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been a while

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its been a loooooong while since i last wrote a journal entry
now that i think about it...
i havent posted that much recently either
soo ya
howz everything here?
its all same old for me
LOL :)
ewwwwww.....i just finished this painful painful macbeth assignment 4 english
the presentation turned out soooooo bad!!! :cry:
i wouldnt be surprised if i fail the assignment!!!!! :?
its all cuz of these 2 stupid girls in my group
im never working with them again!! :evil:
so ya....everything else iz good
as usual my parents said now when i asked them if i could buy a PSP
and they wont let me get a cell either
oh well
ill ask them again later
cant wait till the holidayz!!!
this summer iz gonna be crazy!!
my sister iz coming down 4 a couple months and my fave cousins are come too!!
lMAO :lol:
soo ya....moms yelling i gotta get off and set dinner

good songz?

by on
heyyy im burning a couple CD's,
but i dont know which songs i should put on it
i already have the names of a few,
but if u could recommend any songz,
that would be great!!


by on

yayyyyyyy!!!!!!!! its finally the weekend!!!
i can finally relax for 2 dayz and stop stressing over skool work
so how's every1 else's day/week been?

stupid english teacher

by on
iz it just me or are all english teachers complete cows?
like i dont even know why she's teaching english at a highschool!
she supposedly has some masters degree in teaching english
and shes a university/college professor!!
and nobody likes her anywayz
shes soo mean!! going into english completely ruins my day cuz of her!!
why cant she go back to seneca where she came from?

(sorry bout the complaining, but as this is my journal i can complain, so plz dont flame me)
this kind of journal will only be posted once in a while

oh god!! mom wont ever stop nagging and yelling!!

by on
everyday is the same thing!!
"clean your room, clean the kitchn, do some work around the house, clean this clean that"
clean clean clean!!
its driving me crazy!!
i come home after school and try to unwind by watching a lil TV, but nooo she doesnt want me to
all she ever wants me to do is work!
how can i get her to stop nagging and yelling?
its driving me up the wall!!

stuck on level 7

by on
ive been trying to get my level higher, but ive been stuck at the beginning of level 7 for soo long!!
this is so slow :(

new fave songs

by on

1) I Don't Wanna Know - Mario Winans
2) Obsession (No es Amor) - Frankie J, Baby Bash
3) Numb/Encore - Linkin Park/Jay-Z
4) How We Do - The Game, 50 Cent
5) 1, 2 Step - Ciara, Missy Elliot

happy valentines day!!!!

by on
happy valentines day to all my friendz out there!! and of course all gamespot users!!
pass on the wishes!!!
luv y'all!!!