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What is so wrong with nudity?

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I am not one to buy a game baised on its sexual content but i really think that people are putting to much emphasis on nudity. I mean what is the big deal? Does it  it really hurt anyone to see the human form in its entirety. I have visted europe a couple times back in elementary and early highschool (germany/france/spain) and i have to say that they are much more laid back.

When you go to a public swimming area you often see women walking around completely topless. I am not just talking about the buxom girls but all different age groups. Sure it was a bit of a shock when I first saw it but then you get used to it and think gee... what is the big deal? What are people so afraid of here? It permiates everywhere, newspaper ads, film canisters, posters... everywhere. Its just not taboo.

I mean really, why do we care so much? It hurts absolutly no one. It seems like such an arbitrary thing to get all bent out of shape about. If we were a bit less uptight about this kind of stuff people would probably be more comfterable in there own bodys. Also quite frankly I find seductive clothing more alluring then outright nudity. I suppose we are better off than we were 50-60 years ago when it was tastelessly explicit for women to show wear anything above the knee.