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Stop the presses, "Games are different than movies!"

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Well i guess the federal government is now trying to meddle with games. I think the guys at penny arcade summed this up pretty well

Just think about it though, the whole thing started out as the stupid hot coffie mod. Which was just about as explicit as mashing a nude ken and barbie doll together. Where were you goverment when when i downloaded the nude mod for Lara croft in tomb raider? Now my delicate moral framework has been obliterated. Ahh, those were the innocent days.

The only way i can see this going is either stupid or badly.


Games like Counterstrike will be rated AO since there is always one guy who insists on spraying naked women everywhere. Any game that utilizes an xbox live headset must be rated M. Anyone up for a game of UNO? Ahh to bad billy you are only 16.


Games are crippled so users cannot create and add content, making the game less good. Xbox live support for the headset is dropped.

Well, i guess there is another option and it is to make a big flap, then cry when people laugh at you.

PS: One last thing about this, there is honestly so much you can do. If a kid really wants to see something they are going to figure out a way to see it.

Reason: kids have infinate free time. I remember when i was 13 or 14 and my friends parents blocked out the nudie channels for the satellite. We read though the entire sattelite reciever manual looking for a way around it. Eventually we found the master reset code. There is really no point to this story i guess other than naked people are awesome. So i guess i wll just end it at that.