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Stars are magic~Life is Tragic~

Hey everyone :)....who still exists on here... :P

Man, oh man has it been awhile since ive been here; the blog title was not inspired by The Fault in Our Stars fyi its from a song :)

So Gamespot tends to load really slow for me and I hate coming on here to spend time due to the fact that again the website loads everything extremely slow, caused me to lose all previous blog post comments, and has lost my interest overall cause i wasnt much into the forums anyways, however I came back and started reading blogs...my old blogs...and thought, "damn, what a good writer I am" xD...In all seriousness, putting blogs up on gamespot is like a really great way to express myself and monitor my life's activity, that's what I learned after browsing through them.

Anyways I want to make a continuation post, I havent disappeared, i still love video games and play them as much as ever and I still try to keep in contact with a lot of you from here. So many great people I'm glad I dont have to face losing contact with due to my lack of patience being on gamespot.

Onto discussing what's new with my life, I'm about to enter into my senior year of uni, prepping for graduate school which is intimidating and enthralling all at the same time. I am currently taking an integrated spanish, and disabilities in society course this summer and mostly trying to take it easy while working the best I can to prep for the GRE.

I plan to attend grad school to take courses leading towards a license in occupational therapy which seems like a good career path for me considering its flexibility, job security, my indecisiveness, and my love of helping people in any way i can really...

This year I watched E3 with the buddies from PUSH via steam chat and a friend of mine from high school along with a couple of his friends. E3 was completely dull and uninspiring to me this year. Nintendo's approach to the conference was super duper cool but the games this year looked pretty lackluster to me. I would say Xbox's game, Sunset Overdrive did catch my interest a little, little big planet 3, and some of PS4's indie titles, as well as yoshi's wool whatever it was lol...

I'm not a big fan of SSBB or Pokemon so ive contained my excitement.

Past few months I've platinumed Infamous Second Son which i originally never intended on buying and ended up loving to death. Beat Resident Evil 4 as well as Child of Light which was a beautiful game in itself and am currently on the final Metal Gear boss in Metal Gear Rising which im actually having quite a bit of trouble with due to the fact it autosaved me with one ration :'(

I also managed to purchase a cheap copy of the Original PS1 MGS for collectors purposes and the seller gave me Time Splitters with it for free :)...I had originally started the game when my friend brought it over my house but I did not have the save file, therefore I began a new one last night. Trying to play through it more independently because when I played through the little bit of it with my friend we basically ended up playing pass the control back and forth while he did most of the work :P completely not my intention but lucky for me he has lots of patience ^_^

He'll be coming to visit me for a bit this coming week which im really psyched about so that we can get some multiplayer game time in and enjoy the Games Done Quick stream together :3...That's mostly what is current with me! I hope everyone and anyone still on here/reading this is doing great :D

Leave me a comment so i can build up my collection of blog responses again :P dunno when ill be back to post, but

Pe@ce ;)

Why PS4 could dominate this gen!

Prior to the existence of Xbox,

Playstation and Nintendo had made distinct and unprecedented repertoires for themselves. In two completely unique ways, Nintendo had taken its classic, nostalgic franchises working to improve and exceed the expectations of gamers and their classic games loved by the masses.

When the Nintendo 64 released in 1996, the Playstation had released a year prior (1995) and without an utterance began it's growth within the global market.


The Nintendo 64 platform is where it all began for me, it wasn't until a year or so later I was able to try out my first Playstation. The Playstation at the time and today continues to bring a unique experience to me and other gamers across the world. Playstation didn't bring anything stale to the table with their launch in 1995. In fact, Playstation showed the world that there is room for more potential in games, in graphics, in playability, and cooperativeness. Sony had set the premise for a more unique gaming experience at that point in time. The short-lived generation sparked the turn around in technology, graphics, and social gaming whether it intended to or not.


In 2000, the PS2 was released and it 2001 its competitor, the Xbox as opposed to the Sega Dreamcast. Xbox promoted itself based on its ease of online play-ability and was the first system to introduce the practicality of such a feature. While PS2 could also be used online, the technology for online play on a PS2 system wasn't something every household would've wanted to incorporate within their console. After all, would you really want a 30 ft. connectivity cable stretching across the living from your telephone adapter to your console? In spite of all this, Xbox began and improved the social gaming movement. While Sony continued to expand upon its games library and truthfully brought gamers what they wanted at that time which were games. Online playability had become appealing but didn't quite latch on to public demand as much as sitting down with a controller and enjoying some quality games did. In 2000, with Microsoft's addition to the console community requiring a broadband connection, which i don't imagine too many people having at that point in time, their console was released. The xbox wasn't only about playing online however, it brought some new characters and games to the front lines as well, however in my opinion the Xbox menu interface felt extremely dull and unbalanced. It felt like i was staring at the menu of an Atari if ever there was one.


