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Why digital distribution is so friggin awesome!

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Well the title was either that or "steam kills pirates", but thought that would be a big vauge.

Ok, i will admit, when steam first came out i was skeptical. I wondered why anyone in there gourd would buy a game without the shiney box and cd's. It takes forever to load... broadband limitations and... such. I can barely wait for toast to pop let alone a 3 gig game to download. There was also the worry that steam would implode and every game you purchased would be lost in a puff of un-smoke.

Now I have not only accepted steam but prefer it so much to traditional gaming that actually buying something seems sort of quaint now. I my most recent purchase being Psychonauts. I have a great fondess and trust with Valve now with they way they do things. There seems to be very few strings attached assuming you arn't a jackass.

No more worrying about scratched cd's, or lost cd's for that matter. If I am at someone's house and want to show them counterstrike, no problem, download steam and im good to go. Plus patching is instant and painless. It almost works too well. I find myself looking through some of the 'half baked' games thinking, well 15 dollars really isnt that much. I have to catch myself. I love the freebies they throw in as well, if you can call the original version of the game in its entirety a freebie. It makes the loss of a manual and shiney box seem laughable in comparison. 

It is also great for the industry i think. It cuts down on piracy as well. There was a time where i would download the pirated copy of a game just because it was easier to install and play than the original game. (thank you starforce)

I still dont have an xbox 360 but can imagine the allure of liveArcade is something just as tangable. I get giddy whenever i see the steam list of games that gets updated. It is becoming a mecca for game distribution for third partys.

I could also imagine something similar for the ps3 and wii. If they dont then i think they will be at a huuuuge disadvantage. Digitial distribution is the new DVD player.