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Trinity Universe!!!

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Hello guys, the "ber" months are coming!! So today, my older sister gave me a parcel that I bought off on eBay...

This is a Japanese Version of Trinity Universe. I had to be a bit cheap and get the Airmail instead. The game is pre-owned meaning the plastic is not present but the disc is good and clean. Also, inside the case contains a cute strap of the Demon Dog King Kanata! And no I have no plans of opening it :P

I was suppose to play Ultraman but my hands are too busy marking Sangokuden Gundams (especially Kan'u). I also bought the Brave Battle Warriors Sangokuden Trinity Set last weekend and might chew up the WHOLE Gold Sangokuden Marker on all three so probably I might go and buy a second Gold Marker on the next 2 weeks. I will provide the pictures once all three are completed.

That'll be my rants for today!

Not an another Friday Haul!?+Game plan+Level 27!!!

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Hello guys and again, I bought something under my sister's name and paid for it. Why is it sometimes when always I bought something it ends up at Fridays? *mumbles and grumbles* A-Anyways, that haul is...

It's a Souchaku Henshin Kamen Rider Kuuga Ultimate Form. For just $25 with free shipping (USPS First Cl*ss, worth the wait and love it, especially with a stand added! I only took pictures somehow but here it is.

As for gaming, I plan to play something different but may or may not stream it on Justin.TV depending if I wanted to.

The left is Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3 and on the right is Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth. I'm not much a fan of Ultraman but ever since Philippines aired Ultraman Tiga, I didn't care less and today, I have a felt of regret. Between the two, I'm going to play 3 first. Both of them will be streamed.

And yay me for reaching Level 27!! And yes, I know who is Sheng Long!

That'll be my rants for today. Happy weekend!

Friday the 13th hauls

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Hello guys, Thank God it's Friday! Today I received a parcels from HobbySearch and HLJ that I ordered last week and arrived today (and my mom was frowning when the second parcel arrrived). First off...

Yup, it's Gundam 00 QAN[T] (Quanta) from the upcoming Gundam 00 Movie! I decided not to make an unboxing movie but instead take the pictures and it looks very VERY cool. Here are some other pictures.

And for the second...

The one on the left is Microman series Ryuujin'ou and Brave Battle Warriors Shin Ryuusou Ryuubi Gundam. The Microman series can do various poses (make it awesome or hilarious), the one we bought from SmallJoes back then were Microman Ryuukendo and Ryuugun'ou thus adding Ryuujin'ou it's complete! Other pics of Shin Ryuusou Ryuubi.

Now the only one parcel left but it'll be drop off on my older sister's mailbox on the Postal Office and can take up two weeks but since my she goes there every after work, I'll have to wait for the good new to come in!

That'll be my rants for today!

Friday hauls

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Hi guys, today a parcel arrived pretty fast and here's today haul.

This is Shinra Banshou Choco ZX Factor Vol. 2. The one on the right is a collectible card with a chocoloate wafer in it while on the is the Collection File with a free Special Card included.

The Special Card are always included in their collection files (not available in the regular wafer packs) ans also the Collection File is actually a card binder which can store up to 32 cards in total.

Inside the binder is just an introduction to ZX Factor. In my point of view, it's a bit similar to Mana Khemia but that's just me.

This is the sweet holo card that I'm talking about. This card is Rokudouken (六道拳, Six-Realm Fist) Kai, even the profile is not shown on the site (but rather may show up later on) and I really like it. I won't open the plastic, it will destory the collector's value :P

Next is the box!

This box contains 24 packs with 2 different covers. The card varies at random so I may get the ultra-rare cards!

This is how the inside looks like and it includes a random Pop Card (I dunno...maybe display or something?). Hey, at least we have our new "merienda" (snack) if we ever get sick of the food in the kitchen! :P

Sometime later, I may buy the previous Collection Files to start out collecting the series. I'm still waiting for the other to arrive tomorrow.

That'll be my rants for today. Happy Weekends!

Verto! (Henshin!)

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Hello guys! So yesterday I got am parcel containing this game!

This game is Shirokishi Monogatari: Hikari to Yami no Kakusei on the PS3 that my older sister bought for me (lended her my $100 for this) at CDJapan. It's a First Press Release including the codes for the Geonet License and the Special White Knight Equipment (Sword, Shield and Helmet) for your Avatar! I streamed it yesterday on JustinTV (with only 1 watching, which was disappointing) and I had a lot of fun playing it. For those who don't have the first Shirokishi Monogatari, this game includes it BUT you are forced to play the first in order to progress on the second story (A clear save file marked with a star is required and no, not even the International Edition save file is counted).

Also, I tried Geonet and communicated with a couple of Japanese players (I made my very first friend there!) and played Mission Quests alongside to help them out.

This is also my second imported PS3 game (my first was Tales of Vesperia) and here are the rest of the screenshots.