To get to my point, PS2, had a library unlike any other console including Nintendo Gamecube which simply re-visited most old classic titles themselves while other developers released some decent titles as well.


The reason for PS2's popularity surge had undoubtedly been due to it's library which introduced a new Metal Gear solid and Grand Theft Auto to the mix. In September 2002, Square Enix made a PS2 sales pitch, I couldn't refuse. The game Kingdom Hearts was released in September of 2002 and a wealth of curiosity began to circulate.

With this in mind, I had been motivated to purchase my PS2 at that point in time. While i was unable to experience the vast library playstation came to offer mostly because I couldn't afford to, I was able to enjoy some very fun titles. The PS2 had given me all I wanted out of my gaming hobby, which was to have a fun experience. Granted the Xbox and Nintendo Gamecube had all done the same, PS2 had done so in a different way for me personally.


When PS3 released, I thought the price point would be the death of a console. When the library started to evolve some two years later, I made my purchase despite having been hooked on my Xbox 360 which had let me down one too many times due to hardware failure. The thing about the PS3 was that it was as well advertised to me as the PS2 was, which is by no means a positive thing. The games are what sold me the system. I had no idea about PS3's motion sensor capabilities and free online play mostly because I was too lazy and too content with my Xbox 360 to do my research.

While I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy my Playstation experience. I cant help but think PS4 will very well dominate this generation because of what it is continuing to bring. With the announcement of Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy 15, and publishers like Naughty Dog, Media Molecule, and Quantic Dream we will definitely have the strongest console launch imaginable. There are not many strings attached, we can enjoy and expand our need for social gaming the same as we always have and share even more through live streaming and game jumping. The future is looking very very bright for PS4, Nintendo's WiiU couldn't quite establish itself as an adequate competitor in the advent of HD gaming. Microsoft's Xbox one is well on it's way to being a promising system as well after reversing some hugely back lashed policies. However the fact that they took steps to dictate what and when and how gamers play, doesn't change the fact that some audiences remain weary of the attempted one world nation of gaming and DRM policies and cant yet forgive Microsoft for the thought alone. While both consoles have exceeded Pre-Order limits, there can only be one true victor and whether or not that is important to you is not my concern, however I felt the need to share the reasons for my opinions and past experiences in this post!

Thanks for checking it out :D !

***I know i haven't posted anything serious on here in a long time. but I finally had an idea for a blog I wanted to do and despite it seeming like a one sided post, I love all consoles equally (PC is a whole other realm :P ). Though one always has to have dominance in my opinion and Sony is doing it right so far.


Cant think of a creative title for this :P

Hey everyone!

I wanted to make a post because i recently got back from visiting Toronto and i figured id share my experience.

So, the city has ALOT of foreigners, malls (with the same generic stores), and is densely populated in general compared to what im used to. I loved it there but I dont think I would ever willingly choose to permanently live there. Some of the foreigners come off a bit rude and im sure that isn't on purpose. People are generally helpful and very outspoken there though. I found twice, I was mislead by some of their transit employees when I asked directions so I guess that says something about workers but i wont apply that judgement to everyone. I even celebrated Canada Day there and it was pretty nice. They had a gay pride celebration going on the weekend prior to canada day and I liked that only because of the fact that people were celebrating their equality and to me that in general is always a really awesome thing. The city overall is beautiful but one can consider it like an economic metropolis mostly with banks and movie theaters. The skyline is really nice too. There isn't/doesn't seem like much to do though aside from going to malls, Niagara falls (which was awesome), and the CN Tower and this pretty neat castle I visited along the way too. I'm currently back in New York and can definitely say it doesn't compare to Toronto at all though maybe cause I'm used to it, but honestly, I guess there's no place like home....until...I reach Japan, that is. 

