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Getting back in the saddle, my gaming renaissance.

I used to love games, and not your new fangled optical drive gaming. I’m talking, old-school blow on your Snes cartrage and pray it will start working again... type of game. I remember fondly sleepovers at my friend’s house where we would play Final Fantasy 2 until our eyeballs hurt into the wee hours of the morning. This was 1 am at the time, but when you’re in 13 it is practically morning.

Super Mario, Final Fantasy and Mega Man will always have a special place in my heart. But then something happened, I bought an N64 and got profoundly disappointed. Sure Mario 64 was a great game, and golden eye was fun, but besides that (and lack of a FF game) there was a drought of good games; consequently I must know the pain some Gamecube owners are experiencing. Eventually I just became less and less interested in games, sure I still played Command & Conquer, Counterstrike, Quake and other PC games occasionally but I wouldn’t call myself a gamer anymore. Maybe it was the hormones or all the distractions in high school but gaming became a very small part of my life.

Then it happened, a boon of incredible games are released. This coupled with the fact that someone was selling there ps2 for $70. And just like that I decided to try and jump back into gaming. To be honest I had tried the GTA's and Tony Hawks and most of the mainstream games up until about a year and a half ago and was not overly impressed. Maybe I am the only one but GTA doesn’t really do it for me.

Something has happened in the last year or so. Truly innovative and fun games have been released, so much so that I am now actually playing console games again. God of War, Shadow of the colossus, Kalamari Damacy, Indigo Prophecy, KOTOR and Ninja Gaiden. Is it just me or is the gaming industry somehow now getting it right? It seems that now that the current gen of consoles life is about to expire developers are now focusing on creating fun compelling games rather than another clone of a clone. While I am still waiting with baited breath for FF12 there are plenty of other games to tide me over in the meantime. I may even give Dragon Quest VIII a go although I am worried about what getting into another epic RPG will do to my free time.

And thus begun my renaissance back into gaming, how long will this last is anyone’s guess but I sure am having some fun in the meantime.