Man, here I was hoping that things would settle down now, after making a blog that got over 1000 comments regarding Microsoft and all their terrible ideas for the Xbox One and then this happens.


So while many of us, were now going to watch and see what happens when the Xbox One crashed and burned at launch, it appears that the internet backlash was so strong and so harsh that M$ had no choice but to reverse and say "ok we're not going to make you check in once every 24hrs or restrict your ability to play used games." Mind you it's still $500 and they are still making Kinect 2.0 a mandatory part of the console which has some still wary but it's a small victory nonetheless. Though even some wonder if this is just a PR stunt that they'll turn around at launch and change it.

I can't help but think that MS was hedging it's bets on Sony doing the exact same thing and then Sony came out and said "you can play used games on the PS4." And MS was caught with their pants down, humiliated and coming out of all this as the villian. The gaming community wanted to come after Microsoft with torches and pitchforks.

This says something about the power of the collective that we can make a difference. That we can stand up for what is right and show that no we are not going to put up with your money grubbing corporate shilling. Everyone who was against this made themselves heard loud and clear that we weren't going to take it.

So I'll keep this one short but to all those who wrote lengthy comments in my last blog defending MS's policies and trying to justify that this was what the industry had to do....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LY_BuLo5z-M

I promise my next blog won't be about Microsoft.

"It doesn't affect me. Why should I care?"

So now that the E3 dust has settled, it's pretty obvious that the Microsoft is being like Sony in 2006. Having an expensive console that's more interested in being a multimedia device and despite backlash from devoted fans, is making cocky and arrogant statments convinced that the mainstream audience is totally onboard.

Now we just need someone to make an Xbox One song like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfmBzllkbUM

As expected PS4 preorders our outpacing Xbox One preorders already and most shockily I've seen are former Xbox fanboys saying "hey I dealth with the constant hardware failures and paying for online play but I'm not putting up with this." And more shocking is despite showing a decent amount of exclusive titles many fans saying "the games look awesome but it's not worth it to put up with all this crap they're doing." There's something seriously wrong if you have the good games and people still don't want it. Those really wanting those exclusives, I wouldn't worry. They'll find their way to the PC eventually.

But there is now the Xbox minority who still want an Xbox One mostly saying "well I don't buy used games. My internet is always connected and almost never goes down. It doesn't affect me. Why should I care?" The problem is you SHOULD care.

Yahtzee, in one of his "Extra Punctuation" articles made the point that game companies will continue to pull crap like this, if we should we're willing to put up with it. It amazes me when the same gamers say "I'd never touch a Nintendo console because of that weird controller" and yet are prefectly fine being penalized for buying a used game, having something watching you, and the fact we still don't know what happens if you don't log online once ever 24hrs. Or the fact that when the XBO's life cycle ends, it will be a brick so all those awesome games can't be revisted.

But it's the "it doesn't affect me" apathy that some are taking, that's the problem. My fellow user Justplanlucas did a blog about how as of right now, the Xbox One won't work in many countries around the world because many countries like the various countries in Africa don't have broadband internet as the standard. Particularly one commenter had the gall to say "you know what else they don't have in Africa? Shoes. I don't think they're worried about game consoles." Ok, Mr. Stereotype, I know the world outside your little gamersphere doesn't matter to you but believe it or not, the US is not the only country where people have nice houses and couches and can afford game consoles. Of course it's widely know that outside the US market the Xbox has struggled and it looks likes the Xbox One is going to continue that tradition. Not to mention troops who took Xboxes overseas to places where they didn't have easy interenet access. Way to support the troops there, Microsoft. Oh and the "they can use the Xbox 360" was a cop out.

The thing is even if you can afford to buy all new games all the time, you never loan games out and have a perfect internet connection all the time, you should care. It's the principle of the whole thing. If we buy Xbox One's we're essentially saying "hey Microsoft we're fine with you treating your consumers like crap. We're ok with having to follow your restrictive rules for gaming." And this will resonate with publishers and developers. Let's face it, why do you think EA wants to buddy up to M$ so bad? The Xbox One is the EA dream machine. Totally explains why they suddenly got rid of their online passes. But if we don't buy an Xbox One as well as don't buy EA games with crazy restrictiveness, then companies will be forced to change their policies. This is not a boycott. We all know boycotts don't work. This is speaking with our wallets. It sucks that we might miss out on an exclusive experience, but there comes a point where you have to make sacrifices to do the right thing or it will just get worse.

I can make a good parallel to this "it doesn't affect me" mindset. For years in the US we talk about how social security and healthcare are a mess and how congress never seems to make any real progress towards fixing either problem. You know why? Because members of congress have a great retirement and health programs for themselves. The problems of healthcare and Social Security doesn't affect them. Why should they care? And many will say the minute they're cushy benefits were taken away, they'd fix this stuff in a heartbeat. But why shoudl they care? It doesn't affect them.