I got to meet my good buddy finalstar2007. Then i realized he's the same in person as he is online and the experience felt like it had already been had due to that fact. I'll rant about him for a bit. He's an extremely nice kid albeit easily distracted almost to the point of impracticality. He was one of those people i aimed to learn more about by meeting in person. Unfortunately conversations were a bit sparse and difficult and topics became a bit too tried >_>. My sister accompanied me on the trip and made it a little less awkward for all of us up until the point that she more or less began complaining alot especially due to the fact that she had to wait for final to accompany us to certain places as a guide :P but its not like it was every day...It wasnt much in all honesty of seeing or speaking to him cause i felt like he was uncomfortable and made most situations a bit awkward. I will still say He's a great kid but honestly a little strange in a funny way around people in general. Anyway, I'm glad that opprotunity was had, however i mentioned all of this knowing he doesnt take the time out to read anything i say on here or pay much attention to me, so now im using it to my advantage. :P :P

No bad mouthing him. We're still best friends nothing will change, i just wish he was more attentative to things that didnt involve call of duty :lol: but im sure he feels like if he was he'd be giving me the impression that im important to him which seems like somethings he's largely afraid of doing with people overall. 


So how's gaming life?...

Well ive been travelling since i finished summer courses so im not around PS3 that much however I am trying to up my collection of mii's on my 3ds so streetpass has been on more often and the vita's getting a lot of use.


Last game I played was The Last of Us.

I dont know what I could say about that game to get everyone on here to buy it. I reviewed it on gamespot and you should all check it out.

It was one of the most amazing and cinematic gaming experiences ive had since Heavy Rain. 

Looking forward to US release of project diva, kh1.5, and Beyond: Two Souls right now. Grand Theft and Tales of Xillia do not interest me at all currently but my rooommate will be buying them so i can play them anyway :)


Alright, well my work here is done!

Take care, everyone ^_^


While im inundated with loads of schoolwork and 5 days left until classes end, let me detract and make a post of my impressions for E3 since I cant take my mind off of it anyways.


Microsoft: Committed corporate suicide on June 10th, 2013 at 12:30 PM EST. 

Sony: Assisted in youthenizing Microsoft. :lol:


Ok all jokes aside, MS had a decent conference, unfortunately their console and its restrictions are dismal as hell. 

What I liked from MS:

Their little big planet rip off- Project Spark

Halo 5? is it now :P looked ok

Metal Gear V which is multiplat anyways

Thats about all i can think of...the conference was hilarious to me for the most part and thats all i can say. 


Sony...bored me initially cause im not a fan of InFamous,however this new guy may change that for me :P hes worth buying it for :D, Watchdogs, and already pre-ordered last of us 

Sony's indie games got me pumped and Beyond as well! Then them featuring the rhombus station 4 xD the system looks nice though and not block-ish :P

So admitteddly since im sure you're all wondering my reaction to Tetsuya's reveal...






(im the one with the sora avatar :P...)So thats my reaction summed up...and the rest of the conference i couldnt even pay attention to. 


What did you all love or hate about E3?

This Ninja's soooooooooo radical :D

Hey everyone :)

I figured I better make a post cause the level i reached sounds cool and motivated me to do so.

Im taking 6 week intensive summer coruses for math and anatomy and physiology locally near my home :D So ive been rushing to study and get assignments done like a madman..(woman?) lol...um i took the summer off to come home for a bit and be closer to things i actually like doing as opposed to being at uni and basically sitting in my apartment 24/7 which is what typically happens since i dont have a car there.


Thats whats up with school life currently


With gaming, im excited for E3 of course also excited to see MS's announcement of their next gen system as a basis of comparison.

Ive gathered a pile of games to trade in toward a playstation 4 this coming fall as well :P cause thats a must for me now since its becoming appearant that ff versus was created for this gen.


Only new games ive gotten recently are luigis mansion dark moon which is very fun ^_^ and playstation all stars cause its a simple pick up and play game for vita and thats about all i have time for now.



Other news i was kinda gonna wait to share....

My sister and I are going to canada for a week :P the news isnt that exciting tbh, unless your like us and havent left the country since u were 2 years old. So we're planning a bunch of stuff to do... and well we're excited to go somewhere new! 

Also without giving away any further information...im excited to finally have the opprotunity to meet one of the closest friends to my heart :P the "GIANT ENEMY COW" @finalstar2007 .... *claps* :D 

If it was Japan i wouldve told ya'll much sooner but that will hopefully be in the near future!!!


Yesterday hanging out on gamespot's EA WiiU thread...we had a masive comment war going on which was also hilarious and probably the longest time ive ever spent having fun on gs :P just thought id mention that :D


Hope the summer is finding everyone well! :)

Guys!!!...Guys...im not dead, I swear

Hey everyone :)


Ive decided to post what hopefully will be a quick blog.

