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How I feel about Call of Duty's direction and the constant hate it gets.

Call of Duty is what it is what it is and I personally love it. I know a lot of people hate it because its cool to hate it, and a fair amount hate it because they genuinely dont like it, but I love the direction Call Of Duty is going in. I love the single-player, its long enough for me not to get tired of the AI and the linearity of the game, but short enough that I want to play through it and enjoy the story and action-packed set pieces before jumping into the multiplayer.

The multiplayer provides a place where I can have fun. I can be stealthy, I can be tactical, I can run out guns-a-blazin. I can play however I want. I can have the weapons I want and use them how I want. The choice in Call Of Duty's multiplayer is something I really like and it just gets deeper with every entry. It never feels stale to me. I know for some people it does, and thats ok. Thats just like, their opinion man.

I love that a game comes out every year, because Im not sitting here twiddling my thumbs like I do for games like Halo or Resident Evil (and I mean numbered sequels here). The wait kills the hype on a lot of games for me. Sometimes I dont want to save money that long or think I'll have it by then and dont. Call of Duty comes out every year. And I always know I will need money to buy it in the fall. Its like Madden, a lot of people dont like it, but enough people love it that it sells well and has a large fan base. People that dont like it can say they hate it all they want, and dont have to play it, but it will still come out the next year, for the fans. If you arent a Call of Duty fan, there is no need to bash it. Just dont buy it.

A lot of the hate for Call of Duty IMO stems from the community and the fact that people are starting to label them as a "casual gamer" or even more recently the "bro gamer". People that devote their days and nights to Call of Duty and claim to be MLG are labeled as "casual" and give the community a bad name. But in reality, wouldnt they be the ones labeled hardcore? Giving up countless days and nights, making videos for Youtube, buying every game that comes out, etc. That seems more hardcore than I have ever been with a game. Then again hardcore and casual are subjective terms. And when used in context of Call of Duty more often reference to little kids and teenagers, or people that run their mouths in game lobbies and have X's surrounding their name.

But I believe it will get better for the most part, and by that I mean the games will always increase in quality. This whole new "universe" they are inventing for Call of Duty that Activision recently started talking about worries me though. It sounds like Halo Waypoint, but for Call of Duty, and with a subscription, but it will obviously offer more than Waypoint if it has a price-tag. I just dont see myself ever using it if that is what it ends up being.

The games will get better without a doubt. Madden games improved, Tony Hawk games always got better (until Project 8 really, but what killed it was Ride), so did GH(Warriors of Rock is what really finished it off in my eyes). I think Call of Duty has at least two years before they end up like the last two mentioned games. I hate it when people say things about milking Call of Duty, because milking a cow is good right? We use milk for things we enjoy. Well right now Im not tired of Call of Duty at all, Im just a hungry gamer with a bowl of dry cereal. So milk away Activision, just dont give me anything expired.

inb4 CoD hate

inb4 OP cant inb4

Sold my 360, sold my Wii, bought a PS3!

So I finally decided to let my Wii go to a good home, and my 360 too (and let someone else pay $60 a year for Live!). I went to Walmart and there behind the glass, was a beautiful 160GB PS3 Slim! I purchased it, along with a copy of MAG and have been playing it more than I played my 360 in the last week of owning it. Some things that slipped my mind when buying it that just recently hit me:

Killzone 3 Beta!!

I havent played Killzone in years and I bought a PS3 just in time to play the open beta? How awesome is that!?

PSone Classics I downloaded on my PSP transfer!

FFVII is going to be so much more fun to play on a tv with a Dualshock :)

Exclusive games that I forgot about!

3D Dot Game Heroes, inFamous, The Last Guardian and the Team Ico collection, all the PS2 HD collections for that matter, Resistance, Yakuza, God of War, and one of my newest highly anticipated titles, Final Fantasy XIII Versus!

I have so many great games to catch up on and look forward to. I have the ability to play PS1 games. I have free online and wifi built into my console. Life is good as a PS3 gamer. I cant wait for it to get better :)

It's Been Too Long!

So my last blog was over a year ago. In the aforementioned blog post I talked a lot about things I wanted to achieve and attain. You'll all (hopefully) be happy to know I've acheived and attained all of the things from that list, on that list was:

Modern Warfare 2

Pokemon Soul Silver


And a DSi (though I didnt get the blue one I originally wanted)

Now for achievements (in real life, not on Xbox :P) I finished high school on time and with fairly good grades (class of 2010 baby!) and I found a job. I am an employee of Party City (until Halloween is over at least) and I have the funds to buy more vidya games and systems :) and I'd like to thank Amazon.com for helping with a lot of my purchases and timely shipping. I've since bought a Palm Pixi Plus and lots of money has been sunk into it (cases, holsters, chargers, a new back, etc) and a Casio G Shock watch. Now that Im content with those things, its time to start buying games again! I'll be on a lot more frequently (again) and hopefully get to know more people and know them in more depth than when I usually come back to Gamespot :)


Fall Break!!!

So yea, I'm on Fall Break. My brother is gona for a few days and I have a lot of psp and 360 games to catch up on without diturbance. Borderlands comes out on Tuesday and I've been spending anytime I can find my hands pryed away from video games or my cell phone to watch live streams of guys playing Borderlands. Lucky bastards! The one I really enjoy watching is http://www.justin.tv/brandon505This guy is cool. He's laid back, answers questions, gives a lot of feedback on the game, and the gearbox devs are in his chat all the time talking to him, it's a lot of fun to be a part of really. You can see his 20 hour playthrough from last night (he didn't even get halfway through the game and he played before he started last night too I believe, not sure) and his other videos of his Borderlands gameplay on his channel. Good stuff. Enjoy!

Gaming, Graduating Late, and Hunting for a Job

I went to my school today to sort some things out schedulewise before we go back on the 14th. I was shocked when I heard my counselor say "You won't make it this year" but it didn't really hit me too hard until just now. I get to watch my friends walk across the stage without me. They get to have all their Senior fun, without me. I didn't expect this really. I figured I'd slide by like I always do but between not getting that extra possible credit every year, being lazy in p.e., and moving back to Oklahoma for only 6 months to come back to the great state of Tennessee, to find that half of my credits didn't follow and the half semester coursess I took here when I did get back are meaningless because they decided to change the way or semesters work and then change it back this year. Its all just a bad deal.

But it can get worse, and so it does, I can't find a job. Anywhere. I'm a member of multiple "get hired now" type websites and I've put in countless applications only to hear absoluyely nothing or get an email saying "We are looking for someone better qualified for this position, we will keep your application on file" (that was for a cashier spot at Kmart, I didn't know how rigorous the screening process was) but I'm still trying. I'm going to finish school this year and think about getting my GED if I need too many more credits. Maybe something will work out. Maybe I can walk and go back next year for one semester and get all caught up.

If you stuck through this long thank you for reading. Now I'm going to list some things I want to purchase related to video games when I in fact DO get a job.

1.Blue DSi

Blue DSi




Modern Warfare 2

4.Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver

Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver

I'm back !

After a long absence Kaze347 is back ! Not that many people know me or read this but I'm gonna try and fix that. So, to all of you here at GS, Heres Kaze !