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GameSpot Subscription Cancelled

The whole situation regarding the Kane and Lynch review and of Jeffs undignified send-off has pierced me to the core. Not only have I cancelled my subscription but will be checking this site a whole lot less. I guess kotaku gets the hits now. Doesn't the management of gamespot understand the reason that I am here in the first place it to hear HONEST reviews? To get an idea of what the game is like from an actual person's perspective. Not some editorial/marketing symbiotic multiheaded hydra.

The reason that gamespot has done so well that it has fostered a trust with the reader. A trust that has been breeched now.I do not expect sites like playstation insider to give unbiased reviews but I certainly do here. Well I used to anyway. I personally did not see the tone of the video review as being offensive and am extremely shocked to see the response of cnet to one of its most respected editors.

If you happen to read this Jeff... were all with you brotha.

Your GameSpot Plus subscription has been successfully cancelled, and your membership will not be renewed.

'nuff said