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need a new game to play

im looking for a game to play, preferably an rpg. Need something for either ps3 or 3ds. It can be an older game i'm just looking for some great games that i may have missed over time.

cod fans: what keeps you buying more games

i wanna know from COD fans who have bought every game in the recent years, what keeps you interested in COD. I'm not trying to be sarcastic but i honestly want to know what is so good about COD that I don't seem to understand. I mean the storyline can be beat in one sitting and i really can't imagine that multiplayer can be that fun over and over again. It also seems to me as though it's really just the same game with slightly improved graphics and new maps. So if you have for example call of duty:modern warfare 3, why is there a need to buy Black Ops 2?

more info on bravery default?

does anyone know where i can get more infomation on bravery deafault besides what's here a gamespot? a link would be awesome. Also does anyone know if a legit final fantasy game or just a game that's very similar