Nintendo news.

Ok first just making a few clarifications because the previous Sony blog as I wrote it at 6am and later news showed up.

Kingdom Hearts III and FFXV are not PS4 exclusives not that anyone cares because I think everyone who wants these will get them for the PS4 but aww isn't that cute, MS is still trying to get Japan to like them.

Sony did backpedal going with the "let publishers do DRM if they want thing." No one likes this and sadly if I was Nintendo, I'd give in and do this as well. We can blame it on EA being the schoolyard bully pushing everyone around and getting their way.

Ok onto Nintendo.

Once again, didn't watch the whole show. Work and all, watched some vids but I don't set super high expectations and kinda knew what they had planned to show.

Super Mario 3D World At first I wasn't overly impressed as it appeared as they were taking 3D Land and tossing in a few new things but most importantly, at least for me as a girl. Peach gets to be playable. Clearly Nintendo watched Ana Sarkesian's "Tropes vs. Women" video and said "we'll show her! We'll make Peach playable and we'll make it like SMB2!" Think of it this way. We know Bowser won't be kidnapping her for a change. Also I'm interested to see how the 4 player co-op works in a 3D setting. Hopefully better than Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One did. Also MARIO IS A KITTY!! EEEEEEE!!! I'm sorry I can't help it I love kitties!! Come on all the internet memes that can come from this. Mario can has cheezeburger!!

New DKC: Honestly I think this one let a lot of us down. The game itself looks great and it's great to see Dixie return (again Nintendo putting more active females in games?) but we all were hoping something else from Retro. Some of us thought a new Starfox or Metroid and even rumors of a new IP. The latter was my hope so I could say "see you sods, Nintendo does make new IPs!" You win this time sods.

Mario Kart 8: It looks good but mostly like an upgade of the 3DS game with gravity physics. I'm more interested to see what they do with the online and Miiverse.

Also we got a fair amount of other games shown off sadly many wouldn't see release until 2014. Bayonetta 2 was shown and she got a haircut which I'm told people are mad about :roll: The Wonderful 101 which is a new IP is shaping up well. A new Xenoblade gives RPG fans something to look forward to. A bunch of the 3DS games we heard about before were shown in more detail.

And of course our reveal of the next Smash Bros. releasing for both the WiiU and 3DS with the big reveal of a character we were all begging and pleading for to join up. Yes, that's right. The villager from Animal Crossing. Trolololol And the female Wii Fit Trainer because every good fighter needs a joke character but more importantly Megaman is here and he's the old school 8 bit one we remember fondly with all his awesome powers and Rush and hey it's nice to see him in ANYTHING these days. Especially when you consider he didn't get to be in Marvel vs CAPCOM 3.

Of course many will still throw a fit over Nintendo showing off the same stuff and griping about no new Zelda despite seeing more of the new 3DS game and the Wind Waker HD remake but let's face it Nintendo knows that nothing they could do will make everyone happy.

Still better than the Xbox One.

Sony does the right thing.

First of all why did nearly everyone try to cram their shows into one day? Guys you got all week and some of us have stuff to do and can't sit by the computer all day watching announcements.

You all have no idea how fearful I was of Sony. I mean the early PS4 reveal wasn't the most amazing thing but I think we all feared they would try to block used games or try to pull some horrid crap that Microsoft did.

Clearly Sony learned from it's mistakes in 2006.

$400 console. A bit pricey but not horrible. Cheaper than the Xbone and definitely cheaper than the PS3 originally.

Not trying to be another media device. Given the populairity of streaming through services like Netflix, it's easy to see why Sony has abandoned the whole "introducing a new media format with our game console thing." For the most part from what I can tell, they seem interested in this being a game machine.

Best bit of trolling ever with that video.: http://www.gamespot.com/e3/ps4-supports-used-game-and-features-no-online-check-in-6409677/?tag=Topslot;Slot1

Also it seems like Sony and Square are BFF's again with Final Fantasy XIII VS now being FFXV and yes, after an eternity, Kingdom Hearts III is finally coming and amazingly still exclusive to Sony. I used to have fun trolling KH fans last gen by suggesting KHIII be on the Wii because I'm a terrible person. But now it's a matter of if FF can save itself.

No Knack? :( Really wanted to see more of that.

PS+ required for online play now. Damn. Seriously Sony, you had to do that didn't you? One of the reasons I switched to the PS3 was that I didn't have to pay to play online. I just don't do enough online multiplayer to justify paying for something I can do for free on my PC and Nintendo consoles. I'll just say this Sony, if we're paying for this and you have another major blackout, we're going to be majorily pissed.

However Sony gives us hope for the future now. A future where we can still share games with our friends, buy used stuff at Gamestop and not worry about cameras watching us 24/7 or systems being a brick without online connections. Seriously, for me at least, there is no reason for me to EVER buy an Xbox one.