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Mobile gaming online, WHAT?

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I can still remember the time when internet wasnt standard in most homes, i can actually remember when nobody i knew had internet.

Now everyone does, and the online console gaming was a revolution!

before you knew, every console on the market had people competing and coorporating across the world through their internet connections, and a console without online capabilities today is simply not acceptable!

somewhere, some guy said "well, this is not enough! we need the handheld consoles nline too!" presto! the PSP and DS went online! the same thing happens! nobody will ever buy a handheld without it being capable of going online! simply unheard of!

technology does not linger, and someday, a guy developing a game for a phone said "well, some new phones have wi-fi, hows about we make this go online too!?" and today we have games like modern combat and online uno, in our pockets, on the device we allways carry with us. in the near future, studios like gameloft and glugames are going to make this a standard thing aswell. so in the near future, the heavy competition will begin between the studios.

i foresee the day when a Gameloft vs glugames debate can get as violent and ugly as a Bioware Vs Bethesda can today.

i for one dread this day, but i do however look forard to seeing where the devolpment is heading.

The feeling i get of beeing an elderly citizen is growing, and i am but 23 years old. evolution of gaming is explosive, and in a few years something else will come along to revolutionize the gaming market.

the question is.

can the consumer keep keeping up?