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Why sony will lose this round of format wars... again.

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I see that advent children is about it be released in north america and I am totally pumped.

I already watched though it on a bootleg with subtitles and it is what the feature film should have been. Crazy action which felt very final fantasyish. Here is where my beef comes in. They have clips which I really want to check out to see what the english dubbing is like. Here's the thing, its only in mp4.. thats fine i guess, i copy it to my psp and it still doesnt work... argh. I suppose they require you to have the latest firmware. You would think since UMD is dying they would make it a bit more compatable to help boost sales. It is almost like they want UMD to fail. 

Dont get me wrong, I love sony stuff. I probably have more Sony hardware than anything else. PSP, PS2, Sony Erricson w600 cell phone... they make great stuff. But it is pulling this kind of crap which is why sony has lost almost every single format war they have fought in.

I was reading this on kotaku

" Recent reports have Sony execs going door to door trying to convince studios to return to the format. The ace up Sony’s sleeve? They say they’re working on a way of allowing UMD movies to be played on a regular TV."

I am officially bamfozzeled. Yes, that is why people we're not buying UMD's, we just couldnt play them on TV's. (facepalms) Who are they trying to fool here? They trying to totally mis-classify UMD. We are not going to switch over to a lower resolution, no-special-feature having format as there primary source for a movie! Want to know how to make it successfull? Easy... divide the price by 2. There... you win! I should be in marketing.

The price point of the UMD is just laughable. Wise up sony,  people will generally buy the cheapest solution. I just hope that they offer blueray movies for the same/less price than hd-dvd. If not, sony will loose out again.

Oooh, as a completely random aside, the banners I made for gamespot were used so now I have that funkey afro artist emblem.Yippie!!! It is really the only one I wanted :P.