My main motivation for doing so...Kingdom Hearts HD :P

I watched this video my good buddy, benleslie5 posted to the other page ive been wasting all my time in :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDlhGgcE4Mc&feature=youtu.be


and it inspired me to make a blog post ^_^

Soo umm...this friday, ill be 20 :o and its kind of ironic that this is the year enix decides to dish out kingdom hearts HD considering, I was around 10 or 11 when I first played kingdom hearts 1 :) so it will be the best decade reuinion yet since im importing the game ^_^

I like the idea that even though im getting older, my impulses both with gaming and real life stuff, are kind of moving in retrograde ...maybe it causes me to not be the most conscientious decision maker but its not like i was engaging in self-destructive behavior as a kid anyways :P


Im also looking forward to replaying project diva F on ps3, however judging from the demo version the game on ps3 seems to have a bit of a delay...unless im just horrible at it for not having played it in 2 months or so (vita version)...hoping the actual games better than the demo though :)

Other than that, I have been slowly pushing through Persona 4 and I mean slowly :P and also playing fire emblem on 3ds...I heard so many good things about it i had to get myself a copy to play with the help of my sister of course ^_^ we split the cost on it.


I guess all i wanna do is give final thoughts on PS4. First of all I can almost garuntee u 101% Final Fantasy 15 Versus will be ported to PS4 which is evident based on a comparison between PS3 and PS4 graphics. That should show up around E3 time. I didnt appreciate enix trolling us at the playstation conference and walking off. Anyways, Im not sure if ill be getting this system unless versus does come out for it and i end up having no other choice because of the fact that I dont feel like theyre pushing the limit yet as far as expanding their horizons with technology. I guess the next gen of consoles i expected was to have some insanely awesome holographic surroundings or incorporate the occulus rift glasses..something like that which could make my gaming experience so immersive i never wanted to stop gaming. Unfortunately all we got was a pretty box with gaming PC specs. Speaking of which, i actually just built a new desktop PC for pretty cheap this month and for my first time building a computer I have to say im pleased with the way it runs, the peripheral and windows 8 even though the interface is slightly blah -.-


So yea...i dont see a need to pay the same price i basically spent on PC parts in order to play PS4. Inevitably I know something will change that in the near future but for now it couldnt be further from anything I want and I dont have high expectations for what Microsoft may have in store either. 

I'll leave whoever reads this with the question:

How have you been? Whats new/old? :P


Gltichspot's in my favor?

Heyyyy everyone :D

Happy early/late holidays

I know you've all missed me to death if you havent already deemed my existence on this site a fallacy.

Well from time to time I do return and contemplate making another blog post then decide not to. :P

So anyways, GS modded me yesterday for something not so nice i said on finalstar's system wars post, however crude it was, it was true though ^_^ :D but that mod really didnt do much of anything to any effect.

In any case, I log onto GS today and see my level looks like it jumped up 2 fold. Unless my memory is really shoddy I was level 33 yesterday maybe? Im not sure but i know the level name was "Paramecium" because i remember reading it and thinking about how revolting it sounded. Today I log on and see im "Stitches" level 35 16% in mind you...no complaining but it just seems really odd...

but YAYYY for level ups :P~ I have been here for four years after all.

To anyone on PSN im sure you can all take not of games ive gotten and have been playing. To those I dont have, I'm sorry for not wanting to be much of a braggart.

However....majority of my time has been spent investing some hours in Project Diva f on PSVita and Little Big Planet Karting. Hopefully I will approach Persona 4 Golden soon. Also, recently completed Ragnarok Odyssey~good but somewhat challenging title.

Guess that's all I reallly have to say~ Hope everyones doing great/has great holidays...

comments about anything new?


Goombella=super kawaii =^_^=


So I'm Goombella level now :D

Well I havent really noticed how quickly time passes :o

Hope everyone here is great, I myself am doing pretty well, no complaints so far :lol:

Gaming wise...well at the end of last month i got Dragon Age 2, Singularity, and Timeshift just cause they were cheap; I got really hooked on Dragon Age 2 for awhile but now i think i might be lost :P so i put the game away till i have patience for it, began playing Shadow of the Collosus because it got Vita cross play and it was nice to play on vita. Might continue Metal gear collection soon but I also went to every store within the vicinity the day Little Big Planet Vita broke street date and complained until I finally got a copy (went through about 4 stores)

Next I'll be getting Ragnarok Oddyssey on vita and shortly after Black Ops 2 hardened edition :) Im soooo ready for zombiesss :D

Im currently not really interested in borderlands 2 and the lot...

