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It amazes me how I have not logged in here since summer! So happy 2010 to everyone, even though it's three months late! I've not been busy, I've just somehow grew out of this website since this summer. Well for a little update, I did well in my A-Levels and now attend University. I don't know when I'll blog next, could be in a month, six or a year, so until then, goodbye :)


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Finally, A-Levels have finished and now I celebrate summer! yay. Tomorrow is my PSP's 3rd Birthday as well and in 6 days time...my birthday :D

Seven Days

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It's been almost a month since I started my A-Leves, perhaps two since I started studying, and in a week's time this will all end! Let's keep our fingers crossed until July, when I recieve the results, that I don't have to re-sit any of the exams and in October -- Destination University :)

The Number Ten

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Ten are the number of days left for my A-Levels to finish && my holidays to starts ! But I feel it's vry close because I only have 1 exam left! Hurrah

iPhone + random rant

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Today is my iPhone's 1st anniversary yay! :P I have already completed 3/9 of my exams. Next up is English and after that Marketing. :) soon I'm gonna start summer hols.

Oh and I got the emblem thingy that gamespot promised if they win people's choice. I haven't earned an emblem in a while now.


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Hello everyone, good morning, so finally I have found some time out of my very busy life at the moment to post a new blog. So as you may have noticed this blog will talk about anniversaries, so let's begin. My 1st Anniversary this year [or should I say 4th :)] will be commemorating my 4th Year @ Gamespot, yes everybody, 4...F,O,U,R :). Some of you may have been members for far longer so it may seem like nothing big to you. I will celebrate it in May 15th 2009, Just a day after my Marketing A-Level exam and just 9 days before my I.T. Exam [also beggining of summer].

The Second Anniversary will be the 3 Year anniversary of my PSP. 3 Years are a lot for me, and my PSP have very few scrathches on it, but some wear and tear has obviously been created after 3 years of use! This will be celebrated on sometime between the 30th of May and 1st of June 2009, since I forgot on which day I have bought it.

Thrid Anniversary will be my iPhone's 1st Anniversary, this will be celebrated on the 7th of May 2009 [sooner than you think :P].

My Anniversary : or shall I say...birthday, will be celerated on the 4th of June 2009. I will celebrate my 18th Birthday, YAY! I'm growing old! *ouch* my back! :P xD

Some time in August is also my 2nd Year anniversary with my girlfriend, so that is hopefully something to be looking forward too as well. =]

Until next time, goodbye [wish me luck on my A-Levels :P]

Busy, Busy, Busy.

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Yep, I'm busy with my A-Levels right now. They will start in...10 days and end in approx a month and a half. Can't wait till May 29th to celebrate the begining of summer =]. Also I'm listening to A State of Trance 400. w00t

Ingesting Snakes.

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Today I levelled up! Yay level 32...snake eater. What a random blog! I guess I'll be stuck on level 32 for a couple of months now!

Champions League

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Hey everybody the UEFA Champions League is tonight and tomorrow and as always it's full of surprises the matches i'm going to watch are: Inter-ManUtd (Tonight) and Chelsea-Juventus (Tomorrow). As always Forza Juve :P what do you think the results will be?