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Sequels Old and New: Pitfall, Fable, Bionic Commando

Got several new awesome articles over at wetheplayers.net, including Dacapo's retro-reviews on some kids' games and how Pitfall 2 single-handedly redefined frustration in video games: Pitfall II: Innovation in Aggravation

Also, I really recommend to anybody who's interested in the psychology of games to check out this fourth entry in the series on Player Experience of Need Satisfaction (PENS), about multiplayer and WHY playing games with other people is more fun and increasingly necessary: PENS part 4: Multiplayer

But just tonight I wanted to go over the appearance of these promotional games we're seeing lately, namely Fable II Pub Games and Bionic Commando Rearmed. Using games to market other things, usually movies, has become pretty popular, but it seems to be a trend lately to make simpler games for promoting bigger games. Hopefully, this won't end up degenerating into stupid advertising!: Promotional Games

Atari, Floppy Disks, and Video Games about Food

Dacapo Walworth is a strict old-schooler who has her own style and gives little attention to most modern games. Hey, she appreciates all games, great and small, but she's been writing about early consoles and overlooked treasures, most recently an Atari 2600 game called Fast Food about, well, quick-service victuals.

I admit it: the first thing I thought of was Burger Time. Actually I guess it was the only thing I thought of. But I realized food was a popular subject for video games way back when, as my friend WildWeasel pointed out another Atari game about edibles called Pressure Cooker.

Appetites aside, there are a few even MORE profound notions here, believe that or not. For one, if you've ever looked at a list of a console's games/ROM set, you sort of get this dwarfing feeling and then it hits you: You will never be able to play every game out there. It's a devastating thought, isn't it? And there will be games that existed before you were born that you won't discover until a decade from now. Whether it's something like Fast Food or something currently anticipated like Too Human, I can't help but wonder what I'm missing.

Check out Dacapo's article on Fast Food: http://wetheplayers.net/reviews_fastfood/

Interview with Doom Modder WadaHolic

We just did an interview with DoomRater's friend or colleague or archnemesis or something, WadaHolic, a Doom modder and mapper. It turned out well and we got some cool questions in from his mod Shotgun Frenzy (which is an awesome idea basically about taking Doom and adding RTS elements in a players vs. monsters invasion mode), and his experience with making maps for Unreal Tournament and Counterstrike Source.

The things I like most about interviews though are the opinions, for whatever reason. It's one thing to hear somebody talk about their latest game, but when they start talking about what features they're unhappy with or what they hope they can do differently that's what always grabs my attention. The future, man. Oh yes.

Anyway, here's the interview: http://wetheplayers.net/wadaholic-interview/

And as always, if you'd like to contribute an article on anything about games, or even if you just have an interesting past with games or the internet, we'd like to see it/hear it/interview you about it. We'll ask questions that could be described as "pressing", "burning", or maybe even "hard-hitting." That's right: pressing questions. We wouldn't have it any other way.

Tune in next time,