TGS was as lame as every other game conference this year and even the announcement of Kingdom Hearts 1.5 left me wanting something more but oh well guess ill take what i can get :P

School wise...boring academic stuff, interesting humanities stuff, and volunteering in surgery :) which is pretty awesome...I get to view any surgery of my choice once a week as part of my volunteering in the hospital as well as work in the OR workroom preparing trays and tools :) It's alot cooler than it may sound :o and so far everyone there seems to love the hell out of me :D (no bragging) :P

Now music wise...it seems Kpop finally reached the US with the advent of Psy who's actually been making songs for a good 3 years now :lol: I was gonna upload a picture of a guy named Kang Ho Dong in comparision to Psy because Kang Ho was former Star King (korean idol) host and resembles Psy quite alot in my opinion :lol: but photobucket is being retarded as usual which is why you guys rarely see pictures in my blog, I think photobucket is worse than Gamespot itself in terms of slowness and glitches so ya needless to say I hate it :lol:

New music im addicted to...

MIKA's new album "The Origin of Love" ive linked a pretty fun song from it :P

and GDragon's new album "One of A Kind"

As well as a song from Muse's upcoming Album~ Madness

So well, I leave you all with that as my update :) Ill post when I can I have alot of time on my hands but ive obtained rights to better places to spend it than Gamespot sadly :lol: again if anyone has a facebook the offers up to join a pretty fun group of mine...at least more entertaining than GS to me :P with all the fun of the GS community without the problems and system warring :lol:

Peace out everyone :)

I missed it...and I miss it...

Hi everyone :)

Been another long while, I am finally home for a breif break from school...only to start back up with fall semester on the 22nd.

I recently moved to a new apartment and stuff it was a headache and alot of work and complaining cause the company didnt take responsibility and even clean the mess the other tenants left before they assigned the apartment to me...nonetheless things eventually got worked out and after several hours of moving and claning paired with a 5 hour drive home...I made it :P

I recently finished metal gear solid 4. Im a bit mad i missed an easy trophy to get kissed by ocelot in the ending battle, but I will most likely be replaying the game soon wholly because I miss it already even though I just beat it yesterday. What a bittersweet ending it had. I feel really bad for not beating it sooner (I owned it since '09) but it was an insanely nice game though some may argue the cutscenes were a bit long but that is just how i like my games more cinematic than gameplay or proportionate at least. I also recently purchased the MGS collection on pS3 and although out of proper order I started my file on peace walker first just for fun :P

Now as for what i missed :/ well I neglected to realize Gamescom was even this week :( I have my mind on that September 3rd Square enix announcement in all honesty. After perusing the contents of gamescom though i see alot of great potential again especially for playstation this time around with psplus getting more online storage and free copys of vita games for ps3 purchasers theyre constantly giving us what we ask for which i really like..i know im sounding like a sony fangirl :/ but its true I dont see the other companies doing nearly as much as sony.

My next purchases will be ragnarok oddyssey, lbp (vita), black ops 2 (its not amazing to me so i may cancel this one though), and another game i really cant remember off the top of my head right now :( along with counterstrike and possibly assassins creed 3 (vita):)

I cant wait for mgs rising now either...Raiden is my new idol :P

ummmmmmmm Other than that i dont think i have much else to say/share again. Hope everyones great....Ill try to read more blogs if i can :/ I also have an updated pic of my game collection which i moved to a new shelf that looks less like it is about to collapse :lol: so i will try and post that soon ^_^

:o what was everyones favorite part of gamescom?


...No im not dead

and...no im not mocking the sounds of the colorodo shooting

Hiy everyone sure has been awhile; im preparing to move so im getting a little busy plus school and stuff im taking this really interesting sexual anthropology class and we watched this thai movie called beautiful boxer yesterday :P it was decent but ya the class overall is enjoyable...more enjoyable than stupid chemistry

recently gaming wise, i platinumed final fantasy 13-2 and have been playing you dont know jack

Im also almost done beating gravity rush and recently bought this game called "puddle" off psn which is pretty cool and alright

Ramadan Karim to all my friends celebrating that

Also, Happy Belated 23rd to my really good friend, @benleslie5

Thanks to @finalstar2007 for helping me maintain my sanity during this summer I havnt mentioned him in awhile :P but I love and appreciate him alot for keeping me entertained over the summer along with @Timmy00

I played this scary PC game called slender about 4 days ago and screamed so loud i think my whole apartment complex heard me :lol: so ya...anyone who wants a good scare should try it, i never beat it but ill hopefully go back to it soon

What's new with everyone?? Hope your all enjoying your summer and stuff :D

Guess pe@ce out to everyone :)