That'll be my rants for today!

I'm still alive don't worry

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Hey guys, sorry for the long abscence. I just don't have the time to post updates (lazy but not THAT much lazy). I'm always at YouTube from time to time.

Anyways, my parcel arrived after 5 days!

The image was too big so I'll link it instead.


I bought this baby on Kotobukiya site, worth $20 (+ shipping, totaling $25) and I did NOT expect it to be BIG! I suddenly ran out of words when I first saw the box and lifted it to the room. It was awesome and worth it (HLJ was around $50 and $40 of FedEx shipping...ouch), thank you Kotobukiya! BTW, this is a 1/100 R-1 from Super Robot Taisen Original Generations.

Kuya Jay (jaykho) told me to work on GP03D first so I'm going to start on it once we have a new shelf in the room. R-1 will be next...this is my first time buying a 1/100 scale since I prefer mostly SDs but I was allured by it XD

Sorry for worrying everyone here. I'll be here from time to time ;)

That'll be my rants for today!

And so...I cried

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Hello guys and I'm really sorry again for the inactiveness, everything is been too busy lately.

And I do have some news that made me 'worried'. My mom talked to us 2 days ago after visiting to the doctor and said she had some lump on her left ovary BUT the doctor said it is curable and she can do a check-up again after 6 weeks. The moment she said that, I suddenly said nothing at all so the next day, my older sister called from her work and told the situation mom had then suddenly I bursted into tears feeling that I don't know what should I do but she has been doing her best to work everyday no matter what it takes. For now, I am praying hard to God that please don't leave her and always guide her everyday. I'm not going to forgive myself if ANYTHING HAPPENED to her.

In case that I am not active here in GS, I'm in YouTube.


Maybe later I'm just going to have some game rants. I don't feel contented today after what happened...

That'll be my rants for today.

Hello 2010!

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Hello guys and Happy New Year!

I felt really open right now and quiet all of a sudden (not in a form of depression!), that makes me want to record videos when I have the time.

Gaming rants. First off, it's Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2!

This game seriously blew me off, the battles were uber crazy and combos were devastating! I'm currently on Chapter 12 (still starting) and I'm just a few Chapters left to finish the game. Doing it in Path of the Acolyte first then on to the higher difficulties. I'm going for a 100% completion rate so it doesn't go into waste!

Then I'm recording a Spoiler-Free Walkthrough of Xenosaga Episode I last night but I didn't upload it on YouTube so instead it was on the blog (still on the beginning) since it was my idea to put it there. If anyone want to see it on YouTube, just tell me so I can start it again and upload it there for all to see. I was suppose to continue but felt pretty tired.

I asked my older sis user her PayPal on buying PS3 Tales of Vesperia with of course, the money that me and my sister shared. Successfully bought it and all I can do is wait for it to arrive. The next on my list is Cross Edge and I can wait for it.

That'll be my rants for today this 2010!

An another month of abscence+Level 25

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I was suppose to do an entry last November but laziness struck me again. Since it's Level 25 for me, I'mma start rambling.

So what happened last November?

I failed both of my terms (t'was my fault) and currently I'm taking up Psychology again and Algebra. To be honest, I hate my current subjects and they're boring unlike my previous ones, they were more fun and enjoying. But have no fear though, I found a site on where I can cheat the solutions, I'm sort lazy manually answer them. :P

Last Black Friday at November, I decided to buy a used Nintendo DS for my sister since I'm a shameless individual for making her buy stuffs for me but I want to return the favor and bought it. I woke up at 4:30 AM so we had to rush on Target and also bought 2 4GB USB Drives for 10 bucks each then I was pretty evil to cut in the line (some are wearing their pajammies lol) and alas, that saved my time. We finished at 7AM and back to sleep.

As for gaming rants:

Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier
I played this last Black Friday while waiting on the line at Gamestop and I decided to pick this one up. It wasn't that disappointing though, the aerial battles were awesome but since I have no knowledge on the other Jak and Daxter games, I guess I may have to check the rest!

Bakugan: Battle Brawlers
I admit it, I was curious on how the game is played but it's different from the physical and the video game itself but I don't watch the anime. It's really fun especially at one-on-one but when it comes to Supreme Tag Team Tournament, get ready to consume your time. The element I chose is Haos and Leonidas is my most used Bakugan and I save him for the last (combined with Quick Strike Gate Gard, Alpha Blaster and a +100G boost card, screaming VICTOLY).

These are some of my rants for now. Hope you guys are fine out there!

That'll be my rants for today!

2 months of abscence

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Hi everybody!

I'm really sorry that I haven't been present here in GS for 2 months. Online schooling and other stuffs have been going onto me lately.

As for my life, some happy and some are mostly sad.

I'll try to keep up and ramble some games that I played once I have free time.

That'll be my rants for today.