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Something Old, Something New

Not so much a blog post as a realization. I have been visiting this site since way back when it was called www.videogames.com. In that time I have had a few identities, none of the least being karuba. But as it turns out I was also known as karubah at one time. Now while that might not be the most profound statement that I could make it was the way in which I found this out that is astonishing.

After a week of not being here I tried typing in my password on this site and it turns out I used the wrong one. Now normally when you do this on any site or application with password protection it gives you an error message saying your attempt has failed and that you have to try again. Imagine my surprise when I found out that the site wasn't doing this but was taking me to my homepage, just not the most recent one. Surprisingly it was for myself from a year ago when I made a username and password here just so I could access a game demo. To my surprise it still had all my game stats, game catalog, medals, etc. It was almost like a time capsule of myself and seeing it gave me this weird nostalgic feeling seeing all the games I was dreaming of playing back then that now either turned out to be hits or misses. And to think that all it took to find this was a couple bad key strokes.

We all know that websites and computer programs have their glitches, some of them good and others very bad. But with an error in the system such as the one I described what other hidden jems are out there on the net? I imagine that someone could easily spend all their free time surfing the web looking for what would now be archaic bulletin posts and text messages. Will we some day have computer archaeologists who will sift through our collective digital remains to find lost knowledge of this technological age that we live in?