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My New HDTV Total Dissapointment

I just bought a "Sharp" HDTV 26 inches and it turned out to be a huge disspointment. 650£ was the cost for the tv which is appx. 1000$. I bought primarily to play it on my 360 and as soon as I turned it on I had a sneaky suspicion about the quality. Then I started playing Top Spin 2 and the pixelation and jaggies which were produced by the tv were baffling. A globe looked like a badly drawn circle by a 2 year old :|. So im giving it back to amazon and ill get a 40 inch normal tv for the same price :)


I am really dissapointed as few days back I found out my pc which I bought 2 months ago could not play COD2! Therefore I have to wait around 2 months to get my new graphics card and another 512 mb jolt of ram!

Arsenal Losing To Wigan!

On 24th of January I got really angry because my favourite team Arsenal (along side F.C. Bayern Munchen) lost to Wigan the newly promoted premiership side. The match was entertaing as Arsenal scored more but Wigan scored in extra time in the 119th minute which really got me angry as I was never expecting it. But Wigan did deserved to win the game as they were denied 3 penalties but in the end I was pretty sad.

My Donkey Kong Review!

Today I did a review of my favourite game of all time probably, I just love the game and this is my first blog so if you would like to reply. I also gave the game a perfect score 10.0 and thats rare for me as I am a bit harsh sometimes. Read my review and recommend it if you like it. Its for SNES THIS ONE!